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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It Is NOT My Fault!

Another List??? Excellent...she will be driving her blog friends off in droves!

Truly....Cheryl tagged me. She did. And no self respecting blogger would refuse a tag right?
Especially where a list is involved!! Okay, this is the LAST list for the week. I promise. Really.
Uncover your eyes. I promise....the last one.
Hee I go again.
It's a simple tag really--share 7 random facts/tidbits/habits about yourself that your blog friends may not know already. Then tag 7 more people at the end of your post, to get them to do the same!
1. I really love lists...what? You KNEW that already? Hm...okay.
On nights I have trouble sleeping, I arrange my furniture (In my mind you sillies) in other people's homes. I mentally walk through a home I know and place my furniture and accessories. Does this make me creepy? I think it would make a great HGTV design show. I will ask Brian Dennehy to host it.
2. I watch a movie and fall in love with the sets....I can tell you all about the character's apartments and houses, farms and cottages. Even if I can not remember a ziffle about the plot, I can tell you all about the floor plans, counter tops, duvet covers and lamp shades.
3. I own over 150 design or decorator books. Sinful I know. Awful. But I get each one out often and read it, again and again....I love them.
4. If I love a film, I can re watch it over and over until it nauseates other people.
They become part of me and watching them is like visiting with old is comforting and delightful.
5. I am a recovering, so to speak, anal retentive housekeeper. I was so bad in the past that it was draining. Then something like 2nd Time Around Motherhood came along and shook me up. Grace keeps me so busy that I can not get to things like I once did. I went into recovery. I still WANT it all perfect but no longer drive myself to exhaustion to achieve that perfection. Perfection is not what I am going for these days....just cat hairless chair cushions and Barbie shoeless hallways. But I still nag Bill and Dan about the clothes on the floor. They are still ignoring those nags...and so it goes...
6. I am a total history geek. I love it...embrace it. I am the one you will see, on a historical home tour, crying and languishing behind everyone else.
Example....we visited FDR's home in Hyde Park, New York. We were standing in the library/drawing room and the guide was telling a story about the time King George and Queen Elizabeth visited during WW II. There the 4 of them sat. George, Elizabeth, Franklin and Eleanor. The guide went on to talk about how drawn the King looked, how drained President Roosevelt was, as they discussed the events occurring in Europe at that moment....neither man would live much longer and neither would see the war resolved. Most on the tour had tired of this talk and were moving on...but there I stood, tears running down my face like the world class geek I am. As he finished his speech, the guide came over and hugged me. I apologized for my emotions and he said, "Sweetie? We are here because people like YOU come." We LOVE it when you *feel* this experience."
Well then, guides must LOOOOOVE me. Total geek.
7. I always take my walks after dark so I can see into the open windows of houses. Now, I have no interest in seeing the occupants of said houses. I just want to see the paint color of their dining room and the light fixture they hung in the kitchen. I want to see the baby grand piano in the study and the painting hanging over the mantle. Weird huh?
Okay, I now tag Andi, Missy, Andrea, Pat, Rhoda, Sheila and Sheila....and anyone who may wish to try this little game. Lists have been a fun thing for me to do while I was trying to recover my strength....I promise to write a little more in the coming days. Or did that seem like a threat? Hm...I must ponder that one.
Have a wonderful Tuesday dear friends.


Jane Weston said...

I just love that you shared all that with us. I rearrange furniture in my head too when I can't sleep. It's usually a quilt studio and I think about the best place for the cutting table,the sewing machine and the storage. Glad to see I'm not the only day dreamer...or night dreamer as the case may be. :o)

TK Angels said...

I loved your answers!! You know that I have always said that I want you to help me decide the colors to paint my rooms (which hopefully will be this year) White is getting old.

I like to look into people's homes also in the dark to see how they decorated. That is why my front has to always look nice and clean *smile* for all the others that do the same in our neighborhood.

Take care and love to all

Sheila said...

Hi Susie... Very interesting..I think we may have been separated at birth...LOL
I took the challenge BTW..thanks for the tag..!

RoseMary said...

Ha! I love to see inside houses after dark,too. I'm so nosy to know how everybody decorates!

Andi said...

I just adore your "lists" and your confessions!!! However, I'm closing my blinds. I always wondered why all those people kept walking by at night!!!

Valerie said...

no, my love...a geek is one who cries at Hallmark TV commercials.

and that would be me.

Susie said...

Loved reading your list. Now I need to go back and find out why you're trying to get your strength back. I must have missed something, but I hope you feel better!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Too cool...I got tagged too! I had a blast doing THIS one. I actually came up with 7 things too. I never cease to amaze myself :-).

I love your list...quite funny! I love your sense of humor. If I'm not laughing about something you said, I'm smiling about HOW you said it. Glad I found your blog!

Have a groovy evening.