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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Adults Say the Darndest (Most Ignorant) Things

Our son and daughter on her first American Christmas holiday
Oh the questions that were hurled our way after each of our adoptions. It is hard to imagine how ridiculous some queries can be. The following are some of the actual questions followed by the answers that either I gave or
*wish* I had been brave enough to give.
~After our sons arrival~
Did he ever eat a dog? (I don't know but he did take a bite out of our cat. Said she tasted stringy.)
Koreans are very intelligent. I bet he is one of those. (Ooh. I hope so! I would hate to have gotten one of those dumb ones! They are such a bother!)
Did they run out of babies?(Yeah, damn it. They gave us a used kid but the warranty really is great.)
If he gets sick or anything, will the agency pay all the costs?(Sure! They also put braces on his teeth, send him through Harvard Medical School and buy his first car.)
It is a good thing he is so cute or it would have been hard to love him. (Yeah, I hate those ugly ones too. They give me the creeps. *shudder*)
How much did he cost? (Oh! There was a sale at K Mart! Only $19.95!)
If he doesn't make you happy, can you ask for another child? (Oh sure! We bought replacement insurance!)
What's it like being with a Korean? (Well, he whips up a great kimchi dish and gosh those Koreans can sure be funny! Keeps us in stitches all the time!)
~Since our daughter arrival~
Did they charge you the same amount of money because she has scars? (Oh no. They were having a scratch and dent sale!)
Those Chinese are so smart. They can also be tricky and sneaky you know!(Uh...well...she did beat me at poker. Took me for $5.27 the other night.)
Do you know if she is a Communist? (Well, we DID find her Communist Party membership card in her wallet but she swears, she will only practice Communism on every other Friday.)
How did you know you would like her? Can you return her? (Oh yes. The return department is open 24/7. We can ask for our money back or an agency credit)
Why did you get one? (We were just so bored and thought this was what we need to add a spark to our 28 year marriage! That and the pet shop was all outta puppies.)
Did they give you an older girl because you are getting up there in age? (Eh? Speak up a little louder sonny.)
When you got to China, could you have chosen a different kid if yours wasn't pretty? (I had planned to do just that. Seeing our daughter crowned Miss Ohio is exactly why we did all this!)
Since she was so shy, you should have asked for another. (We did but that stubborn facilitator made us take THIS one. Phooey. )
I could never raise another person's kid. I guess it is nice that somebody does it. (Yeah, we are just *so* nice....saints actually.)
Does she know how to eat real food? (Nope, she is still eating that plastic Fisher Price stuff and it is costing us a fortune!)

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