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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Love Letter To Bill

I have happily borrowed this idea from Susie and wanted to send
a little "Love Letter" to my *Mr. Right* Noooo....not Brian Dennehy! I am so surprised you would think such a thing...
Why you would, I have no is a letter to Bill! My * true* Mr. Right. My guy...

His age:
He will be 51 in May....that makes him a MUCH older man. I mean, he did practically rob the cradle when he married me. I am a GOOD 5, almost 6, months younger. Of course I was always attracted to older men so that must have been it.
How tall is he?
Just at 6 feet.
How long have you been together (married)?
We will have been married for 29 (Gasp!) years this August.
Remember, I was a child bride!
How long did you know each other before you got together?
We met at an I-75 rest stop on March 20th 1976. He was going to Gatlinburg, TN with 2 buddies and I was headed there with 3 girlfriends. Spring break...we were all students at Wright State University here in Dayton. One of my friends knew one of his, we all chatted and made plans to get together in Gatlinburg.
The 7 of us got together frequently after we returned home but it took Bill until May to ask me out. We went to a Cincinnati Reds ball game. He said about 10 words the whole evening until later, while sitting on my family's front porch, we began to really talk. And, when he left, he kissed me and wow. Okay? Just wow.
What physical features attracted you to him first?
His eyes, his smile...he was quiet and just seemed very intelligent,
very cool, very mysterious. And he looked really good in blue jeans
and that T shirt & jeans shirt with the sleeves rolled up.
Eye color:
Hair color:
It was brown with lots of reddish highlights.
Now it is turning gray and I love it! I love gray hair on a man.
He also had the thickest, waviest hair then. It was longer back in college, just really nice to run my fingers through!
Hair style:
It has been kept at Navy regulation since September 1978.
It is a teeny bit longer now but still short and neat.
Normal outfit
Blue jeans and sweatshirts or T shirts, running shoes.
It was all uniforms for so long and now, for work, it is khakis or chinos and dress shirts or polos.
How did you meet?
See answer above!
Are you "in love"?
Oh yeah...oh yeah...he is my heart, my dream, my soul mate. He even cleans bathrooms! How could I NOT love that?
Do your parents like him?
My parents liked him almost from the get go. Of course, Bill had longer hair and my Dad was not a fan of that but was used to it from other boys I brought home. Bill was polite and answered all Dad's questions correctly! Daddy came to adore him so...he was so terribly proud of Bill and his Naval career. Bill adored him as well. We lost Dad 5 years ago...we still miss him terribly.
My mom thinks he is the best. He is good to her and she adores him.
Do his parents like you?
We lost both of them in 2004 I am very sad to say. His mom was difficult for me to figure out but I know she loved me. We were direct opposites to be sure but, especially in the last 5 years, she and I talked a lot and she was able to say things to me that mean so much.
His Dad? I always knew he loved me....he was the easiest going man you could ever meet. Just a great guy. He and my Dad became such great friends. I think they are both having a cup of coffee somewhere up above the clouds and are keeping a watchful eye on all of us.
Do you trust him?
Even when I am angry with him or at him. We are far from perfect...he has his ways and I have mine and often those ways clash but I trust him with all my heart. With ALL my heart.
Would you share a toothbrush with him? Let's get this straight. I love and adore the guy. I think kissing him is the best. But sharing a toothbrush? Nope. No thank you. I am weird about that. Okay, I am weird about lots of things but hey...
Would he let you wear his pants?
Oh, he would LET me...the guy is generous to a fault but do you actually think I could get my ample bum IN his pants?? Are you kidding? That would be hysterical! And painful....poor me. Squuueeeeezzzzzeeeeee.....oof.
Does he smoke or do drugs?
He was a child of the 60s and 70s but all I can say is that, since 1976, this is the straightest guy where those things are concerned. Come on....Mr. Naval Officer??? Spit and polish all the way.
Do you have a shirt of his that you sleep in?
I used to....I used to be a lot thinner too you know. Why oh why do you keep rubbing this in?? I have been guilty of going into his closet and burying my nose into his shirts....when he was at sea, this past year when he was away so much...just to breath in his scent.
Can you picture having kids with him?
We have two....our 24 year old son whom we adopted from Korea in 1990 and Grace whom we adopted from China in 2004. They are our greatest treasures and joys.
What bothers you the most about him?
Like I said, we are not perfect...the list is shorter than it once was. I can see him smiling at that sentence...he is clean as a pin but messy and somewhat of a clutterer. He was always more laid back about things like that then I was. Over the years, he got neater and I became less upset about messes. Well, SOME messes!
He takes awhile to react to things at times while I go into hyper drive immediately. I always get annoyed by that but he is probably doing things the correct still drives me batty at times! I drive him batty too so we are even!
Does he have a temper?
You know what they say about "The Quiet Ones"? I have seen that temper a few times...he would never hit or hurt anything or anyone but yes, I have seen him explode a bit. Maybe once or twice...
Usually though, his anger is tempered and he is very straightforward with it...he can cut like a knife but it is
when it is in at someone who really deserved it.
Do you know what I mean?
It takes a lot for him to get angry...A LOT. When he does, he does. Yep. But he is the easiest going man...99.9% of the time.
Are you happy to be with him?
Oh yeah....I have learned, in the last year especially, just how much I need him. How lucky I am to have him and how blessed I am to spend my life with him.
Does he embarrass you?
Nooo....I am thinking....hmmm....I cannot think of any time he has. If it ever happened, it
must have been long ago and I have pushed it from my mind.
Does he have any piercings?
Um...Naval Officer for 27 years...hello!
Any tattoos?
He keeps joking that he will get one now that he is retired from the military
...Grace would not approve! She has already told him that he will *NEVER*do that!
Does he have any scars that you know of?
A few...but he is a man's man and they usually do! *grin*
Is he a party dude or stay at home?
He loves to have get togethers at home and at the homes of friends. Big loud parties have never been his thing. Small gatherings are what we both like best.
Does he love his mama?
He did, of course always will...he did not always understand her or like what she did or said but he always loved her. He was a great son....
Would he hang out with you and your friends?
He does! They all love him! I love HIS friends...aren't we all just too cute for words? You want to gag right? *laugh* He also encourages me to have my own time with friends...just the girls.
He sings...he can carry a tune. He may never have the lead role in a Broadway musical (Gosh darn it) but he sings. And whistles....a lot.
The man reads to me at night (and silly you...I CAN read. It just is sooo relaxing to have someone else read to you), cleans bathrooms and anything else needed. He can cook AND clean up after. Never complains about much, is so generous it is unbelieveable, is patient and kind, never forgets a birthday or anniversary or any date of importance to us. He is such a hard worker, so responsible it is crazy. Handsome, smells good, strong and a great kisser. Gives the warmest hugs and can calm me down better than anyone. Even when I fail to show it, I have never stopped being awed by the fact that this man loves me. He never fails to tell me he loves me or how beautiful he thinks I am. Weight gain, bad hair days, zit matter. He says I am gorgeous. Maybe he is delusional but I will take it.
He loves art, music, the theater, animals, sports and travel. He will do anything with me that I ask
(Well, there are some things I have never asked of him so who knows? *laugh* But he probably would if it was inportant to me)
without a single complaint. He never whines about anything....ever.
He is so uncomplaining that it is almost sad. I mean, he should tell us when he feels badly but he pushes on. I think he has only taken a handful (maybe like 3 and one of those was for a heart cath!) of sick days in all his years of work and military service. I think he is crazy but I admire his work ethic.
He has always been beloved by those who work for him and with him...
that alone says something huh?
He loves indie films, stand up comics, The Grateful Dead, jazz,
historical novels, biographies, making airplane models. He runs marathons, plays football and basketball and is
thinking about taking up golf.
He will do anything for anyone at anytime...believe me, I have seen it.
He shows little to no fear in bad situations...he is a calming influence.
He spoils his pets, his kids, his wife.
He never complains about the house or dinner being late or how I dress. He is complimentary about everything. Sometimes he brings flowers for no reason. I have no idea what I have done to deserve all this....really. It amazes me on a daily basis.
He even puts up with my adoration of Brian Dennehy albeit in his quirky, self deprecating way...yep. He is quirky and goofy at times but in a fun way. He is self deprecating in a way that is often hysterical. I think the man should write a book about his life in the Navy and just about life in general. It would be so funny...
He is smart and cool and sophisticated when it matters. He has 2 Masters Degrees and is going back to school again. Education is very important to him.
He is also a total goofball and completely without prejudice or affectation.
No, not perfect. NO one is. He has his weaknesses
(And yes, he does leave his socks on the floor
and his wet towel on the bed and it drives me crazy!) and faults. Who wants to be married to a robot of perfection? Not me...he has made mistakes yes. So have I. He doesn't wear a halo (although there have been those times when I swear I can see it twinkling above his when I drag him through antique malls and teddy bear stores and he comes along without complaint!)
He can be incredibly stubborn, as can I and oh yes, we have had a few doozies over the years. hey! If you never argue, how can you make up?
But he is a super guy, a *gentle* man and one of the best human beings I have ever known. I am just so proud of him, the man he is, the father, friend, brother/brother in law, uncle, neighbor, employee he is.
I love him. Thank you for allowing me this small indulgence....
my love letter to Bill. Hurry home honey.


