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Friday, March 14, 2008

A List, A List, My Kingdom For A List!

Our lovely Cielo has tagged me with a this list game. I am much delayed in doing it so I do hope she will forgive me that! First, the instructions: 1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person that tagged you 2. Post these rules on your blog. 3. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself. 4. Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. 5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog., what can I possibly tell you about myself that you do not already know? I am weird, odd and quite silly. I think that has been very well documented. Ahem. So, what 7 things can I relate that you have not already noticed.... 1. I write poetry. Not so silly? Well, most of it IS rather silly, fun and a bit off center. I once wrote an epic poem about Monty Python that included all of their films, skits, shows and characters. It was up on The Daily Llama, a web space for Monty Python. I can usually put a poem together rather quickly, or used to. That was BG, or Before Grace. Now my head swims with Hannah Montana lyrics and school schedules and who is cuter, Zac or Cody from the Disney Channel. Maybe I should write a poem about that...Oh Cody fair I think I'll cry, if I ever meet you, I'd surely die. How's that for a starter. Yeah, I think it is pretty bad too. I will work on it. 2. I have no fear at all of animals. Of any animals. Big ones, small ones, wild or domestic...I got that from my Dad. I used to get myself in all sorts of predicaments with animals but have never been so much as scratched. I guess it is true about being able to sense fear...that and dumb animals. ME being the dumb animal...the other non human animals figure out pretty quickly I am no threat at all. They know a dumb animal (Me) when they see one. Now, I have no fear of animals but ask me about reptiles and I will give you a far different answer. 3. I wanted to be a commercial artist at one time. I always intended to go to a 2 year art school but my Dad had such high hopes of me going to a 4 year University. Mom had a Bachelors but Dad never finished and wanted his kids to do that. I took Fine Arts in college and quickly grew tired of the classes. I had a group of professors who were very avant garde and actually discussed how all the great (so called in their eyes) art museums around the world could burn to the ground and nothing of any real value would be lost. Little ol' unsophisticated me could never agree with such statements. So I went into Art Education and minored in that. I also minored in Education but finished my Bachelor's in Sociology with the intention of getting my Master's in Social Work while working at the University. Then that cute guy named Bill came along, he joined the Navy and the rest is history. Or a bore. But I do have one little story about being an Art major. One evening during my Freshman year Mom came into my room and said, "Your Daddy has his feelings hurt because you never show him your portfolio." "But Mom!", I said. "You KNOW why!" And she did. Still, she encouraged me to show Dad and "get it over with!". So I did. I was taking a required course, "Full Figure Drawing" and knew how my Dad would feel about it..."Daddy? I was afraid you would be upset if I showed you my sketches. You see, the class is using nude models." Dad smiled and said, "I am not THAT backward sweetie. I KNOW they use nude female models in art classes." "Um Daddy? They aren't exactly using *FE*males." Nope. The were using young male models. Not particularly attractive young male models. IN fact, they were rather dirty and scruffy looking male models who reeked of cigarette smoke and beer. And they were nude. Naked. Buck naked. I was a young college Freshman, I had not yet turned 18 and my poor Dad just about choked. Gagged. Sputtered. Well, you get the picture. And no. He never did look at those pictures. And I think he gave a silent sigh when I switched into Art Ed. No nude drawing there. Dang it. 4. I have seen 42 different rock bands/acts in concert. I used to go with groups of friends in High School, in college and into adulthood. Bill and I have seen a few by ourselves and I have attended many with my brother and sister in law. Yes, I know the smell of pot well. I was a child of the 70s remember? But I never smoked it. Nope. It was passed down rows in front of me many a time but it never interested me. I guess I really am a goody two shoes huh? Never been drunk either. Never smoked a cigarette. Egad I am boring! Oh, you already KNEW that huh? But I loved concerts. We used to go early and sit outside and wait till the doors opened. Such were the days of *festival seating*. I was pushed against many a stage and never feared being hurt until we saw The Who in concert. It was in Cincinnati and quite scary for a time. Truly frightening. Over crowded and wild, the crowd kept surging toward the front. We were pinned against the concrete barricades surrounding the front of the stage. Thankfully, security moved in and forced the crowd back. I had nightmares about what *could* have happened. A couple of years later, in 1979, at that same venue, 11 young people were killed at another Who concert. I never again attended a *festival seating* event. And I never threw any undergarments at a rocker. Really! No matter what you heard. I am a goody goody remember? 5. I love museums. Art, History, Aircraft, matters not. I love to go inside and just walk...walk and look...walk and read...walk and think and absorb. It makes me really, really happy. 6. I was once so smitten with the television show, High Chaparral, that I lived and dreamed and breathed it. We even acted out episodes on the elementary school playground. I recorded every single episode on my little audio tape recorder. I thought I was living the high life. Can you imagine! Having actual audio of your favorite TV shows! What? Huh? You mean they have VIDEO now?? Sheesh...where was THAT when Uncle Buck, Blue and Manolito were riding the range. Sheesh. 7. I know just about every single fact there is to know about Brian Dennehy. Really, Ask me. Go ahead. Ask me. Yes, yes, I know you know that I adore him but did you know I have one of the biggest collections of BD paraphernalia in the entire United States? It is a sickness really...very silly and lots of fun and totally harmless. I collect his theater, film and television paraphernalia. Perhaps I should open the Museum of Dennehy and combine 2 of my joys! I could charge $2 to enter and sell souvenirs. Key rings, coffee mugs, window decals. And hot dogs. You have to have concessions right? Do you think Brian would come to the unveiling? Huh? His lawyers would? Oh...those pesky royalties...*sigh* Now...who wants to play? I am to list 7 friends...I closed my eyes, spun around 3 times and picked: Valerie, Cheryl, Wendster, Pea, Robin, Teresa in California and Sandi Tag! You are IT! Love and Hugs, Susie Q


