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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Birthdays, Craziness And More Snow?

Uh huh. So they say. Up to 6 inches of the white fluffy mess. Sheesh. Winter is doing more than gasping his last...he is being quite the bully and treating Spring miserably. Each time that sweet season tries to bring us a little respite from the ice, old man Winter rears his hard head and slams it right into little Spring. Poor bruised and battered girl, she hangs back and retreats but each time she does so, she gains strength. Soon she will be strong enough to tackle that mean old coot. Knock him right back where he belongs. We do have a few St. Patrick's Day decorations out now and really enjoy all the green...Bill's family is Irish by heritage so I guess that makes me *just a wee bit* Irish too! I will get photos up soon but wanted to do ahead mention my sweet mail! I have been quite remiss in posting about both of these...I have the most glorious, fantastic and *Grace is holding it hostage in her room but I will get it back I swear* hand mirror from Lisa Oceandreamer & the most wonderful, ever so useful and *will I ever get it back from Grace I do not think so* sewing book from Gretchen. Both were giveaway gifts and are loved and so appreciated. I DO want yo both to know how wonderfull I think you both are. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And Cassie. You are a sweetheart. I am now the proud owner of the sweetest vintage English tin. It has a precious doggie on the lid and I love it. Cassie also included 2 of her adorable tags. It was such a sweet thing for her to do and I really appreciate it. The photos will follow soon... I truly do apologize for not visiting everyone as I should be and LOVE to do. This is Grace's birthday AND my nephew Boo's birthday! It has also been a week of sheer crazy business! Please accept my apologies and know I will be back with you all sometime tomorrow! Grace is 10 today and Boo is 5. I have no idea where the years go. Oh yeah...they go straight onto me! I am 51 and running kids to school, lessons and doctor appointments. I am slow and I limp a bit but I am steady so I do hope to, at least, place a solid 4th in this race! I love helping my brother and sis in law out with Boo while they are at work. I am also letting their new doggie, Casey, out in the afternoon and that is a huge treat! She really is so dog gone sweet! Of course, Kipper sniffs me and gets a bit miffed...He is sniffed miffed. Kip has yet to meet the new family member so I am sure he wonders just why I come home smelling like another dog! Such behavior for his Mama! I will have lots of BD jolliness and photos and other fun to report tomorrow. Thank you for bearing with me. I think you all know how I feel about'cha...
Love and Hugs, Susie Q


Tammy said...

Happy Birthday to both Grace and Boo!!

Can you believe it...more
Oh well, we can only go up from there right???

Have a great day!

Rosemary said...

Happy Birthday to Grace and Boo!!
I hope it warms up soon. Snow just doesn't sound fun this time of year.
It's in the low 70's here. I will send some sun your way.

robin c. said...

Happy Birthday to Grace and Boo!

Isn't snow great???? I can remember when my Grandmother got snowed in at my uncle's house on Easter Sunday many, many years ago; it was late April. Enjoy it while it lasts, Summer arrives very early in Florida!


Mary said...

Happy, happy birthday to Grace and Boo, too!

We have been getting more spring-like weather here this week. I wish I could send you some, dear Sue!

My hubby's Irish, too, so we do a little wearin' of the green at Little Red House.


bj said...

Oh, yes, that mean ole Mr. Winter sneaked in on us again today out here in West Texas, too. After having 80 degree weather last week...we had sprinklings of snow and ice today and windy and cold....

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday to Grace and BOO!
Ready for SPRING!!!Time for Winter to go away!!

Love your Belleck decor - always wished I had purchased some when we lived in England.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Sandy ;)

Gretchen said...

Happy B'day to Grace. And to Boo. Sadly, you could add their ages together more than twice and come up with me. 39 tomorrow. :) March is a fun month to be born in because you need something to take the edge off of winter, and spring isn't quite here yet.

I'm so glad she likes the sewing book. Guess what! I got one from my inlaws for b'day. Yeah, I know, I opened it early. Couldn't help myself.

