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Monday, March 24, 2008

Springsteen Saturday Night

The next several posts will be about our Saturday night with The Boss! If you wish to hear the videos below, just press the mute button on the music player. Of course, The E Street Band is wonderfully loud so it may well drown out the lovely New York Philharmonic strings anyhoo! Here is a review from Ron Rollins of the Dayton Daily:

Springsteen in Cincinnati, March 22

There were a couple of nice surprises at Bruce Springsteen’s US Bank Arena show Saturday night, including a version of “Lost in the Flood,” from his earliest days and which he doesn’t perform very often.

The initial reports on the show on the irritatingly complete fansite assessed the concert as a disappointment … judged mostly from the pacing and speed with which Bruce tore through some of the songs. One fan called the show “perfunctory.”

Maybe, but I think you’d have to be a hardest of hardcore to feel that way. The crowd was very into it, and was appreciative of Springsteen’s efforts — which, while they aren’t what they were when the guy was a bit more spry, were more than satisfying in my book.

Springsteen mixed up the set list as he’s known to do, bringing in good stuff from all through his varied career, and reminding one and all just how much material he has to choose from. From the heavy guitar clang of “Radio Nowhere,” off his newest CD, “Magic,” to the cool-as-ice, jazzy jam of the oldie “Kitty’s Back,” with tons of good stuff sandwiched in between, he and the deservedly fabled E Streeters put on a great show.

Hey! Yours truly stumbled into some tix for the Columbus show on Monday, so I’ll bring in another report.

Here, meanwhile, is the Cincy setlist, courtesy of backstreets:

Darlington County

Radio Nowhere

Lonesome Day

Gypsy Biker


Reason to Believe

Candy’s Room

Prove It All Night

She’s the One

Livin’ in the Future

The Promised Land

Be True

Lost in the Flood

Devil’s Arcade

The Rising

Last to Die

Long Walk Home


Glory Days

Born to Run

Dancing in the Dark

American Land

Kitty’s Back

We had a wonderful Saturday night thanks to my brother and sis in law. On Christmas they gave us Springsteen concert tickets and a gift certificate to The Hofbrauhaus , a restaurant just over the state line into Kentucky at "Newport on the Levee". We enjoyed a delicious dinner, traditional German music and just being by ourselves for a change! It was like being 20 and on a date again! Okay, except for the bad knees and the extra it was ALMOST like being 20 again. Baby, I was "born to run"! Then it was onto the US Bank Arena to see Bruce Springsteen and the *Original * E Street Band! The crowd was the best I have ever seen at a concert. No wild partying, no drunks, no smoking. Just thousands of happy people there to hear fantastic music and see one of the greatest bands ever. Bruce is 58 years old and the guy can still do it all. Am I gushing? Super concert and a sweet night with my darlin' husband. I have lots of pictures from the rest of our Easter weekend to share. I also have some from last week...and such a busy week it was! From "Lord of the Dance" to "The Boss", it was 7 days of music, dance and good food. Happy smiles and a blissfully happy Susie Q. One for the books. I hope your weekend was a sweet one too. I will be hopping by to visit soon! Until then, stay well and be good to yourself!
Love and Hugs, Susie Q


Cassandra said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! "grown up" dates are the best!

PAT said...

I'm trying to catch up with my blog buddies, this afternoon. Will be slow going for awhile!

It sounds like your week was fabulous, Sue. WOW! I enjoyed reading about your adventures! J absolutely love Hofbrauhaus and the German music.


Deborah said...

What an experience! I would love to see The Boss!


Andi said...

Wow!!! You've been a busy girl and having lots of fun at that! The Bruce Springsteen concert sounds wonderful. So glad you had fun.

Rue said...

It sounds like you had an incredible time! I'm so happy for you sweetie :)


Lisa said...

Wow, my hubby would say "why would I want to do that?", but he'd go anyway. I'm really jealous, any kind of concert is fine by me, but Bruce? Come on, who wouldn't have a good time? I remember playing his albums over and over, my mom loved him too. The song Pink Cadillac brings back some fun memories...

Gretchen said...

Poor Baby. How did you cope with it all? ;)

Sounds like a blast!!!! So happy for you all. xxxooogretchen

Pamela said...

You've been livin' the high life. First the Boss, and then Riverdance.

Anonymous said...

No Born in the USA ??????? That goof!!! SHoulda went to Van Halen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The greatest band of all time,even with the jackass lead singer!

-Jennifer said...

you do know he is from NJ ;)