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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Flags of our Fathers

I have just returned from seeing "Flags of our Fathers," and my mind is still racing. I expected a solid film, but was truly amazed at the work shown to me on the screen. The battle scenes were horrific, as would be expected and, frankly, as they should be to truly capture the madness and horror that is war. But the telling of the tale of how these three "heroes" (a term none of them would be comfortable with) were torn from the front and placed in an environment that at least two of them (Bradley and Hayes) were not equipped for is an incredible tale, and a study in how we use battle fame to further other aims, no matter how well intentioned it might be. I have to fully admit that I was in awe of the performances, especially those of Ryan Phillipe and Adam Beach. I had written Ryan Phillipe off as a "light weight" performer a number of years ago, but his performance is incredible, topped only by the totally heart wrenching work of Adam Beach as Ira Hayes. You won't forget it if you see it. In short, an unforgettable film. Clint Eastwood continues to output masterpieces of storytelling of the human condition. But, that's just my opinion.....

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