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Friday, April 06, 2007

A Spot Of Tea Dear Gertie?

"Would you care for a spot of tea dear Gertie?" queried Beatrice Bunny. "Why yes Bea! I think I would love some of your delicious Lady Grey" happily answered Gertrude Goose. Bea asked, "Have you tried your carrot cake yet Florence? I used an old family recipe passed down through the generations. Each of my 4, 277 sisters love it so. We make it every Easter." Florence Fox smiled and silently shook her head yes. She was a timid thing poor dear.
"Oh my Bea! Your bonnet is just too stunning!" cackled Gertie. "Oh thank you dear. Just a little something I whipped up especially for this occasion.", Bea proudly responded trying ever so hard to sound just the teeniest bit modest. "Now, Florence love, do tell us about all of your little ones....there haven't been any further run ins with those nasty hounds I pray." "HOUNDS! HOUNDS! OH MY!" cried Gert. "Oh DO calm yourself sweet Gertrude", Beatrice admonished. "You will give yourself the vapors again." At that thought, Florence began to giggle...quietly at first but those shy giggles soon gave way to delightful peals of laughter. She began to laugh so hard that her bonnet slipped over her eyes. "Oh MY" Gert snapped. "OH MY!"


Nonie Mae said...

Sweet post. You are a sweet lady...

"Early Bird" said...

I like it that I'm a bright and witty!
Great story!

Sugar Bear said...

Susie Q you are the best! You make me smile and laugh.

Southern Heart said...

I just love the story...and always so enjoy visiting you!

Happy Easter,


jafabrit said...

that was fun to read.

Just want to let you know I have the parcel wrapped and ready to send to pvt chd.

Sheila said...

I love this, and I love your delightful sense of fun. You are a special lady..xx
Happy Easter..

LisaOceandreamer said...

Shall we share a spot of tea dear Sue?
That was delightful!

Ziggywigs said...

Lovely post...a reminder of more innocent days.