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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Perfect Home

Ah, the perfect you live in one? I used to be okay with the fact that I don't but since I began blogging almost 3 years ago, I am reminded, almost daily, how UNperfect my home is!
No, not by any of you. Sillies! You are all so dear to me and would never do such a thing! Pish posh!
No, it is just good old Susie, myself and I...who does the reminding. I look around bloggy world and see some of the most amazing homes. Some are large and grand, others small and cozy. Some are brand spankin' new while others have the charm of yesteryear etched into each nook and cranny.
So many of you have done such lovely things to your homes. Every day I see another room makeover, a charming table scape or a knock out addition to an already stunning room.
And yes. As much as I admire these things, and have never felt that I was the type to be jealous, I find myself having more than a few twinges of envy. Yes, envy. Me perfect? Hardly!
When I began blogging I made the decision that this would be a tangible journal of my days and nothing more. Meeting so many wonderful and oh so special people has been the most delightful
result of my entry into blogging. That, and that alone, is my reward for posting the occasional rambling post. I have no real desire to earn a living at blogging, make a splash at writing professionally or in
offering my advice on anything...not decorating, politics, religion, cooking, gardening or
parenting. Heck, I am the last person who should be giving advice on anything!
I simply wanted to be able to reach out to other people and share the day's events. And share we do. Over a cyber cup of hot tea and that imaginary buttered scone we have discussed our lives, hopes, our worries, our homes. Our perfect homes.
We share the corners of our homes that are beautifully appointed, clean and well organized.
I know that none of us would be too eager to share our unmade
beds, dusty bookshelves or that rumpled know the one...
the one that the dog has made his own.
Okay, so maybe this only happens in MY house but hey.
Time for some bed does not always get made. Nope. And the cats
scatter litter all over the bathroom. I know. You are shocked right? Even worse, it gets scattered out into the rest of the house! Whew. I am on a roll now...
...let's talk pet hair. I have one dog and two cats and each one sheds about 1678 lbs of hair a day.
You will never see pictures of the couch with the lovely old sheet across it. It is there to protect the cushions from said pets and it is just one more UNperfect aspect of my house.
Shall I mention laminate and vinyl? These seem to
be two words that cause far too many to go into anaphylactic shock and yes.
My house has both. Not a bit of granite or marble or stone anywhere.
It took us almost 7 years to replace the bath counters with Corian! Sheesh. I hope to add stone or tile floors to the baths and kitchen soon but other things took priority. Silly little things like taxes and car repairs, college fees and orthodontics.
I purchased new lighting fixtures for the bathrooms oh, let's see. 3 months ago? Uh huh. And have they been put up? Surely you jest! But between Bill's work schedule and out of town conferences and my daily marathon of errands, well, this was put on that old proverbial back burner.
I often find myself misty eyed at how little has been done aesthetically to this cottage of reading my ever growing list of blogs, I see houses that have more done to them in 7 days than we have done in 7 years...and I began to feel that all too familiar twinge. Envy yes, but even worse, dissatisfaction.

I have come to the conclusion that for me to have the perfect home, I

must secure oodles of one or two of the following:






I am sad to say but, these days, I am in short supply of all five!


In my daily blog visits I see homes that seem so, so well, perfect. Houses that are always getting
another spiff up, another tweaking. I begin to feel sad for poor Rabbit Run Cottage.
As clean as I try to keep it, as well tended as I attempt to keep this cottage of ours,
I find myself dwelling on each spot, obsessing over each nick, bemoaning each worn and well loved cushion.
What would my blogging friends think if they saw my not so perfect home?
The one with the chips on the counter and the 2 small tears in the vinyl flooring?
The one with the clouds of cat hair and the all too tiny dining room? The one where
the spaghetti was spilled on the carpet and the dog decided to make a sofa cushion his chew toy.
The one where the gaggle of kids traipse through leaving muddy footprints, dirty glasses and
Uh huh. That house. The one that will never be featured on a decorating and design blog. The one that would make the CEO of HGTV and the editors of decor magazines shudder.
But dear Rabbit Run Cottage never complains. Nope.
It shelters us from the cold, the rain and the stress of the outside world.
It has housed a whole heap of love,
masses of laughter, countless hugs, loads of friends, numerous family
members and did it with
it's own sweet style.
Unglamorous, a little rough around the edges and showing some wear and tear.
In it's

own way, Rabbit Run Cottage, as delightfully UNperfect as it is, is ever so, truly so, most assuredly so, perfect. Perfect for me.

Now, how about that cup of tea?
Love and hugs,
Susie Q


Melissa Miller said...

Oh Sue you are just the cutest lady!
I have never seen your home and I just know in my heart that it is in fact "perfect".
I've only been blogging a short time but already my favorite blogs are the ones that aren't afraid to show us "real" life.

