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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Grocery Gaiety

Ah...a nice Friday. The sun actually paid us a visit and it was so much warmer today.
I hope your day was a good one and that no one felt any Friday the 13th repercussions! Silly...but I did notice that I even had a grocery bill whose total ended in .13! I think I may have stepped on a sidewalk crack tonight too but Mom reports that her back feels just fine. Whew!
Okay, first things first! Dawn and Sheila? I am the slowest person on this Earth but your boxes WILL be mailed...they are actually all put together and sealed! I am slow but I get there, eventually...just like that silly race winning turtle.
Secondly, JEN! Where are you??? Your blog site has been changed and I can not get to it. Email me or something okay? I miss you!
Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog event....Grocery Gaiety. Yes, it is possible. I have seen this rare phenomenon occur. You know how I adore grocery stores. Love them. Odd woman? Why, yes I am. Thank you for asking!
Just a few pictures taken during this evening's grocery store gaiety, frivolity and
fascinating escapade. And yes...I did get a few strange looks while taking these photos but I am quite used to said looks by now. I rather enjoy them. Hmpf.

A future Asparagus Princess?

So I may well be the only woman in the world who chooses a wine based on it's label. I have a rather eclectic little collection here at home. But come on....The Little sweet is that? It would have to taste delectable right?

Like I said...odd woman.

Have a sweet often!


Susie Q


Jen said...

you so make me laugh...great shots of the grocery store!!
i'll email you :)

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Susie! I too love grocery stores. So mdoes my Mum...(Sheila!)
We hop around until we find one we like that carries the freshest produce and is the cleanest...etc.
Your photos look scrumptious!
I think I once bought some "Fat Bastard" white wine based on the label. Who wouldn't?
I cheers you with a glass of Little Penguin!

LisaOceandreamer said...

Grocery shopping is so hohum anymore unless it's some new place I've not been to before.....BUT now I will bring my camera and make it more of an adventure. Thanks for the inspiration - your photos look good enough to eat - heehee.
AND I like reaching for the artsy labeled wine OR the unusual name(as long as it isn't something like 'stinky feet')....Cheers!
Have a happy weekend!

PEA said...

This is too funny...just the other day I was at our local grocery store and I saw they had orange and purple cauliflower! I had never seen that before and I wanted to take a picture of them for my blog...I even had my camera in my purse...BUT...I was too shy to start taking pictures in there! lol Where were you when I needed you??? lol xoxo

TK Angels said...

I loved the pics in the grocery store. Did anyone watch in amazement? Wish I thought of that!!

Grocery shopping for us usually happens on Sunday- not sure why

Take care,

Marilyn said...

Susie, I love to grocery shop! My hubby was a manager for a major grocery chain and I worked for the same company for over 7 years in HR. I can tell you all the ins & outs of the business, believe me! BUT, beware of the employee that decides you shouldn't take pictures. The chain we worked for had a policy no pictures because of all the news programs and health scares, etc. Phone camera's are the best though!!!!!
I love wine and you just HAVE to try Rex Goliath!!! It has the neatest Rooster on the label and is sooooo French Country! I keep all my wine bottles and gather them up from friends for my wine lights I sell on my website. It's just too much fun! And I get to drink it too!!!!

Rhoda said...

I had to laugh too, Suzie! You really are something to make going to the grocery store special...those pics really make you want to eat your veggies now! I wish I enjoyed grocery shopping that much, LOL

Southern Hospitality

Sugar Bear said...

I'd love to know what people are thinking as you are taking photos of the produce! LOL.

"Early Bird" said...

I recently showed of the Whole Foods Market to my parents...I wanted to make pictures of the displays but was too chicken...bac...bac!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Susie, you are too funny. As far as my package, you take your time. God willing, I'm not going anywhere. Not to mention, I'd forgotten about it. So when it does come it'll be a nice surprise.

Ok, actually took pictures at the grocery store? You crack me up! Don't know what I'm talking about though...I'd probably do that too. Love taking pix!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Susie said...

Love your pics of the yummy looking produce. Your little Asparagus Princess is adorable. You'd be in 7th heaven out here in wine country. Goodness more labels and varieties than you can imagine!!

SiouxSue said...

Wow, Susie, I love your grocery photos. I wish I would remember to take the camera into Central Market or Whole Foods. Glad to know the sun peeked in Texas we had hail storms and rain...Thank God for the rain. We have water in all our lakes!!

Jolene George said...

The produce section is especially beautiful. I love the grocery store too. When my kids were little I would leave them home with Mark while I shopped because taking them was a nightmare....still is infact. It was my escape. I would stroll up and down every isle in no hurry like everyone around me. I truly enjoyed it and milked every minute I could.

Nonie Mae said...

I dont mind the grocery store.. love those pics of the flowers. too funny..

jafabrit said...

I hate shopping but your pictures make me want to go shop lol!

Have a lovely day :)

Sheila said...

I love your pictures, Sue! It's making me hungry for some veggies and dip!
By the way, does Grace like asparagus? I know so many people who don't like it, but I LOVE it! In fact, I'm having it tonight!

Don't worry about the package!! Take your time. I'm not going anywhere either! :)

Andi said...

Okay, I'll admit that I love the grocery store too! The cooler the grocery store is the more I seem to purchase...I need to get a handle on that. After all there's only 2 of us here and 1 little doggie.

A real woman takes her camera to the supermarket!!!

Valerie said...

dang. my veggies at our local megamart don't look nearly that attractive!

and you're not the only one choosing wine based on labels! i used to buy one called Barefoot that had little barefoot prints all over the label...totally cute, but the wine tasted like ca-ca.

smilnsigh said...

You commented..."I have several houses like that...MY houses. : )" Ahhh yes, a gal like me. Those cheeky people do have a nerve, don't they? Coming and going from *OUR* houses. :-))))

And I wish I loved grocery stores. Oh sigh yes. For me, it's a chore. And since it's so necessary, it's silly to not find it more fun.

So, maybe I'll take my camera along, next time!!!


Melissa said...

I promised myself a long time ago, when we first got married, that I'd never take grocery shopping for granted. We were "broker than the 10 Commandments" as a friend of mine used to say, and some weeks I only had $5 or $10 to buy groceries for the week!

We had lots of sandwiches and hot dogs, by the way.

Now that I'm not so restricted, shopping is MUCH more enjoyable.