Allison said...

Your love letter to Bill is so sweet - I even teared up - sniff. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy your blog :o)

Jen said... awesome!

Teresa said...

Oh, Susie, this was such a super AWESOME post.... I love the answer you gave about burying your nose in his shirts hanging in the closet.... I'm guilty of this too.... There is just something about the way our men smell that we love.... Thanks for sharing sweet Sue... Teresa

Susie said...

Loved that you did this meme! Your Bill sounds equally sweet. There's just something about a "Bill" isn't there??

Jolene George said...

I'm betting Bill prints this post. I know he knows you love him to pieces, but there is nothing better than to have it in written word and in such loving detail. You got me all misty eyed. My heart was full for you because it's such a great gift to have such a wonderful husband. Not many people do...I do too and I count my blessings daily for him! :o)

Valerie said...

it must be love. i'm not sure who is more lucky: you or Bill!

robin c. said...

What a wonderful tribute to your husband...some guys are true keepers!

RoseMary said...

Hmmm, I'm still not sure how you feel about him, Susie Q:) Great post--Lucky Bill to have such a sweet and loving wife.

The Decorated House said...

That was so special! I'll bet that man feels the same way about you!
I'm married to the sweetest man in the whole world, to me, so I loved reading how much you love your hubby.

Sheila said...

Susie ~ I teared up reading this. I have been married 39 years this month, and while we too have our differences, they are less and less as the years go by.
I identify with most of your sentiments regarding your husband...but I have to ask you one thing...
How did you get him to clean bathrooms...?!!