I'll be here to view any photos you want to show us dear friend.
Cat liter and all...LOL!

Have a blessed weekend.
~Melissa :)

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh Susie Q, what a PERFECT post!

If you ever run out of pet hair, I can ship you some boxes from here! And I posted a picture last week of my bedroom dresser, and realized after I posted it that the mirror reflected my -- gasp! -- unmade bed! :-P

Your house sounds perfect. Perfection in our homes isn't measured by THINGS, but by how well a house shelters its family, hosts its gatherings, puts its arms around guests and residents alike.

Like the Velveteen Rabbit and his worn-off fur, our houses are perfect when they are lived in and loved.

My current house is larger than my old one, and "better" by HGTV standards, but my old one saw my children grow to adulthood and absorbed our joys and trials and growing pains for 21 years. It might have been a bit down-at-the-heels in spots, and had vinyl floors too!, but it was, yes, perfect. I love my new house, but it hasn't earned its perfection yet.

Lovely post. Thanks!

Sue said...

A house qualifies as "perfect" for its occupants if it meets their needs and they can be comfortable in it. Too often people look down their noses at anything that is not magazine or television perfect. Well guess what? Real people do not live their lives like June Cleaver or Carol Brady. And Alice the housekeeper and Hazel the maid belong in fantasy land. Living with some sort of imperfection is Real Life. And that applies to people as well as houses. So I guess I better go pick up my undies that are still laying on up on top of the toilet, huh? LOL xoxo Sue

justabeachkat said...

A home is perfect ONLY if it is filled with love. So sweet Susie Q...your home is perfect.

Great post! You are a doll!


Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Susie Q,
What a lovely suprise I had when I opened my blog and found out you came for a visit. I feel so honored, Thank you.
I loved your post on the "perfect home". No home is perfect only maybe the few minutes while the picture is being taken. You can always find my husbands shoes laying around where ever he took them off, I mean many pairs of shoes and then he askes me where they are, silly man and yes our bed is not made every day either.
You are such a dear I can tell by the way you write. I will be enjoying all your posting.
Have a wonderful day,

Allidink said...

I love Rabbit Run Cottage :) Great post!

All the best,

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Well Sue you and I definately have laminate and vinyl in common! Not a bit of granite here either. I've lived with my bath counters for 10 years now and am just getting ready to change one of them to Corian. One bathroom has broken tile and a brown sink from the '70s! I very rarely show my family room (where the dog sleeps - on the couch with the blanket), the 70's brown paneling that I painted yellow and the treadmil!

But I assume that everyone has areas like that especially if you have kids and pets!

I like to read blogs that inspire me or give me a break from the bad news of the day. So I really wouldn't want to see someone's mess. It's like reading a magazine, an escape.


Smilingsal said...

Your house is perfect for you!

Wouldn't that be a great meme: Show Your Unmade Beds.

Bonnie said...

Your "unperfect" house in not "unperfect" it is well loved. All those nicks, chips, stains, chewed cushions are memories made in your "perfect" house. If I were to send you pictures of my house, you would think yours was "made for HGTV". My house is for living in not showing off. But like you, I am envious of the "perfect houses" we have seen on other's blogs. Those people just don't have the busy, fulfilling life that we do.

Jim Rittenhouse said...

I think you've got excellent taste in your home! More power to ya!

salmagundi said...

Don't beat yourself up!!! We all have our places in the house that are far from perfect. I may always make my bed, but you should see my sewing room - it can be a horrible mess!!! I don't have any granite or tile floors either, just Formica and laminate. We've replaced our countertops, but we did it with Formica. Our house is comfortable and cozy, but not grand enough for the high-ticket items - just like us. 'Just like us' is the point, I think!!! Enjoy your home just the way it is. Sally

salmagundi said...

Me again. I wanted to mention, also, that a lot of bloggers are in a different place in their lives. For instance, I have more time on my hands than I know what to do with now. But when I had kids in school and/or in college, there was no time or money to do the things to the house I wanted. Your house is perfect for your time and place in life. Sally

Betty Jo said...

How do you manage to write my very thoughts so often? My home is sooooo far from "perfect", whatever perfect is, but it is perfect for me and I love it. Right now it is filled from corner to corner with stuff for the shop. I can only imagine how many dust bunnies are lurking underneath all the stuff. But, come Monday that stuff will be where it belongs and I can get on with the business of spoofing up my little nest as I started doing two months ago.

