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Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Thought Or Four

Rooster Under Glass....
I have been honored this week with Thinking Blogger awards from several dear blogging friends. I have also been given a Bright Light award from another very special blogging friend. Oh how sweet it is of you to think of my blog in this way and how happy and appreciative I am.
I do plan on posting my choices this week and give credit to those dear hearts that humble me with their votes of confidence. Before I do that though, I feel the need to say a few things first.
I have ignored an argumentative email and 3 comments (deleted them actually) made in the past week and will continue to do so in the future. They are few, very few, and those comments made by you, with whom I feel a great kinship, are many. Those from all of you who I hold so dear are what makes blogging so very special. I began this venture as a way to stay in touch with friends and family far away. A journal of sorts for myself, my husband and my children. It has become something far more than even I would have anticipated it could be. It has become a part of me, as have all of you. I feel a debt of gratitude to you all, a debt that I will never be able to repay. For your friendship and camaraderie, I warmly thank you.
The sour email/comments dealt mostly with how I am not *ahem* pushing myself to "be all that I can be" (An Army reference?), "spinning fluff" to make people happy and that I am "catering to the Martha Stewart wannabes" in the blogging community. Uh huh. Really.
Then, just tonight, I came across a blog in which the writer mentioned she had been honored by a "Thinking Blog" link. She also went on to talk about how MOST blogs were of the "Martha Stewart" variety (EGAD! There is another blasted Martha reference!) and, although "pretty to look at" do not push a reader to think or feel deeply. She, on the other hand, I am betting, feels that HER blog is profound and life changing. Of course I am projecting here as I do not know the dear lady except what I have read. Some of which I find a tad self indulgent to say the least.
Normally, the "pretty to look at" comment would have just caused me to roll my eyes and chuckle but coming on the heels of my *personal blog critique*, I feel the need to answer such comments.
The last time I checked, I had no desire to be Martha Stewart. Save for the fact that she used to work on Wall Street with my adored Brian Dennehy, I truly have no desire to BE her. Come to think of it, I really don't think any of my blogging friends are desperate to BE Martha either. If I had MY druthers, I would BE Paula Deen. Martha, nope.
I do not CHOOSE to discuss politics, delve deeply into religion, most world events or my deeply ingrained ideals and beliefs here on this blog. I really do not think you come to me to be enlightened! As much as I love to read and study and stay informed, I do not believe it is MY place to enlighten ANYONE. I think all of you are quite capable of finding your way down life's path all by yourself without any help from moi. I have that much confidence in you!
I did not choose to make this blog something that, once read, would have you contemplating Plato's theories or debating the severity of ozone levels in our air.
That said, I see that to some, such a revelation puts me in the category of "people pleaser". Okay, if that is the worst thing I am ever called, I believe that is blissful cause to do the happy dance!
I have no desire to write about how perfect my husband is. He is not. Neither is our marriage. Oh how I hope not. How boring that would be. I think he is cute and smart as a crackerjack, hard working and a great kisser. He is also stubborn,
messy, forgetful. I still like the guy but perfect?
In that same vein, neither of my children are perfect. Shocking I know. Try to stay calm in the face of this tragic news. I think they are all pretty keen and I love 'em a bunch but perfect? Nah. Gee, even our pets are not perfect. They shed. Handfuls. Awful isn't it?
And now the biggest news....*I* am not perfect! Do you need to sit down? Can I get you a glass of water?
I love to share a recipe here or there, particularly one I found to be easy and good.
I often share a story I found amusing or a moment that made me smile. I might even share with you a special city I visited, a movie or book that I enjoyed but I will never try to convince you that it will change your life! Well, except for "Ernest Goes To Camp". Now THAT film will change your life in ways you cannot even
I have many beliefs that are important to me. One is volunteerism and charitable giving. That said, you will never read about what we do or when. It is a VERY private matter to us. I do not think that anyone else need follow this or necessarily should. Each person must do what is right for themselves at a given point in their lives. Do it for others, do it for your soul, not because anyone made you feel guilty and certainly not for the public recognition. And that is as profound as I will ever get about that subject here!
I am deeply concerned about many things happening in our world today. I have strong religious beliefs. I am active in some world, national & community groups and feel a sense of peace in my church. That is as deep as I will ever go with either of those subjects here. I have no desire whatsoever to lead you to MY way of thinking. I really have no desire to make you crinkle up your forehead and rub your temples. I have no desire to have you think any deeper here than you need to in order to guide that little cursor around the page. If that makes me less than scholarly so be it. Nobody usually confuses me with Nikola Tesla or Stephen Hawking. But, just in case, I'm the chubby blond on the right if anyone asks....
I guess all this bluster just comes down to this, if you want to *thunk a chunk* about life than this blog is not for you. If you want to smile and, perhaps, share a giggle, I hope you find it here. If you want to see how I love making my house a home, you are most welcome but never will I ever try to convince you that my way is THE way. It is decidedly not. Life is far too challenging out there. While you are here I hope you can relax a bit and just be....just BE.
I do not know how "pretty to look at" this blog actually is but I hope that I can, in some small way, bring a little "pretty" into your lives. You surely have done that for mine.
Even if I don't have an ounce of Martha in me.


cherry menlove said...

