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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Wife

The person who is truly the best part of me, and who has made me a better person for over 30 years is turning 50 tomorrow, and is likely dreading it a bit. Oh, she can give you a litany of reasons about age creeping up on her, about not being young any more. But, when I look at this woman, whether I articulate it or not, she still makes my heart go flutter (and not just due to my heart "irregularity"). She has stood by me through good times and bad; put up with my behaving poorly; dealt with the chaos, loneliness and fear of being a military wife; shared with me the joys of adopting two wonderful children and raising them; tackled the life of a "single" parent with my having to work away from home, not once but TWICE! And, through it all, she has maintained a gentle spirit spiced up with a wicked sense of humor. She is a wonderfully caring mother, a truly devoted friend to all who know her, and a loving wife. She is also my best friend! A happy birthday to you, and my undying thanks for always believing in us all, and always being there for me. I Love You!! Love, Bill

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Susie Q said...

Do you see why I love this man?