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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Wow. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was bright and clear, today is dark, dreary, windy and drizzling. Don't mind the rain and clouds...guess I have too much of that damned English blood. Yeah, yeah. I love the rain. The clouds. Umbrellas. Puddles.
We had a great day on Saturday. Grace and I took Mom to lunch for Sweetest Day. J Alexanders has wonderful soups and salad. My daughter is addicted to their Rattlesnake Pasta. She declared it to be "ever so yummy". Of course, this was after my mom, the server and I spent 15 minutes convincing her that there was NO real rattlesnake meat contained in said dish.
In the evening, the 3 of us headed to a dear friend's home for dinner. What a surprise to find 3 more of my treasured girlfriends and their husbands as well. One is the twin sis of our hostess (both of whom I have known since first grade), one is an old friend (whom we met in High School) who just recently moved back to Ohio after many years away. Their husbands are both great guys and I always love spending time with them.
The 3rd is a very special friend who moved to TN a few years ago. I really miss her and her fantastic husband (We met them in college) and it is always wonderful to see them.
It is so nice to be with people who have known me for such a long time and STILL like me in spite of my faults. Not that I really HAVE any...except this one thing. But I digress...
A delicious meal...turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans. The cutest pumpkin shaped /pumpkin spice cake with 3 kinds of Graeters Ice Cream. Graeters will be added to my list of "Things I Love About Ohio! Totally decadent. I say, "To Hell with high cholesterol! Full speed ahead!"
All the things I love about a get, talk, laughter and just the right amount of unmitigated sarcasm and age related taunting.
An extremely pleasurable evening!
Hey...This turning 50 may not be so bad after all! I considered the alternative and turning 50 didn't sound too bad.

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