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Saturday, November 11, 2006


I am childlike. I hope in most of the ways that are wonderful and few of those that are undesirable. Especially in one that recently turned 50. I seldom throw myself to the floor, squalling, when things do not go the way I intended. Still, I think a good tantrum might just be a delicious indulgence now and then.
I have a childlike enthusiasm about so many things. I often take chances, especially where people are concerned. I do get hurt and disappointed but I am never, ever sorry. I trust with my whole heart and soul. I giggle. I love Disney films. I watch cartoons. I know all the lyrics to The Wiggles' songs. I still believe in Santa Claus, fairies & teddy bears that come to life when the house is dark and still. I believe that most people are good at heart. I believe in happily ever after. I believe that dreams can come true. Too many adults forget the dreams of childhood and abandon them as a foolish pre occupation. When we lose that childlike enthusiasm, we age, we grow up, we grow old. Like Peter Pan, I hope I never grow up.


Billy said...

Don't ever "grow up." I need someone to be silly with into our octogenerian years!

Love You!!

lynn said...

... then you probably won't! It's just a number after all... ahh, Billy's your man i presume. Or, should you be scared? lol.

Susie Q said...

Uh huh Lynn! Billy is my husband of 28 years....he is as silly as I am! And that is saying a lot!