Darling Sue
I'm so sorry that folk have been sniping at you. It is so terribly easy for people to do that in the comments section of a blog. NEVER feel like you HAVE to explain yourself. There are plenty of blogs out there, if they don't like this one they can move on to another.

Love Cherry xx

PAT said...

Dear Sue! I love your blog, just the way it is. It's a wonderful place to visit!

We lost a sweet grandson, shortly after his birth, last November. We still grieve for this precious baby boy. The blogging thing is helping me along the way. I don't want to change the world, I just want to write about happy times, I've shared with family and friends. I won't be talking about the bumps in the road, along the way. We prefer to keep our grieving a private thing between family and close friends.

Thank you so much for putting, my thoughts on blogging, into words.

Back Porch Musings

jafabrit said...

wow, err, I am a little gobsmacked. Since when were blogs supposed to be about catering to what others define as being worthy? Some of us are not trying to entertain the world but share a *little* part of who we are. I agree with Cherry and Pat. Just as with my art, I do what I WANT, take it or leave it. It isn't my job to educate, entertain or share my whole life and thoughts outside of my blog or my art.

LOVE your blog suzie, it is a breath of fresh air.

Sheila said...

Why is it that 'some people' feel the need to email and comment in such a way, unless it is to make themselves feel superior. Nuts to 'em..!
I stand by what I said when I nominated you....

"Sue's love of life and sense of humour is evident in every post. Her attitude is contagious, and her creativity both in her home and in her blog posts is inspiring."

When I'm feeling less than 100% ~ a visit here helps me think in a positive way. It always makes me smile, and focus about what matters in life, home and family.
When I want anything else I'll watch the news or read a newspaper.
Bill's not perfect...???

Blue the Spa Girl said...

I laughed my way through this entire post.
Thank you!
My thought is this, why must you be a high ranking MENSA member to qualify as a thinker?
I believe you have already made us think here. Thinking takes many different shapes. And you write very well by the way. I think you more than qualify.
I'll be back!

gold said...

Do your happy dance and be happy. We can't please everyone.

Chris said...

Well said! I love your blog and I feel like if we lived near each other we'd be fast friends. Keep doing what you're doing.

TK Angels said...

Why in the world would someone write a negative comment on your blog? I don't undertand. A blog is something that you write for yourself and you share.

Take care,
Love you lots

"Early Bird" said...

Thank YOU and and Here Here!!
Oh, how the blog world needs a post like this...a blogger like you!!
I am 110% behind you sister!!
My, my, I'm still reeling from it all!!
I'll have to "thunk" on all this ;)

Rhoda said...

Very well said, Susie Q! I'm new to blogging & can't imagine why anyone would say mean things on a blog comment either. I mean, most of us are just sharing parts of our lives, adding a little joy to others along the way...we aren't trying to win a writing or thinking award. I'm sure NOT! I like pretty pictures & sharing ideas & laughing...just having fun. My goodness, if blogs are morose & made me think too much, I'd be bored stiff & would never go back. I spend time on the computer for a little diversion & fun & that's what most of us are trying to share. Keep on doing what you're doing, you're a fine, sweet lady!

Southern Hospitality

Sharon Kay said...

I found your blog a month or so ago and come back often because you are not Martha Stewart. You are Susie Q and I enjoy your blog just the way it is. Keep up the good work my friend.

Jill Gross-LaFaye said...

Sounds like someone was very board with nothing else to be rude to you..I mean come on..who could be rude to you?! I love your blog..everything about it.

smilnsigh said...

Wow!!!! YOU got told you aren't deep enough! Golly geeeee... If you aren't deep, just how un-deep am I? -giggles-

Please keep being cute and funny and post pretty pictures and share places you've lived and all that *un-deep* stuff, Hon. Phulllllllleeeeeeeze do!


smilnsigh said...

"with how I am not *ahem* pushing myself to "be all that I can be" (An Army reference?)"

-gasp-!!! To top it off, how dare they accuse you, a Navy Wife, with an Army reference?!?!?! -gasp-sigh-gasp- >,-)

OK, I admit it. I'm way too *wise-arse* for my own good. But I just could NOT resist!!!


Jolene George said...

I can't imagine ANYONE sending less than kind emails/comments to you. Your blog has so much to offer. It always fills my heart with joy when I read it. You know when you get that feeling of peace in your heart? Well that's what you do for me, because I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that you a good person who loves and shares with everything in her. You give me laughter, love, and comfort. Martha Stewart can't do that!

Andi said...

Sue, I love you and your blog just the way they are!!! Please don't change a thing!!! I just want to smile, laugh and have fun. And in the process of doing those things I enjoy being inspired to try a new recipe or re-arrange the bookshelf. If they give an award for "fluff blog" and I win it...well that will be just fine with me too.

