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Friday, February 02, 2007

An Angel to Watch Over Me....

I received this treasure from a friend today....she is a hospitality angel and holds a real pine cone fashioned to resemble a pineapple. A pineapple, you may know, is the symbol for hospitality or welcome. She is so sweet....I am still thinking about a name.
She is hanging on my laundry room door...the door to the house that we use the most. Even our neighbors use that there she will reside, welcoming all who enter our home!
Oh how awful the news is coming from Florida. We know all our friends in that area are safe....I am sure our dear blogging friend, Andi, is well too because she posted this morning. I was thinking about her this morning and had to check....we love ya Andi!
It is cold here and just getting colder by the minute. Those wind chills will be in the caution zone tomorrow night. Brrr....still, we have many things to do during the day and have our weekly "movie night" with Mom and our buddy T. Dinner will be from our favorite bar b que and the movie selection has yet to be decided!
I had a nice chat with my wonderful buddy in TN this afternoon. We were talking away when we realized that Paula Deen was on Oprah! Okay, hang up and watch then call me back! I hope all of you Paula fans saw her. What a hoot she is. And an inspiration...she is something special. When Oprah asked about the ingredients of her pound cake...."You use *2* sticks of butter??"...Paula slyly answered, "Oprah, I'm your cook NOT your doctor!" My buddy and I decided we would grab that quote as our new mantra!
Grace had a play date with a friend from her classroom. The girls have really hit it off and I so liked her mother. We are all planning a play date next week at Chuckie Cheese! I am not sure how much conversation we moms will get in if there is too much noise!
Mallory was a sweetie today. This little girl is the sweetest baby. She has the softest little coo and just loves to *chat* with me. Laughs and smiles and is such fun. I am really enjoying taking care of her. Is there anything more snugly than holding a sleeping baby on your shoulder?
Our blog friend, Jen, got the nicest note from her sister in law yesterday. Jen is her nephew's caregiver and
they wanted her to know how much they appreciated her.
I am so happy for Jen. That was a gift for her.
I have been the primary caregiver for 4 babies in the past 5 years. I consider it quite an honor to be able to do this job. That the parents trust me and allow me to watch their most precious gift, is,
well, it is a special honor. An honor I do not take lightly. One of those babies was my nephew and I loved every minute that I was with him, still do. I miss seeing him daily but he is doing well in his pre school. That is where he needs to be now. I still see him every week and count the days down between each visit!
I loved being able to watch him and to do that job for my family
members. Watching these chidren has been so rewarding for me....a blessing.
Well, I need to run and get a few things accomplished this evening.
Have a sweet and restful weekend. Stay well and safe.
Suzie Q


Shirlee said...

Oh Susie, your angel is adorable. She looks like a "Penelope" to me. That just popped into my head as I saw her.
When my oldest was a baby I was fortunate to have a wonderful lady look after him. My then husband was in the military and gone most of the time so she was a real god send. You are a special gal to be taking care of those little ones.

Jolene George said...

I was worried about Andi too and so glad that she's okay.
I so can't believe I missed Oprah! I LOVE Paula Deen...she's the best thing since sliced bread...and butter! :o)

Jolene George said...

...and your angel is so sweet. What a thoughful friend you have.

Melissa said...

Love the angel, and love Paula Deen. Never mind that I can't really eat most of the things she cooks - she's fun just to watch.

carolyn said...

Pineapples for hospitality, I remember seeing a bed with pineapple bedknobs once in an historic property, they were detachable. The guide told us that if a guest outstayed his welcome a pineapple would be removed from the bedstead each day until he got the message. Love that.

Deb said...

Cute angel - and I love the pinecone "pineapple"!
I saw Paula Deen on Oprah and thought that line was great too!!

Andi said...

Love, love, love your pineapple/pinecone angel! So very pretty and welcoming. When we were in Boston we stayed at the Omni Parker House and the wooden headboard had a craved pineapple in the center. I thought it was so pretty.

Thank you for your concern for my safety here in Florida. The tornados were in Lake County...the couty just to our North. We're here in Polk County. My heart goes out to the families that lost their homes. Such devastation is so sad.

Hope you're looking for a special chocolate recipe to share tomorrow!
Wish I had seen Oprah...I adore Paula Deen...but I was at work!

Jen said...

Yes it was a very sweet note and it made me feel good.

Enjoy the peacefulness of this little one now as it won't be long she'll be on the move and so will you, LOL