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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Guy I Like

Someone asked "Where is your husband? (Good question! Now, let's see. Where did I put him?)
I had not mentioned him in my recent Musings...Not an oversight...really. He is too big to oversee.
He is presently working in Norfolk, VA. Comes home every 3 weeks. Or, if he is naughty, every 2. Seriously, we HATE this situation and hope it will be rectified soon. He retired from the military last year and has yet to find very much in the Dayton area, job wise, available
for someone with his skill sets. (He can cypher purty well, pours a mean glass of Coke, smells good, knows all the President's AND Vice President's names, IN ORDER and
can change a litter box with amazing speed.) Things seem to be opening up just a bit so we remain hopeful he will be home to stay very soon.
He does have a super job in Norfolk, one which challenges and interests him and pays for my ebay addiction. He also works with many old squadron mates as well which is a great perk. Bad influences all...
He is still fielding (And I have seen the mitt to prove it..) many job offers from various companies in DC, Maryland, St. Louis and VA. Now we just have to find a company (or Government office) here which has the right opening and we'll get the boy back where he belongs. Under MY bad influence. Fingers, eyes and toes crossed....

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