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Monday, November 13, 2006


Grace and I had dinner with Mom this evening after an afternoon that featured Christmas shopping and sewing class (Grace's). She and I got home and scrambled up a little meal for Dan just before he trudged in from work. My son and I sat talking over cheeseburgers, salad (His) and tea (Mine) while his little sister bathed and pampered herself upstairs. The conversation turned sideways and twisted whimsically, taking a few pleasant and unexpected detours before rolling to a slow and gentle stop.
Among the many things we chatted about....Amsterdam. The 4 of us (Bill, Dan, Grace and I) spent a week in Holland and Germany in 2005. Amsterdam was a very pleasing and oh so friendly city. The art museums alone were worth the trip but being able to share a visit to Anne Frank's hideaway with my children and husband was a dream come true for me.
I have added 3 of our pictures of Amsterdam.....I hope you enjoy them.

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