As Jolene's sign says "It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice!!!"

Valerie said...

go girl.
i just can't believe snarkers came to your happy corner of the 'net. most of us are not out here to change the world, or anyone's mind on anything. mine, personally, is here to entertain. that's it.

good for you to dump 'em. let 'em go spread their "happiness" someplace else.

Dawn Bibbs said...

BRAVO!! BRAVO!!! BRAVO!! Although I am not standing at this very moment, you deserve a standing ovation!!!

My goodness, I could not have said any of that any better that how you did. What silly people there are out there (wow, "silly" was a stretch...because it's definitely NOT the word I WANTED to say).

As I stated in my "nomination/awards ceremony" for you, I LOVE your BLOG! I love to feel comfortable and welcomed when I go places...even to blogs. And yours is definitely one of those that I get that feeling. You...WE, should never have to explain ourselves or justify why we do or do not do something. Everyone has their own ways of doing things. Heck, that's what makes the world go round.

You know, I bet Martha Stewart doesn't even have a blog. And if it did, we'd probably all have to show ID to get into it anyways! Personally, I'm not interested.

I am so sorry that you had to receive and read such comments. I've never laid eyes on your nor heard your sweet voice. But I'm convinced that you are a genuinely loving woman. And I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that that's evident in your writings. Keep up the good work and continue doing what works for YOU and what YOU enjoy! I think you're GREAT!!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

My dear,dear Sue...the Sue I count on to make me smile and bask in her effervescence. Today I received an email from another blogger friend who was also nominated for this award - she was quite surprised because the person nominated her because she makes her "think" happy thoughts. The nominee thought thinking had to mean deep, introspective etc. It is NOT about that. Each blog and blogger is as unique as the person behind it. How and what we choose to write about or show or share is entirely up to our own discretion. Anyone not liking the look OR the content should then move along. To take a single moment of ones day to critique someones blog shows the true lack of character in that person. They aren't worth a nod.
I love this blog, I aspire to it, in that it makes me feel wonderful after I read and leave.
I am an open book as you know...but that is my choice. It is cathartic for me to reveal how I feel on any given day. From grief to bliss.
I say we bask in the diversity of this community instead of bashing it the way some do.
You ARE a Bright Light and I am absolutely honored to know you.

LisaOceandreamer said...

By the way - this post was magnificent!!

Cassandra said...

I am very new to the blogging world, but I have met many wonderful people since starting mine. I do not understand why others feel they must belittle another's creative outlet...If you do not like a blog or its message - DON'T READ IT! And certainly don't put down another person who is brave enough to share a special part of themselves. Shame on whoever this nasty spiteful person is!! Sue, please don't change a thing!

Debbie said...


Your blog is one of my favorites. You have a wonderful fresh outlook on life and reading your blog makes me feel happy. Thanks for taking the time to post wonderful pictures, comments, and recipes. I appreciate and enjoy your website. Please ignore negative comments. Your blog is terrific!

Pamela said...

(whew,, thank goodness.)

I've just finished admitting on my blog that I put too much salt in the cinnamon rolls.

As for Martha, her jewerly is pretty nice... except for that one ankle bracelet was kind of a drag.

PEA said...

Hi Susie:-) I was told to come and read this post because it's about a subject a friend and I were discussing the other day...I'm so glad I came over!! Your words express how I feel about my's not a deep thinking blog and that's just the way I like it! lol You know what I always say about people who leave nasty comments or send emails such as the one you received? They're just jealous!! So There! hehe Thank you for this's made me feel better again about my blog:-) Hugs xox

The Decorated House said...

Sue, thank you for posting this. I've heard only a couple of times that someone gets a few sour remarks. Emails? Why would someone feel they have a right to do that? No idea! I know if something like this happened to anyone of's a big dang deal! So what better place to just let it out and cleanse the soul than right here!

You have a million posts saying hi, love ya', I love coming by...count those. Toss the uglies out. Whatever attention they need by doing this, YOU don't owe them it.
Hugs to you and Ms. Gracie...I love coming by!

Melissa said...

Stuff and nonsense, that's what those "other" people were full of.

Why does everything have to be deep? I, too, have strong religious convictions, but lately I've been feeling "unworthy" because I don't spend large amounts of time thinking deeply about such things.

Does the world need bloggers like them? Certainly. But it also needs bloggers like us, who post Easter pictures and talk about coloring eggs and birthday parties.

There's enough drama going on in the world. We don't always have to be a part of it.

Sheila said...

Sue, I can't believe what I'm reading! I've been kind of busy the last few days, and haven't been able to visit any blogs for a while, and it seems like so much has changed! I can't seem to get in to a couple of peoples' blogs at ALL, and then yours says that you received rude comments and emails?? That's ridiculous! All I can say is, they're jealous of your wonderful blog. Nobody is making them read it - it's for your own use, and how you want to do it. Just keep ignoring the bad, and keep on doing what you're doing. You're the greatest!