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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Boy, I Hate When That Happens...

Okay, this Internet thing is amazing and all but every now and then, one of those little pings and doogles and ladidadis (I do believe those are the professional terms) hits. Yep, our Internet service was...well...interupted I believe was the technical term. For *2* days! Can you believe that? Oh the humanity!! I cried, I fumed, I ate chocolate. Okay, so I would have eaten the chocolate anyway but still....
Our entire neighborhood was affected. Oh what a sad 2 days for blogging buddies to visit! I was beside back of myself...oh, and that view was not pretty I must tell you...
Well, I am just now trying to play catch up so know I am on my way to visit all of my buddies! I missed ya!
I missed some major events and would like to send my belated wishes to....
Little *G* Man (Missy's son) had his 2nd birthday!! Happy Birthday you handsome boy you! 2 is a very important birthday you know! This little guy has the sweetest face. Every time Missy posts a new picture of him, well, I get the biggest smile on my old mug. You can't help it! He is just a doll. Hop over to Missy's blog and send him a birthday greeting! While you are there, check out that face! Those eyes and lashes ladies...this is a lady killer in the making! Hugs little *G*!
And, jog over to Jolene's blog and wish her a *Happy One Year Blogging Anniversary*! Congratulations dear lady! You have been a blessing to all of us. A sweet and oh so special person that has so many
talents and are one of the very best Jolene!
Now, on a personal note...I still need to post a picture of this wonderful bounty but Andi surprised me with the most delightful box in the mail this week.
It had been a bitterly cold few days and receiving this package just warmed me to the very was all that Florida sunshine I guess! Just wanted to publicly thank you are a DOLL!
Valerie!! How are YOU? You have been AWOL for a while battling a nasty cold so I am sending you a big get well. I would send you some chicken soup but it would be a little cold and yucky and congealed by the time it reached the coast...FEEL BETTER!
Just a little aside...dear Coleen and RaNae...if you are read this, please know how much I care. too. You are a strong WILL all work out.
And Teresa! Run, do not walk, over to Teresa's blog and see her gorgeous new puppy! Such a precious baby! I so want to snuggle that sweet thing! Enjoy her dear Teresa!
My prayers and thoughts are with Cheryl's husband
who has suffered a health scare this week. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.
We all care so much dear Cheryl...
Do drop Leona's sweet blog and wish her, and her handsome husband, a very happy anniversary this week. She has posted some sweet pictures in the form of a slide show set to one of my favorite songs! Happy Anniversary! You are such a special couple., been a busy few days and all know that I am wearing a smile 'cause, BILL IS HOME! Oops, excuse my over active exuberance...but, BILL IS HOME!! Yep, I know that he still has to go back and resign & work 2 more weeks at the job in VA but then he is home for good. Gosh how great that sounds. Maybe this year was good for us. Good in a way that being apart due to his military obligations was not. We never thought we would have to go through this sort of job related separation after he retired from the Navy. Then it happened. It has been tough and lonely but it has made us really appreciate the time we do have together. Much more so than I would have thought.
We are far from the perfect couple...on that note, does anyone actually KNOW the perfect couple? Do they even exist? I have my doubts. Perfect would be oh so boring.
But, we have weathered many of those proverbial storms and still really LIKE one another. He can make me so angry and yet, NO one can fill my heart with joy the way he does. I just happen to think he is one good looking man...well, for an old guy and all. Me being so very much younger than he is....a WHOLE 5 months younger thank you very much. Practically robbed the cradle he did...well, um...he is a pretty good guy at heart and I am so happy he will be back with us on a daily basis. I just hope that we don't start taking things for granted...okay, we are not perfect, as I said so we will probably be guilty of that from time to time. Still, I think we learned a lot from this little trial. I hope so. Yep, I do hope so. Even when those socks and underwear show up on the bedroom floor.
Ya'll have a great Saturday...stay well and safe and happy.
Suzie Q


smilnsigh said...

Ohhhhhhh Nooooooooo! An Internet *Interuption*!! Eeeeeeek!!! But glad you are now back to being *un-interupted.*

And now I know the 'why' of your husband being away. Let me please express my _gratitude_ to him and to you, for his service. We all, all the time, owe so much to our military service people, who do stand ready to do what is necessary to protect us at home. And I am very, very grateful to/for them. As well as to/for their families, who also sacrifice for us.

Warmmmmmmmmm hugs to you both!!!

And btw, my husband and I were thus caught up in a military buildup, way back 'at the beginning of time.' Hard then. A part of Our Life Story, now, though. We grow in hard times, as well as in smooth ones.

More warm hugs to you!


Jen said...

Welcome back...oh my that would've been the longest 2 days of my life!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

You are too funny! Those days without the computer or the internet are long in deed! Been there myself. But mine was due to my hard drive crashing! I think that was the one time in my life (for 3 DAYS!!!) that I contemplated suicide :-).

But we all know that God is good...and so is UPS :-). I almost invited the UPS driver in for coffee when he delivered my hard drive.
Oddly enough, he couldn't stay...something about a truck full of deliveries. Guess there were people other than me waiting on hard drives...LOL!! But the thing that added salt to my wound was having to wait for my DH to get home from work to install it for me...ARGH!! Isn't that considered an emergency???

Anyway, I'm glad you're back up and running now. We'll call off the search team for Suzie Q!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Kentucky Gal said...

I'm off to visit all you listed, because I just love meeting new people!!

Betty Jo said...

What did we ever do before the net? I can't imagine life without it. I can stay away two days, as long as it is by choice, but when it "just happens" it is always difficult. So glad you're back!

Kentucky Gal said... have some really nice friends!! With nice blogs!!

Jolene George said...

You ARE the sweetest girl ever and I love you!
Tell Bill Chad got moved to a new squad and I will email tomorrow after Chad tells me the details.

LisaOceandreamer said...

Internet interruption? NO WAY! I'd have withdrawals, I'd be lying on the floor kicking my feet, I'd be crying in my soup, I'd be flailing my arms...oh you get the idea!
So glad you're back on line now!

I think it's so wonderful Bill is coming home for've both stood the test and passed with flying colors!


Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, I HATE it when my Internet is down!! It just totally disrupts my life!! LOL!!
THANK YOU so much for the sweet well wishes for Gary and I. Thank goodness he is home from the hospital. He is doing okay, just really tired right now!!! Trying to pamper him a little bit and take care of him!
I love your sweet words about your husband. It is so wonderful when you truly LIKE the person you spend your life with. No marraige is perfect and there are challenges in all of them, but it's so great when you really do like each other and like being together!