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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Bit Of Tasty Chocolat...

I don't have a lot of time to post tonight so I thought I would suggest a syrupy, creamy, chocolaty treat of a film. It is suitably romantic for Valentine's Day, agreeably sensual and filled with delicious chocolate. Now, who can argue with that? Oh, and it has Judi Dench who I just adore...she is simply too, too wonderful in anything she does.
I have so much to do in the next 2 days and....BILL IS COMING!! He will be here tomorrow evening and can stay until Tuesday morning. Then he will make his last trip back to VA (for work at least!) because, on the 25TH, he will drive home for good.
He signed the new job contract today so I guess it is official. Can you see my smile from where you are? What better Valentine's Day gift could there be? A local job and him home this weekend. Heavenly!
I have a few little packages to mail to some sweet bloggers (you know who you are!) and fear they will be late for Valentine's Day. I hope they will forgive me! Would you believe that I used to be always be on time and on that proverbial ball. I fell off it didn't I? Oh may be late but will still come with my love and thanks!
I also have the beginnings of a little give away planned. I am way behind, as usual, but plan on doing it the weekend *after* Valentine's don't forget! Stop by and visit, leave a comment and, just perhaps, receive a lovely treat.
I will be posting some information and photos on this soon!
There is still a wind chill advisory tonight and for the morning commute. The children here had their 3rd day in a row off school so I doubt that they will miss another much to Miss Grace's dismay! She so loves helping me with the baby I care for.
Stay well, stay warm, be happy and treat those around you with love. Treat yourself kindly matter!
Suzie Q


Cheryl Wray said...

And you forgot that the movie has the wonderfully sensual Johnny Depp in it. Yummm . . .
I was just thinking of posting a romantic movies post before the week is out. Then I came to your blog and saw this... Great minds think alike, dont ya think??
Have a wonderful night (and try and stay warm . . .brr!! Don't want otmake you jealous, but it almost hit 60 degrees here today!)

Shirlee said...

I was looking at the Valentine's Day movies (aka chick flicks) displayed at the grocery store today and didn't see Chocolat. It would have been a good addition to what was being offered. Plus it has Johnny Depp...nuff said. :)

LisaOceandreamer said...

Chocolat is one of my favorite films, I've watched it a few times now. I mean with Judi Dench AND the dreamy Johnny Depp as Roux...the music, I love it. Hmm perhaps I may have to watch it again this weekend.
I'm so happy for you that Bill is coming home again and soon will be there for good! Yes, as a matter of fact I could see your smile from here.

Jen said...

Wow, 3 days in a row of no school...CALGON take Susie Q away! That's rough, lol

I never saw that movie, might have to now

Andi said...

I'm so happy for you that your Bill is coming home this weekend and even happier that he will soon be home for good. I can see that sunny smile all the way here in Florida!

Stay warm...I'm off to work!

Sheila said...

Sue, I'm so happy for you that Bill will be coming home for a few days - and not so long from now, for good! Yes, that's the best Valentine's gift you could ask for!
Wow, no school for 3 days? My kids are jealous!
Have a great day!

TK Angels said...

Of course you know how glad I am that Bill will be coming home. I hope we will be able to do lunch or something while he is here. I will call you tonight.
Love to all,

smilnsigh said...

Yes, that is a delicious film. With Juliette Binoche in a _*nice*_ role. {I get tired of her in those very angst-y films, she's been tending to make. -sigh-}

And wonderful Dame Judi Dench! What an actress! What a treasure!

I'm not all that taken with Johnny Depp but... :-) To each her own...

I'm so happy that your husband's local job is set and he'll soon be home all the time.


Sioux said...

Hi, SusieQ! I love that movie. It's really a good one! And Judi Dench is wonderful in all she does.

I know you will be so glad to have Bill home for good. Raf worked away for a year, and it was terrible.

Yesterday here in Texas it was in the 80˚'s but today in the 40˚'s...typical Texas weather.

Keep warm!

Susie said...

Hi Susie Q,
Since I'm just getting to know you, I didn't know your Bill worked away from home. How happy you must be that he will soon be working close to home!
I haven't seen that movie, but will make a point of looking for it!

Jolene George said...

That is wonderful new! Can't ask for more than that..a local job and Bill coming home soon!!! I'm so happy for you!
I haven't seen that movie yet.

Kentucky Gal said...

Well now, I'm going to have to try that movie...cause I love chocolat and Judy Dench!!

RoseMary said...

We can always use a little no calorie chocolate, Susie Q! What a great post. Have a great day.

Marilyn said...

Love that Movie!!!
So glad your hubby will be home!
Take care!

Sheila said...

This is a lovely film, and Johnny and Judi are both great in it. How wonderful Bill will soon be home for good. What a great Feb 14th you will have..!

Sandy said...

Love that movie .. and chocolate .. and congrats your sweetie is coming home!

carolyn said...

That is a great movie, and book.

jafabrit said...

Well your husband coming home to work is surely the best valentine gift. I am really happy for you.
woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!! chocolat gal.

Deb said...

Chocolat - one of my favourite films!

Brown English Muffin said...

Yeah!! I am so happy that Bill will be home for good shortly...though I never knew why he was away so much I just assumed it was his job!!

Anyway, all this chocolate and sweet yummy stuff on your blog is driving me insane!!! And it's that time of the month for me...I know, I know WAYYYY to much info!! Sorry!!!