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Saturday, October 21, 2006


~My daughter and me on the beach in Virginia Summer 2006....a warm thought for a chilly morning~
It is cold this morning and the dog didn't want to go for his usual walk. With a wistful glance back at our cat, he was heard muttering,
"Damn but that cat's litter box is lookin' pretty good right about now!" Okay, I hallucinated
that last part but the glance WAS wistful....really it was.
Or maybe it was just gas.
Had a wonderful evening last night. We hit the neighbor lottery big when we moved into our home 4 years ago. I could not ask for better people with whom to share our small space on this planet. We all gathered next door for a little Autumn cheer and conversation.
And more cheer. Then a little more. I left very cheerful. Slap happy even.
A group of amazing women, with whom I graduated from High School, met last night at a local restaurant. From the way they all look you would think they wore those red caps and gowns about 15 years ago, NOT 33! They are a fun group...amazing people. I so wished I could have been there. I always enjoy seeing them but had dinner plans with my equally amazing mom.
Mom just moved back to our area after being away for 28 years. This has been a tough journey for her so my daughter and I wanted to take her someplace special for dinner. It has been an exhausting 3 weeks of painting, cleaning, packing, moving, laying on the floor complaining about my aching back, un packing, whining about my ruined manicure,
setting up, setting down, and helping Mom feel comfortable with this area again.
She and Dad made a good life for themselves "down South", but with Dad gone, it was time she returned. My mom has a wicked sense of humor when the mood is just right. It is from her I learned the fine art of throwing a sarcastic barb. My daughter is already picking up this talent. tradition! It's such a comfort.
It is going to be a nice day. The sun is out now, the Autumn chill is in the air and some of my dear friends are having my family over for a birthday dinner. Yes, this is the week I turn 50. I know. Hard to believe that *I* am 50 right? 65 maybe but 50?
50 Schmifty....I am one hot broad and a little thing like turning 50 is not gonna take the wind out of MY sails. Not gonna knock ME for a loop. Okay, so it is taking a puff or two from underneath my ample sails....but they say that 50 is the *new* 30. What exactly IS the NEW 30? Could someone explain this to me?

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