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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Our First Batch

Oh the eggs we had...marbleized eggs, solid color eggs, glitter eggs...these photos are of Grace's first batch. She keeps them in the dye for ever such a long time and out they pop, rich and bright.
Of course, no matter whether the eggs are marbled, glittered or dyed a deep orange, they all taste yummy. After all, what is more important? Just ask Kipper!


Nonie Mae said...

Very bright eggs, Beautiful colors. Looks like they were having a good time..

Andi said...

Love those brightly colored eggs. I always liked to leave the eggs in the dye for ever so long so the color would be bold. Grace is an artist...she knows what pleases the eye!!!

Looks like you had fun...the most important thing of all!

Dawn Bibbs said...

I'm such a kids had plastic eggs...they were already colored...less mess and 5 year olds love them LOL! My Jayla said she didn't want to "color the refridgerator eggs...they don't have M&M's in them!" LOL

Great job...very pretty. Brings back memories of my (much) younger days.

Pamela said...

the memory that is most vivid of coloring eggs as a kid is the smell of vinegar that lingered for days in the kitchen and on my fingers.