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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy, Happy, Happy To You

I just wanted to wish all of my dear blogging
friends a very sweet Valentine's Day.
Yes, this holiday is often a wee bit too commercialized
(Sadly, which holiday isn't? Hmmm...maybe Groundhog Day...oh, just give the card companies ample time!), but to have a day set aside to
honor that most precious of emotions, love...well, what a fine idea! A dandy idea! Yes, the focus does tend to fall on *romantic love* when February 14th arrives. While I am a true romantic in every sense of the word, this day can also spotlight all the many ways we can love and those we can show that love to. Our spouses/significant others, well, yes of course but how about the love we feel for our parents? Our grandparents? Our children? Nieces and nephews? Our pets?
Our friends and co workers?
Our neighbors? Our Church family?
Think about all those you love...if you really give it some thought, you might be amazed at just how many dear souls you
love and who love you in return! Think about all the ways these precious beings enrich your they make it whole and bright.
Valentine's Day can also be a wonderful time to highlight our ability to show love and compassion to others...spread our love around so to speak. To shower people with random acts of kindness, sympathy,
gentleness. Be good to all creatures, human and otherwise. That goodness will be returned to you 10 fold.
Our enviable ability to love, and be loved, is a gift. A true and priceless gift. Embrace it. Use it. Share it. And, never forget to show love, compassion and caring to someone you just might forget about....yourself! You deserve that.
Happy Valentine's Day...a special day, an oh so sweet day. Still, let's remember to love one another every day of the year. For what is life without love?


Andi said...

You are such a romantic and such a sweetheart! I'm glad I found your Rabbit Run Cottage blog and you as a friend.

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I know your "valentine" hubby will be home soon and that's so good.

Deb said...

Great post!
Happy Valentine's Day.

Kentucky Gal said...

What a beautiful post!!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

What a sweet post and every single word is absolutely true! It is people like you that make this whole blogging experience rich and rewarding.