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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tearing Down The House (of Learning)

They tore it down. Reduced to a pile of rubble in a matter of days. My elementary school. Our elementary school. The place where so many of us spent much of our childhood.
I can still hear the peals of playground laughter, smell the gym's basement showers or the peanut butter cookies baking in Mrs. King's Home Ec room. I still shudder when I think about Mr. Lanasa's recording of "Go You Chicken Fat Go". I remember well the chill that ran down my spine when I saw school principal, Mr. Dobbins, walking down the hall with his ever present paddle. I can see our school custodian, Harry Wederburn, smile each time we passed in the hall.
It was here that we watched the first space shots and lost a portion of our innocence upon hearing that President Kennedy was dead.
I remember the children that were a part of my youth....the teachers....the building. Thanks for the memories.

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