Tara said...

I loved reading all these "newsy" items about you!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You must know about, right? They're even lobbying for DVDs.


Janet said...

That was really fun, but did you know that I also have a degree in Social Work which I have never used ( much to my parents' chagrin), not even once unless you include selling Real Estate. I think a PHD in Psychology would be more appropriate for that job:)


Latharia said...

Oh, how very fun! I always get stuck on these kinds of "tag" lists ... but maybe I'll take your approach & use it as an opportunity for some reminiscing. From one goodie-two-shoes to another...! :D

BittersweetPunkin said...

NO problem Susie! I am having one of THOSE weeks too..LOL!!

PAT said...

This was fun, Sue! I love your lists, all of them!!


Sandi McBride said...

You never "inhaled" any of that second hand smoke, right? Didn't even feel the tiniest bit of a munchy attack coming on? I loved Manolito but Buck would have been my pal...oh how I loved that show...Blue needed to grow

PEA said...

Oh nooooooooo not another list!!! Groannnnnnnnn!! hehe Actually, I love your lists, you're lucky you write in such a funny fabulous way! lol Wow, you certainly have been to a lot of concerts but as you say, very lucky that you were never hurt! Hmmm, never threw your panties at them, eh? Ummm...let me ask you many of THEIR underwear did you steal???? LOL Thank you so much for your comment on my blogiversary post today, dear, Sue...I adore you too:-) xoxo Will do this tag as soon as I can!!

Meggie said...

Your poor father...wanting to show him your nude artwork...shame on you, Susie!!!! Go stand in the corner!!!

Andi said...

As always I adore reading your "lists". And I'm always delighted to learn some charming new little quirky thing about my friend Sue.

Greenie Gardens said...

What fun! I knew about you and Brian but I didn't know about the art! I guess I should have figured it out because your photo's are always so nice! I, too, love museums or even art books. Hope you and Brian have a Happy St. Pat's Day. Stephanie

Anonymous said...

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