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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Okay. So the kid has a Mom who is as fashion challenged as can be. Mommy does not know an Issac Mizrahi from a Donatella Versace. A Tom Ford from a Gucci. A Yves Saint Laurent from a Stella McCartney. No wait. She is Paul's kid right? Yves? Nope...not even Ringo's kid. If it isn't jeans and a sweater, it's jeans and a T- Shirt. I know, how DO I make THAT big of a style decision? Well, you see, if I stick my head out of the front door and my upper lip starts to sweat, I don a T-shirt. If the end of my nose turns blue and forms ice crystals, I put on a sweater. It is truly that easy. Gee whiz. Socks, pick a color that kinda goes with the T-shirt or sweater or just go with white. White goes with anything. Black too. Gray? Maybe. White tennis shoes or loafers. Crocs, sandals. And they say I can't put an outfit together...HA! But the kid loves clothes. She never had any in China, maybe one outfit that was hers alone, maybe. One pair of shoes. She came here and Target's Girl's department beckoned seductively. Mom could afford Target and still let the kid think she was as high style as anyone on NYC's Fifth Avenue. Heck, what's Fifth Avenue have that Target doesn't? Okay, there's that but let's not nit pick okay? Her late paternal Grandparents had always wanted a granddaughter and went a bit silly with dolls but it was really sweet. My late Father In Law, who would not know the difference between a Bratz Doll and a Chess Board, wanted to make sure his one and only granddaughter was well stocked in dolls. And doll clothes. Doll accessories. Doll accouterments if you will. And so she she is. If she can not have a Mommy who is sartorially well turned out then she will have dolls who are. And so she does. Hey, someone around here has to be. We have an image to uphold. Kipper surely isn't helping. Hope your day is a lovely one...Winter has returned to Ohio. Brrr.... OH! Congratulations to Dawn and Sheila again. Dawn? I need your snail mail address okay? Just email it on over to me....
Susie Q


Dawn Bibbs said...

Fashion...Trends...I've heard of all that :-). My 5 year old has better taste in clothes than I do...oh, wait...I DO buy her clothes, don't I? LOL
Well, she looks better in them than I look in my uniform (jeans or capris and a top) And in the summer, I LIVE in a tank top!
BTW, I sent you my address...just like you told me to :-).

smilnsigh said...

Ahhhh the joys of 'American Girl' dolls! The first one for our oldest Granddaughter, was the Victorian one.. Samantha. And I kept accumulating them, from there.

The second Granddaughter did not like dolls. Eeeeek! :-)

But the third does. And from me, she's on her way to her accumulation too. :-) {Who is enjoying this whole thing more, hu??? -giggles-}


Andi said...

And what a well dressed young lady she are her fashionable American Girl Dolls!!! Oh, if they would have been available when I was a I loved my dolls!!!

Issac Mizrahi designs for Target so Grace is sure to be "in style"!!! A beauty like Grace is one that can wear a Kroger sack and look fantastic!!! As long as she wears it "without" white socks!!! They only go with white tennies!!!

jafabrit said...

she looks very sharp!

gretchen.hanna said...

Your DD is so cute. We are in the midst American Girl Dolls and fashion around here, too. I keep telling my 8 y.o. DD that "it's what's on the inside that counts". She says, "Yeah, I know, Mom," as she's checking her hair in the mirror. I know she's hoping the Easter Bunny will hop by with a few headbands. Her needs are few: Target, her dolls, and Claires. My needs are: does it still fit? and is it stained? :)

~~Mikki Jo said...

What a sweet place to visit. I loved the photo of the vintage easter card, so pretty. Have a good night.

Cassandra said...

Your Grace is such a beauty! Yes, I have a fashionista too...Luckily we have some good outlets here!

Valerie said...

that girl gets prettier every day.
now i, the California Girl, DO know who Issac Mizrahi is.

only because he sells stuff @ Target.

Nonie Mae said...

Pretty Girl you have....

PAT said...

Grace is so cute! That's a wonderful photo.

Two years ago my daughters and granddaughters took me to Chicago for Mother's Day. Yes, of course we went to American Girl. My youngest G'daughter was 8 months old and yes, she came home with her first American Girl doll!

Back Porch Musings

TK Angels said...

Graice always looks so cute. I will say it again. You were so worried when she first came to the states and she did not want to wear dresses :)

Well mom you got your wish x100.

Take care,

Rhoda said...

Suzy Q, I have tagged you with a Thinking Blogger award...please go check it out at my blog. You're a sweet lady!

Southern Hospitality

Cheryl Wray said...

Adorable picture!!!! So cute!!
We have been having beautiful weather (like 80 degrees), but it's gonna be a high of 50 on Easter. Yuck!!! Spring come back soon!

Jen said...

Well, aren't you glad you introduced her to Target and not Nordstroms, lol!! She looks so pretty in that picture :) She meaning Grace

Chris said...

It seems like just yesterday that my little (she's 26 now) girl was playing with her American Girl dolls. We have winter too. Snow-enough that it took down a tree at our house.