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Monday, November 13, 2006

Good Thoughts and Prayers

My friend's parents will need your prayers, your good vibes and your good thoughts for awhile if you please.
Mrs. H. has a compound fracture of both legs, a broken wrist and thumb. She has undergone one surgery and will, most likely, have more. Months of rehabilitation are ahead. She is in good spirits and a lot of pain.
Mr. H. was re hospitalized yesterday for swelling. He is just covered with horrible abrasions from head to toe. He went home today with some powerful antibiotics for an infection and some much needed sleep.
Our friends are, as you can imagine, worried and feeling a bit powerless. With parents living so far from you, one is tortured about how to best care for them and still maintain your own home, family and career. I have faced this problem several times and it is always difficult.
The 3 girls will each go, at different times, to assist their parents. For now, they are well cared for by their friends, neighbors and doctors. Still, the worry, fear and frustration the girls each feel is palpable.

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