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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Of Artistic Expression And A Chubby Sharon Stone

Tonight was the Art Fair at Grace's school. She had several pieces included but this was her favorite. I guess you all know by now that the girl loves color! Deep, vibrant and rich. This painting just makes me happy! I had my hair cut and colored this afternoon and ran a few errands. Bill got home early and stayed with the little one I watch every day. She adores Bill! If she had HER druthers, Bill would be her daily caregiver. She squeals with delight when she sees him! The man has a way with the ladies I guess.... Andi asked if I had a lot of people in China take my photo and try to meet me....uh huh! It was crazy at times! My popularity was due to 2 basic things. (And I am SURE that THOSE 2 things were PART of it too!!) I am blond and I am, well, let's just say, not a small woman. I have never been so in demand! Our group was calling me *Sharon Stone*...."Ohhhh Shhaaarrrooonnn, more of your fans coming this waaayyyy"....and not just boys. Teenage girls too. We were at the zoo and a group of about 10 girls started screaming and running toward me. I had to pose for pictures with each one. I was, how shall I say this, *hit* on by some handsome young men too. With all those stunning young Chinese women, these poor deluded boys were hitting on ME! Now, I KNOW I looked quite a bit different than the women they were used to but sheesh. The looks on Grace's face....trying to decipher why this strange woman *knew* so many people in China! She asked one of our guides, "Why are all these people touching my new Mommy? They need to STOP! I don't LIKE it!" All of our group drew a crowd each time we were out. Westerners are not a common sight where we spent the most time. I was not the only blond nor was I the only *chubbier* Mommy in the group. I just had the deluxe combo! I was a *chubby blonde * The Daily Double!! Ding, Ding, Ding! I hit the popularity jackpot! Grace later told me that she had never seen a man as tall as Daddy (He is just barely 6 foot) ("He looks like a giant" she told the guides when she arrived) or a woman as, ahem, plump as Mommy. But, as she told me not too long ago, "I really like it now Mommy 'cause you are so very cuddly and soft." Yeah, that's me, the *softer* Sharon Stone. Autographs anyone?
Susie Q


Nonie Mae said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. It is great that you opened your home and heart to adoption.. You are a wonderful women and mother...

LisaOceandreamer said...

First of all I love Grace's art and that she likes bright colors. She looks so proud!!
Wow, sounds like China is the place to be for ones ego, eh? You crack me up!!

Jolene George said...

Oh you make me laugh!
Grace is quite the talented little artist!

Jen said...

Great art work Grace!!

Sharon Stone, eh? Too funny. Love Grace's comment about touching her new mommy :)

PAT said...

Another great post, Sue!!
You know how I feel about Gracie's art. That is a wonderful photo!!

I loved your "Sharon Stone", experience. I wonder how popular I would be...a "plump" silver haired G'ma! Yes, I think that would be a definite ego boost, for me!!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Back Porch Musings

Sheila said...

Grace is atalented little atrist, great work..!
Blonde, demand...I'm going to China, they are gonna love me...LOL

TK Angels said...

You know that I love the creative side of Gracie. I still have some of the pics she made me.

I always loved the story of you in China as the blonde bombshell.

Take care,

Sugar Bear said...

Grace is quite talented. Your post cracks me up! I can just picture everyone running up to you!

Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

You are too funny! My brother had a lot of people want to take pictures with him while he was there. He's blond and 6 feet tall. I love Grace's art...she is really good! I think she should have her own "art blog".

Dawn Bibbs said...

Too funny!!! "Chubby"...I haven't heard that on in a long time. Oh wait, I think my bathroom mirror said it to me this

You make me laugh!

Southern Heart said...

Grace's art is beautiful! I, too, love color, so I would have chosen her creation. :)

Your story ticked my funny bone!

Love, Andrea

PEA said... crack me up! LOL I so love your sense of humour, it's wonderful!! It's no wonder I love reading your posts, you always manage to make me smile and laugh:-) Grace is indeed quite the little artist, I love her painting!! Hmmmm...I'm blonde and have big boobs so I guess if I went to that place, they'd think I was a plump Pam Anderson???? hehe xoxo

Andi said...

Grace is so artistic! I love her use of color!

Thanks for sharing your great story about being a "blonde in China"! I think we need special music for "An American in Paris"!!!

I should post a couple of Sarah's pictures on her China visit. She said it just went "on and on" with people coming up to her and wanting to pose with her and take pictures.

It's almost time for NYC and Brian!!! I love that you're going to meet Jen!

jafabrit said...

What a great story. If I ever plan to go to china I am dying my hair blond, the chubby part I have down to pat already lol!

Hope you had fun at the art fair.

Gretchen said...

Beautiful artwork. My husband, who is in Beijing, hasn't had anyone beg for a picture (of course, he's not blond, either!), but at 6'4 and around 250 lbs., he's getting quite used to being stared at. :)

Gretchen said...

Sue, thanks for visiting my blog. Since you are "Rabbit Run", I wanted to share w/you that our beloved little bunny Peanut died earlier tonight. Somehow sharing that with another bunny lover makes me feel better. I'll probably post a picture of him later on my site, but for now, just gonna go back and cuddle with my kids. (((hugs)))

The Decorated House said...

Oh what a wonderful post! That girl is just the sweetest kid, and look...she is a great artist, too!
God sure smiled on all of you for having each other in your lives.
I was on my way over to see you and then just saw your kind note on my site.
Thank you! Have a great weekend. Donna

Lallee said...

I am seriously impressed with Gracie's art.

I fit the chubby and blondish description, but I've never been compared to Sharon Stone. Maybe I need to go overseas ;-) Loved your story.


The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Oh what a fantastic story! It really made me smile.

Your daughter is such a talent artist!!!! How blessed you are, and how blessed she is to have such a sweet and beautiful momma

Pamela said...

about 17 years ago my brother went with a group of medical people to China (as a tour.. nothing more).
They went into an area that was rarely touched by tourism. They saw market places with s.t.r.a.n.g.e food (like bugs and snakes and small birds)

My brother is bald with fringe, white beard nicely trimmmed. Friendly and very much a lover of people and children.

He was hardly able to move through the crowds with his lovely blonde wife.

But, they wanted to have their pictures with Him --

Pamela said...

oh. nearly forgot.

I am impressed with the art.
It moves me.

smilnsigh said...

Oh Hon!!! You are so much nicer than Sharon Stone could ever hope to be.

And what a super experience... Being praised for pulchritude!!!!! It doesn't get much better than this!!!


Cassandra said...

LOVE this story!

Allison said...

Another great story - thank you. I have heard from a friend of mine about her dad being a real attraction in a remote part of Japan (he has white hair). Lots of people wanting to touch him. I also think Grace is a great artist - she really has an eye for color.