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Sunday, February 25, 2007

And The Posts Keep Coming...

Rabbit Run Cottage is back in business!
Okay, I posted about my tremendous surprise before this post but hey. I am just so excited!
It is these glorious little surprises that make life fun. See? I told you that Bill was pretty understanding about my long standing obsession with Mr. Dennehy. 30 years and counting...for both Brian AND Bill. Now, don't get me wrong. I would never trade Bill for anything or anyone in the world and he knows that...but, it is just a little harmless flirtation. A 30 year flirtation but an innocent one I swear.
Now, that is out of the way and I am back up and running. Okay, so I am sitting here leaning and typing and don't have a lot of energy and the thought of running makes me ill but gee....I AM back online!
I have been trying to play catch up with all of you and your blogs. I have missed you so much. Thank you for all your sweet and funny comments. You all are just so important to me.
I think the nasty weather was instrumental in keeping our Internet *down for the count*. But it is now fixed and operating! Yippee! I feel so thrilled, so delirious, so enthralled, so elated...and the repairman was really cute. Hey, that was a plus okay?
And, BILL IS COMING HOME TOMORROW!!! FOR GOOD!! Uh huh, I am just a little bit excited. It has been almost a year since he left for VA and one long weekend home a month was no way to have a happy family. No way to have a happy wife. I was so very sad without him here. Life goes on and we stayed busy with all that needed to be done but the pang was always there. Now he will be back and I think I will sleep soundly for the first time in a year.
Grace is having a birthday party next Saturday...the big 9 is looming!
And our little diva is appearing in her school's production of Seussical.
One line but she milks the heck out of it. I will be sure to take loads of pictures of both world shaking events!
Please know how much I care about all of you and how much I missed reading your blogs and staying in touch with you.
I hope this week is a special one for you all...stay warm, stay safe, stay well.
Susie Q


Andi said...

I for one am SO GLAD to have you back online and blogging. You have been missed Sweet Sue!!!

I'm also thrilled for you to have your hubby coming home for good!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Welcome back!!!
I'm glad to hear your hubby will be home soon. I would hate for mine to be gone alot. Him being at work everyday is enough!

Jen said...

Yeah you're back Sue!

Tammy said...

I'm so glad you are back...I would go "mad" without my 'puter!!
Also my do you do it gal??

jafabrit said...

yea! your baaaaaaaaack! Oh how lovely to have your dh home full time tomorrow.
Love the rabbit pic.
I must say that brian fella is a rather handsome devil. I alway had a thing for Toshiro Mifune, don't ask!

Jill Gross-LaFaye said...

Just wanted to say a quick HELLO! I love your blog!! I found it through Teresa in Texas.
Have a wonderful week!

Susie said...

So glad you're back. What a wonderful surprise to receive tkts to NYC and a play! Sounds fabulous!
And now, even better, having your hubby home with you. You must be over the moon!

Sheila said...

Sue, so glad you're back online! I wouldn've gone crazy with a computer for that long. And so happy to hear that Bill is coming home! Great news!