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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Tweak Here, A Tweak There...

You have all been so, so sweet to me about Rabbit Run Cottage. Not perfect
but perfect for me...for us. You also encouraged me to share more pictures of our little spot in the world. So, like it or not, here goes!
Last week I found a tray that was just right for my dining room. I had one there for 6 years but it was not the vintage tole painted one I so desired. I have looked often, and in many places, but the right one popped up on Ebay last week. I put in my bid...a low one at that..and was shocked when I won! That almost never happens! It arrived yesterday and
I could not wait to hang it. I just LOVE it!
As always, each photo can be made larger by clicking on it...
Then, at Tuesday Morning last week, I uncovered two sweet little
oil paintings. Here are the rabbits... Here are the roosters... This is a shot of my hutch's top. A vignette of beloved items... The figures and red box were brought home from our trip to China. The tea pots were all gifts from friends. The oil painting was from Kirkland's 7 years ago and was the first rabbit item I purchased solely for Rabbit Run Cottage! I would love to introduce you to Harvey Norbert Burns. He was a birthday gift from my husband and son. I found him in a shop while out for the day with two of my dearest friends. They loved him and helped name him so that makes him REALLY special to me! Oh, and I am aware that Norbie dresses a bit flamboyantly... it is just his style! He has quite the dramatic and artistic flair don'tcha know!
This is the top of our china cabinet. The lovely Royal Doulton figures were a gift from someone I hold very dear to my heart.
The lamp was a fun find and always makes me think of my sweet blog friend, Andi, and her dog Bully! The picture is our Daniel, his HS Senior photo, and it makes me happy to see it there.
So, there you have it. a few of my dining room trinkets...
I hope your week is going well and that you have nothing but happy thoughts.
Love and Hugs,
Susie Q


Betty Jo said...

Your new tray is gorgeous! I've been here for two months in the smaller apartment and don't have a thing on my walls yet. I'll be blogging about that soon. I adore your cottage. It's always sweet, warm and inviting, just like you!! ♥

the pleasures of homemaking said...

The new tray is beautiful! Love how you arranged the plates around it too! I have those doggie plates too! You should show more pictures of your lovely home! I always enjoy seeing them!


Cherdecor said...

You are one lucky ducky! That tray is beautiful! That makes me remember that I have a tray out on the back porch. I better go look for it. You just stirred up my creative juices by how you displayed your tray and dishes. They are absolutely gorgeous!

Allidink said...

Love the little oil paintings! And all the plates around the tray :) Great vignette!

All the best,

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Sue,
The tray is GORGEOUS!
I adore your warm Red walls and hutch as well.
It looks so pretty how you arranged the vignette.

Show us more!
Have a wonderful evening.
~Melissa :)

Sara G said...

Love your new treasures!
Beautiful photo's.
Take care

Sue said...

Sue, honey, I love the tray! I've seen those little pics at our Tues. AM before. Cute... How about a trip to Tipp this Sat. Or do you have plans to work in the yard? Call me... love and kisses, Sue ooohhh... the painters have been here and the colors are so homey! But the house is a mess! Stuff everywhere cuz I made them paint the closets.... They were not too happy with me. LOL

Kathleen Grace said...

Gorgeous tray and I'm so glad you got a good deal:>) I always love seeing your home, it's just beautiful!

Shelia said...

Hi Susie! I love your new tray and the way you've hung it on your wall with all the plates. I have plates on my wall too! Oh, your red wall is scrumptious!!I love 'em! Now I have to tell you, I have that precious little doggie lamp too! I smile every time I pass it! I also have the doggie minus the lamp business. Found him just as a figurine and had to have him. I love looking at your home! Don't be shy! Who lives in a perfect house? ;)

Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Lisa said...

Oh I love the top photo!

imjacobsmom said...

Cute tray and such luck winning it, too. I adore your new paintings from Tuesday Morning. I'll have to head over there with my fingers crossed.... Robyn

Mockingbird Hill said... that Tole Tray. My grandmother was an avid Tole Painter and the few pieces we have are true treasures to us! Seeing this tray brings sweet thoughts to me...thanks for that!!


Bonnie said...

I love all your things. You have such a fun house. Yours in one of the houses I would be jealous of. I just love that you just have pieces of this and that just because you love them.

Smilingsal said...

Is Harvey a dog, gator, or a rabbit?

Sheila said...

The blue and white porcelain looks beautiful with your red walls.
You have done an excellent job of putting everything together. I love it..

bj said...

Oh, I am in LUV with that luscious tray, Dana...I want a really pretty one, too..
xo bj

Pamela said...

Have I asked you who dusts on top of the hutch? (:

You definitely have a sweet-spirit in your decor - and decorating skills. I'm jealous.

Meggie said...

Why have we not met Harvey Norbert Burns before? What a handsome dude he is. All this talk about Brian and you've never mentioned Harvey. Shame, shame, double shame!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

I love your red walls they are so pretty, they really set your beautiful blue china off.Sue you home is lovely.
Enjoy your day,

Janet said...

Such a talent you have with vignettes or "set-ups" as my friemd Martha calls them. We will discuss this talent and hopefully you can impart some tips when we meet!


Omah's Helping Hands said...

How nice! Great finds Sue! I love that tray and all your bunnies are a perfect addition! Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...