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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stocking Up...

Here is a little tip for all of you. When one hears that snow and frigid temperatures are in the forecast for several days, one must stock up on all important supplies. I did just that tonight. You can see from the photo that I will be well prepared to face Mother Nature's wrath and all the wet stuff and chilliness she can toss my way. Okay, so the items above are not exactly considered *necessary* items by some, to me, life without chocolate would be dull indeed. Colorless, tasteless, dire and severe. It would be simply too much to bear. I did also pick up a carton of eggs (For baking some chocolate chip cookies don't ya know), a gallon of milk, some red grapes, apples and bananas, mini carrots, the fixings to make chicken and noodles and a Martha Stewart Living magazine. Just some of life's little necessities. "It's a good thing".

Most schools were out today and will be closed again tomorrow. It is -5 now with a wind chill of -20. Poor little Kipper was most uncomfortable answering his call of nature. Still, he did find the strength to bark wildly at a small brown rabbit. The rabbit ignored him, as all well brought up rabbits do.

We all ventured out this evening, picked up my mother and went for dinner at my brother and sis in law's home. Um...fried chicken and all the fixings. Of course I was guilty of sneaking their dog Haley a few *little* bites...and giving my nephew Boo many hugs and kisses. How could I not? Those chubby cheeks BEG for kisses.

Yesterday, after church, Mom, Grace and I met my friend T and had a nice lunch. We then went to see "Because I Said So". The critics have not been kind to this film but I adore Diane Keaton and found it to be sweet and fun and yes. We all enjoyed it. I guess this is one of the many reasons I have not landed a job as a movie critic. Okay, one of 1000 reasons but still...

On Saturday we ventured out early to run errands with Mom and have a nice lunch. The wind was really howling by the time we left the restaurant. Ouch but it stung! We drove over to the home of my dear friend TY's mother...a wonderful woman who passed away earlier this week. She had a sweet life and will be missed so dearly. I loved her spirit and sense of humor. She was 89 and left this world while sitting at her kitchen table enjoying her morning paper and coffee. She had requested no funeral and so a wake of sorts was held in her home. So many family members and friends gathered and there was laughter, there were tears and there were many memories shared. I will miss her...

That evening we had dinner at The Cracker Barrel and were seated in front of that great, roaring fireplace. While we listened to the pop and crackle of the wood as it sparked and flashed into flame, Grace devoured one of her favorite things, chicken and dumplings. This slim, young child has the appetite of an NFL Linebacker. Seriously folks!

We took a carry out to my buddy T who has been having some trouble with very painful inflammation in her hand. We all visited a bit as we watched the Hallmark Channel's "Every Saturday Night In February" romantic movie. Yes, it was fun.

Nothing too fancy, nothing too thrilling and exactly the way I love it. Family, friends, home and hearth. Good food, good conversation, good movies. A night for a little kick your shoes off and relax in peace action. Nothing more.

This weekend I found myself driving by a local shop and gazing in it's window. There sits the sweetest shabby blue cabinet and I am in love. I have no idea what it's price tag says and no. I really do not NEED it but still, the attraction is strong. I did not deliberately drive by, Really! But still, there I was...5 separate times! I have yet to stop, park and go in the shop. That would be far too difficult I fear. So, I will continue to drive by and sigh...and dream about where I would place it. The bedroom? No, the dining room. Perfect! Have you ever found yourself doing just this? Well, I am off to bed now...stay warm and well my blogging buddies. Knowing you are all out there, with your sweet blogs for me to visit and your dear and funny comments here for me to read, well, these are two of the things that help keep me warm on a frigid night like this. Your friendship and companionship warms me to my very soul. Thank you from the bottom of my chilled little heart.
Suzie Q


Marie said...

Just discovered your blog! I love it. Will be back to explore some more when I have more time!

jafabrit said...

I went out last night and it is so cold it hurt my lungs to breathe. For me necessity is plenty of turps (so I can paint) and plenty of milk (so I can drink tea as I paint LOL!) thank goodness I am not a choc fiend eeeek! I will leave that up to my sis and you. My hips are in enough trouble of late.

Jen said...

Oh, I love your list of "necessities" Hershey Kisses, roflmao!! Too cute!

Wow, it's cold there too...not as cold as us. It's 10 degrees here. Not pleasant

Sheila said...

Keep warm Sue! I see your necessities are the same as mine! Just give me the chocolate, and I'm happy!
Lovey and Penny send their love to Kipper. They know EXACTLY what he is going through when it's potty time!

Sioux said...

Wow, I wasn't aware that Ohio was getting this kind of weather. Raf went to Bowling Green in the 60's and lived in Findlay, and he tells me it was like that most winters. Brrrrrrrr. My sister-in-law is still in Findlay, so I guess she is cold right now, too!

Hope you've enjoyed all your hugs and kisses. XOXOXO

Andi said...

Greetings from Sunny Florida! Okay it's been cold here too...I think it was in the 50's!!! All the "snowbirds" visiting our state are out playing golf in their bermuda shorts and I'm shivering. My blood must have thinned out over the years...too bad the rest of me didn't!

Glad to see you know the important supplies to have on hand when the temperatures drop!

Kentucky Gal said...

I just love the way you write your thoughts!!!
It makes me feel like I have known you for years!!
Warm Love & Hugs to you!!

Susie said...

Hi Susie,
I came by the other day with the link from Ky gal and tried to leave a comment. I'm a Susie married to a Bill also. You write such newsy posts, I'd love to visit again. Stop by and see me sometime!