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Sunday, February 04, 2007

What A Warm Treat On A Cold Day

Our blogging buddy, Teresa in Texas, sent this sweet and oh such fun treat to me! We were out all day and upon returning at 11pm last night (it is now 1am so, technically, this arrived yesterday! Or sumpthin like that...) this was waiting on us. It was absolutely freezing today...yikes! I do believe that certain body parts are only now beginning to thaw....uh huh. THAT cold. find such a dear surprise was just what I needed to warm my old heart.
Thank you dear, dear Teresa! I absolutely love these! That gator is too cute and this is coming from a Buckeye fan whose team was trounced by the Gators! Still, this little gator is adorable! And the crabs & lobsters with those teeny chef hats...too cute. Thank you sweetie!
Mardi Gras PARTAY!!!! And no, I did not have to flash anyone to get these beads...actually, I once was thrown hundreds of beads for NOT flashing passersby. PLEASE do not do that Suzie Q....we beg of you.
We will do ANYTHING if you promise to keep your shirt down!!
Ahem....anyway....stay warm and plan your Mardi Gras festivities now! Make sure to include a lot of chocolate...


Andi said...

How cool is that!!! Don't you just love getting awesome surprises in the mail!!! Teresa is such a sweetheart!

I too have beads...with nary a look at even my wonderbra!!! YIKES!!!

Valerie said...

i have beads, too...but i had to buy mine. **sigh** :o)

wish i felt good enough to eat fudge, much less make some!

Sue said...

Blogging buddies are the best!!!

Jolene George said...

Teresa is a sweetie! Igot a valentines gift from her too. I'll be posting it tonight.