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Thursday, October 26, 2006


My brother picked it out and
added one candle for each decade.
This seems to be the "Week of Sue" around here. (As well it should) I wrote about last weekend's celebrations in a previous "Musings" but the fun has continued..... On Tuesday, 2 of my best friends took me to lunch. Mom went along too. Well, if not for her, I would not have a thing to celebrate right? We ate Mexican (My choice). Not sure if someone MY age should partake of spicy foods laden with beans but I threw all caution to the wind. Did I just say "wind" and beans in the same sentence? I love being with these 2 wonderful women. They never fail to make me laugh and always make me feel so comfortable. I have known them both since early childhood and yet they STILL seem to like me. Hard to believe no? I sure love them....need 'em in my life. There were, of course, the black balloons, age jokes (Here is where I should mention that I was the LAST to ripen on the vine, so to speak) and sweet reminisces. Thank you for a special memory. And hey! Turning 50 ain't so bad...I keep gettin' FREE food! The "Week of Sue" continued yesterday. 3 dear friends and I drove to Lebanon, Ohio and dined at The Golden Lamb", Ohio's Oldest Inn. It was one of those perfect Fall days, deep blue sky, crisp, cool breezes swirling golden leaves at our feet as we walked. Okay, I get all sappy hearing the crunching sound said leaves make under my heels. I LOVE Fall.....yeah, yeah. I KNOW it is really all about stuff wilting and drying out but ya know? At 50, I can really relate to this season! Lunch was good, as always and later, 2 of those buddies met Grace and me at our new "Cheesecake Factory" for a little slice o' Heaven. Heck, you only turn 50 once! (I will hafta think of another excuse for dining on cheesecake later) I am blessed to have these women as friends and sure do love 'em.

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