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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Celebrations Continue

People asked what I wanted to do a way to celebrate. I told 'em. SLEEP IN! So, I did. It was just the perfect day to do so. Rainy, chilly and dark. The dog and cat loved it! So did I. Later in the day, I heard from many friends via the telephone and by email. Dear, loyal and can not do without friends. Thank you for remembering! I received cards from family and friends scattered all over the world. I love cards. I am sucker for 'em. I have stock in Hallmark. The CEO answers to me. Well.... We had a family dinner at Mom's new condo this evening. Doubleday's was my choice of cuisine. We originally planned on a Marion's pizza but switched when I got an unstoppable hankerin' for one of the so called "Monster Pizzas". Delish. There was also an ice cream cake in the shape of a jack o lantern. Very cute and oh so tasty. My brother, sis in law and nephew joined my daughter, son, Mom and me. I love having all of us together for any occasion. But isn't it nice for the occasion to be all about me?? Ahem....but I digress. Good food, presents and chatter. But oh how I miss having Bill here on a night like this. The telephone just does not suffice...but he will be home in 3 days!

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