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Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Children

I was asked to write a little about our adoption experiences. I always love to do just that but would like to wait until I have a bit more time to do it adequately. Until then, I
would love to share some photos.
The first picture we were given of our Grace. We flew to China 3 months later!
In China, during the first hour she was with us. Still just not sure if she can trust these new folks....
During her first few weeks with us...that infectious smile was beginning to grow.
Grace's first American Summer...with one of her favorite people, our neighbor's lovely daughter.
This past Summer...there is that smile!
Dan with Dad...Winter 2004...goatee in place and just one of the many "hairstyles" he has! We never know from week to week how it will be styled!
Thanksgiving at my brother's home, 2005. My treasures...
Christmas 2004, I like that smile!
On a trip to NYC, 2000. A Playboy wannabe? A mother's worst nightmare!
With Daddy on the flight line, NAS Norfolk, 1991
Our son arrives from Korea! The Philadelphia airport, April 1990. He had traveled from Seoul to San Francisco, changed planes and flew to Philadelphia. Tired but totally unafraid...he never stopped smiling. Neither did we!
More to come....


Andi said...

I love, love, love your pictures and the story that goes with them. What a wonderful thing you and your husband have done to open your home and hearts to these beautiful children of yours. Family is precious!

TK Angels said...

You and Bill are amazing parents. Although I did not get to share in your joy with Danny (in the early years) I did get to share the beginnings with Gracie. Seeing first hand at the careful transformation you, Bill and Danny did to help Gracie adjust to "The American" way of life. I treasure the pictures you have shared with us (which is on the family book shelf)and everything else. I remember I called your house a few months after Gracie arrived and she answered the phone. "Hello" I heard her say. In shock? I asked if her mommy or daddy was home. She answered -"Mommy no, Daddy yes." Well- she started out so young answering the phone. :) One of her best accomplishments. In a few years it will get worse-the phone will never leave her hands!
Terri and Rick

jafabrit said...

Oh what fabulous pictures, their smiles are precious.

Jen said...

Awww. Thanks for sharing.
I live 45 mins of Philadelphia :)

Jolene George said...

What wonderful pictures! You and your husband are very special people and obviously wonderful parents too. Thanks for sharing these moments with us.

Valerie said...

you are amazing, girl! i so wish i could convince my husband that it IS a good thing to adopt...but that's another long-ol' story!

where in Philadelphia are you? i spent dang near a month there this year for work in the Norristown/Valley Forge area - stayed at the Homewood Suites and had the most faboo frozen custard...yum-o!