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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Blogging Novella...

My beautiful gifts from dear Andi....
Preparing for a party...see my Mardi Gras beads from dear Teresa? Grace always insists on guest goody bags for every party!
The well dressed hostess with the mostess!
Grace with her buddy Molly
Well, it is very late and I should be asleep. I could tell you I WAS asleep and typing this while quite unaware but doubt you would believe me. Just don't tell Bill...he will be cross and tell me to go to bed earlier! Yeah, like THAT is going to happen. Right.
He left this morning...yes, it IS the last time he will have to go back to VA to work. (Can you still see this smile on my face?) He made it safely back and ahead of the Winter storm we are just now beginning to see move into the area.
Those who *claim* to know (I.E. Local TV Weathersuits, The Weather Channel, My next door neighbor, who is usually right more often than those suits!) say we will get up to a foot of snow and ice before the storm moves on. I doubt Grace will have school tomorrow...why chance it? I mean, would you want to stuck at school with 100s of wild kids if the buses could not get through? Yikes! The horror!
I want to belatedly post a picture of the sweet and wonderful package that our blogging friend, Andi, sent me! I was tickled beyond words! The Johnson Brothers Blue Willow Heart Plate is amazing! That little oil painting is just too precious and is perfect for Rabbit Run Cottage. And the Chocolate Fund cute! But I have no idea where Andi got the idea *I* like chocolate. I can take it or leave it...really. I can. Are you snickering? Okay, now stop it. Now, really...hmpf.
It was a whirlwind visit for always is I guess. He drove home on Thursday, arriving about 11 pm. Up bright and early Friday morning, he had to be at the VA hospital for his yearly check. Bill developed a slight heart condition (due to an incorrect diagnosis of a virus) while at sea during one deployment. Because of this, he has to be checked yearly by the VA. So, that chore accomplished, he ran a few errands and came on home. We did some work around the house and that evening met our dear friends, T and J, for dinner at one of our favorite places. We always have such fun talking to them and chatting about our families, pets and what ever is going on in the world.
On Saturday we finished cleaning and Bill did a last minute grocery run for me as we prepared to host a small Valentine's Day party for some friends and family. Several of our dearest friends
came as did my mother, brother, sis in law and nephew. Dan was here too and you know our Grace just LOVES a party! She was all decked out in her Valentine's Day togs as was her doll, Olivia! She was quite miffed that her big brother declined to wear pink attire for the event! Can you imagine his nerve! Really!
We had a wonderful evening with everyone and can't wait to host another little event!
On Sunday we went to church and then had a nice lunch out. After dropping Mom off at her condo, we ran a few more errands and then came home to spend some quiet time together. (I.E. We were bushed and needed naps! We are old okay???)
That evening , the 4 of us and my brother, sis in law and nephew AND Grace's best friend, Molly, had dinner at Mom's. A delicious Valentine's Day dinner. Yes, a few days early but Bill had to leave sooo....early it was!
I love evenings like that. We all watched some of the Grammys after dinner and I was tickled to see The Police performing together again!
As I mentioned earlier, Bill left this morning (Boo Hoo...) and I had Mallory here. She was an extra sweet girl today! Her Mom picked her up early for a doctor appointment so Grace and I headed out and about after school. With the prospect of a few days of forced inside activity due to snow, we ran some errands and hit one of our favorite stores. Oh, and I DID stop by Esther Price chocolates to get a few more things for my *blog give away*...remember to stop back by this coming weekend!! Post a comment and your name will go in the hat!...but I, let's see. Where was I? Oh, picked up some more things AND a few Valentine Day surprises for the family. Grace indulged in some of the free samples as did I. After all, they put them out and practically BEG you to take would be rude of me NOT to sample right? RIGHT??
We then stopped by Books and Company so I could grab a few of my favorite magazines and wow! I found a great book on sale..."Diana's Dress". The story of the Emmanuels and their road to making one of the most famous wedding dresses in the world! It should be a fun read. I also picked up a paperback copy of "Miss Potter". I am so excited about seeing the film adapted from this book. I just started reading the book this evening and am enjoying it immensely!
Ran over to Mom's and picked up her and her doggie Abby. I wanted her to spend a few days with us here because of the weather. This way, if it is too bad to head out for Valentine's Day,
we will be together! This evening, after dinner, Mom, Daniel, Grace and I all watched The Westminster Dog Show as we always do every year. I missed Bill as we have always shared it together. Such fun to see all those gorgeous dogs. I have a few favorites....although I rarely pick Best In Show! Funny, there were no Kipperhounds in this years event. You do know that *I* own the premiere Kipperhound in the world right? The one and only! Kipper and Abby were less than enthralled by the whole shebang. They yawned and scratched occasionally but that was as much excitement as they could muster.
Now I see that this post has become a novella and for that, I humbly apologize! Okay, I am a long winded gal you know. Thanks for putting up with me!
Till later...stay well, stay safe and be happy!
Suzie Q


Andi said...

Love your novella!!! Keep writing...I so enjoy reading what you've been doing with your family.

Love the picture of Grace...again all pretty in pink. I see her doll Olivia has matching attire. Can't imagine why Dan doesn't want to wear pink!!! Actually it would look amazing on him with his dark hair!

I'm off to work...long day ahead.

Sheila said...

Gosh, so I'm not the only midnight blogger..! The Valentines photos you posted are great and I have to admith to being a tad envious of that Blue and White transferware heart shaped plate. Now that is a Valentine GIFT. Lucky you..!
We are expecting that same storm, so today is to be spent at home fluffing and plumping and playing house.
Have fun and stay warm..

Sheila said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time together! Grace looks beautiful; sounds like she's quite the little hostess, wanting to make goodie bags for everyone - how cute!
We're getting a big snow storm here today too, but OUR stupid schools are NOT closed. They'll probably regret it later! The snow is not letting up.

RoseMary said...

I love your post, Susie Q. What great gifts from Andi. Chocolate? You like chocolate? Who would have guessed?:) Just reading your weather report made me cold, girl! Some kind of winter we're having this year. I'm also so happy for you that Bill will soon be home for good:):) Take care of Grace and stay warm!

Susie said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend full of family, friends and fun!
Our California sunshine is starting to peek out here. Supposed to be lovely for tomorrow!
Your little girl is darling!

Jen said...

Come on Dan, wear pink for your dear sister ;)

Everything sounded so great!
I'll read your novels anytime ;)

TK Angels said...

I was so glad to hear that Bill made it to VA. Was concerned that he was leaving today-with the bad weather and all.

Of course I always love the pics of Gracie.

Stay warm. Take care.

Hope Danny also gets home safely today-those darn kids.

Melissa said...

Glad that your hubby made it to VA safely, and I hope y'all get bypassed by the worst of the winter weather!

Kentucky Gal said...

snow is deep and sleet is bouncing off the snow right now and hitting the windows...jiminy!!
Will it ever be spring again???

The Decorated House said...

What great pictures! You are always such a busy lady. I hope you all get some nice weather sooner rather than later this year. Your kiddo looks like such a sweetie!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

What a lovely little girl! And how lucky is she to have such a fun mom!!! Looks like you all had a blast!