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday to Grace and Boo..!
All the best people were born on March 6th it seems, as my grandson Gavin is 3 today..!(and his Mummy is part Irish.!)
Old man winter sure is giving Spring a run for her money. We know when she does manage to get here, she will be sent away just a quickly by Summer..!

Andi said...

Happy Birthday to Grace and Boo!!!

Now watch how you use that word "bully"!!!

Love and Hugs,


Pat said...

Happy birthday to Grace & Boo!

I'm blogging about a visit to Ireland I made a couple of years ago, so I do hope you drop by for a visit.

I love your Belleek china --I have a few pieces myself.

Hope sprong arrives soon!
Hugs, Pat

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Grace and Boo!! I am loving the Irish music and I we have nary a hint o' the Irish in this family:)


Mary Isabella said...

Can you belive in our area of Ky. this is suppose to be the biggest snowfall of the winter. We really have not had anything other than a ground dusting....Have a beautiful night.....

Mockingbird Hill said...

Oh wow!! Birthdays are always fun and you get two at once! Enjoy it all...happy, happy, happy ;)


Tara said...

so nice to stop by here--always!

Alice said...

Happy birthday, a day late, to Grace and Boo! I hope they both had great days.

Deb said...

Sending Happy Birthday Wishes to Grace & Boo.

Lots of snow here too - ANOTHER storm on the way this afternoon with 10cm of snow expected!!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh my, when you get a chance run over to Kari's (just livin' large)for a whole different viewpoint on the snow, lol! Happy birthday to Gracie, don't let the year get by too fast Baby Girl...time flies! Love your St. Paddie ware...hope you'll have a minute to sit back and visit soon!

Cheryl Wray said...

March weather is crazy!!! We actually have a chance of snow this weekend too. Ugh...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grace and Boo!!!!

And, btw...I just LOVE your new banner photo. Gorgeous!!!

angelsamoungus said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Grace and Boo.

Hope you had a happy.


Sugar Bear said...

Happy birthday Grace and Boo! I love your St. Pats decor - esp. that first pic - so cute!

The Decorated House said...

Hi Dear Sue,
I'm wishing you some Spring real soon, too. Enough snow and cold already.
Notice I didn't say summer, he can be as brutal as winter sometimes.
I'm glad I had a chance to come by and catch up with you.
Have a great weekend. Donna

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...


Melissa said...

Yay for birthdays!

Our weather has been crazy here too - warm and sunny last weekend, and now we finally get snow - a good 2-3 inches of it!

smilnsigh said...

Happy Birthday to Grace!!!!!!!!!

And to Boo too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suzie Q, I must say that your story was the best one made up, for my little Let's make up a story entry. You really fleshed it out and it sounds so plausible, to go with the illustration. Thank you.


PEA said...

Good morning dearest Sue:-)

Happy Belated Birthday to Grace and Boo! I hate being late with birthday greetings but that's what happens when one has so many blogs to read and so little time! lol I'm sure you made it a very special day for them:-)

Hasn't this winter been just too crazy? It's absolutely frigid here today and I'm staying inside where it's nice & warm and visiting all my blogging that's a great way to feel all warm and snuggly!! hehe We still have tons of snow so it will be a while before Spring makes an appearance around here!

Congratulations on winning those giveaways...aren't they just so much fun to receive?!! Love your St. Patrick's Day decorations..that's something I don't have although I remember making green jello and green frosted cupcakes when the boys were little to celebrate the day:-)

Have a fabulous weekend my friend. xoxo

Mom2fur said...

Oh, I missed it. Happy Belated Birthday to Grace and Boo!
Snow...NO! Go away! We don't want any! It's daylight savings time tonight, and it's time for spring, spring, spring!

Southern Heart said...

Happy Birthday to Grace and Boo (I'm sorry I missed getting here earlier). We had snow yesterday, but hopefully Spring will be here to stay soon. I love your St. Patrick's Day decorations.