I'm sorry I haven't been around much. I've been soooooo busy, but I think of you often. Perhaps my "outside" life will slow down a bit in the next week or so. I joined your blog followers so I won't miss another post. ♥

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

What a great post!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I haven't shown any of my home on my blog because it's a worn and rumpled kind of place with cat hair in the corners and books scattered weverywhere. My dining room set is 35 years old and was really a kitchen set, and my bedroom is as old as my marriage in "Mediterranian" style -- what were we thinking? LOL!

But I love it all and it's ascomfortable like an old pair of jeans. Home Sweet Home, that's all that counts!
It's fun to see beautiful, gleaming, creative homes and dream but when it comes down to it I'm happy for what I have and all the wonderful memories each and every piece holds.
And, yes, I'd love to have tea with you!:D
Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs, Pat

nikkicrumpet said...

HAH who said it's fancy stuff like granite and such that makes for the perfect home....and I think even the ladies with the "magazine picture perfect" homes have days they wouldn't dream of taking photos! Mine seems to get clean only when I have visitors coming!

Pamela said...

You gave ME the smile this time.

My house is never spiffy -
- and my decorating skills are iffy.

My cooking is adequate at best
and I when I'm done I leave it messed

My dust will tell you whose my friend
Your name's written there --- the end

ha ha ha ha ha

(How's that for a little dusty poetry, heh heh)

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Oh sweet Sue, I just love you so. Shoot, if we all had those so called "perfect" homes, think of how boring life would be. I don't have one of those homes either, but you know what, just as you stated, it's a roof over our heads, shelter from the weather, a place to lay our weary heads, a place for gathering with friends and family. I used to envy, but no more. We are all unique in our own ways, that's what keeps life so interesting. From the pics you showed, I love your cottage. Personally for me, I like the lived in feeling rather than that do I dare move or breath feeling. ;) Oh, and glancing over while typing, noticed Melissas comment about the cat litter, I have that too. Hee hee. Bunches of hugs, loads of love and many blessings to you dear sweet friend. You are a wonderful woman.
Oh yeah, almost forgot; almost woke up hubby with laughter when I reached the part about all the hair!!! LOL

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Oh, I can relate so much. I wish you could see my house right now. Actually, no I don't.

I'm in the middle of spring cleaning and I'm at the point where everything is pulled out on the dining table and even sitting on my chairs. You wouldn't find a place to sit until I sort out what stays and what goes.

Most of the time I find wonderful ideas for decorating in blogs. It helps me know what to look for at thrift stores and there are times when I think I can do the same thing with what I already have.

There are a few that I have to repent for being unthankful when I see them. They are so gorgeous and BIG. I must always remember my cute SMALL house is a gift from God. :)

Sandi McBride said...

Ah Suzie darling how I do LOVE you! You are so real, and you make us laugh at ourselves...I love that the cats get litter all over the bathroom...mine too are slobs...I love that you love your home no matter what! You are just one amazing woman! I want to thank you for all the loving kind thoughts you sent my way while I was in Hospital!

Melissa said...

Your house is WAY more impressive than mine Sue! I used to get depressed because we were renting, not buying - and then the bottom fell out of the market. Now, renting doesn't seem like such a horrible thing!

I'm going to join those who say that your house is perfect because of all the love that is evident throughout!

Andi said...

Actually I feel the love everytime I stop by for a blog visit at Rabbit Run...and I so enjoy dropping by. Just wish I could find more time for longer and chattier visits.

I adore your home and think it's quite perfect...much the same way I feel about you dear sweet Sue.

Janet said...

It is perfect because you and your family are there Miss Susie Q. 'Nuf said.


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Well Sue I must tell you...I've loved your "unperfect" house since the first time I saw is the most perfect "unperfect" house,I know!

These corners you showed us today are gorgeous!!

There's an unmade bed here, quite often. And you know, if a Black Lab lives in a house, the hair is thick, everywhere! We have lots of Molly hair.

We are in our mid 60's and our energy level isn't nearly what it was 5 or 6 years ago,when we built this house. There are lots of imperfections...but we love it when people visit and tell us how comfortable they are here. Nope it's not always as it looks in my blog posts. Lurking around the corner are plenty of dust bunnies and clutter.

We had a tiny home, until my 60th birthday, when we sold the farm. That made it possible for us to build the house. Now, we are preparing for the inevitable of selling it, as soon as we think the market is right. We're watching the homes for sale in our neighborhood. Between marketing the house and now, there will be lots of updates and "neutralizing" of our home. I'll probably post about it. It's all prep work though.

I absolutely love it when you post photos of your home!!

Susie said...

Susie Q,
Your home has the only thing that matters when all is said and done and that is a home filled with love.

kimmcl said...

Oh how I loved this post! You are a wonderful blogger and I will just have to follow you from now on! I agree with all of your sentiments. I too strive for the perfect home but have come to embrace the endearing flaws of my imperfect home! It's all good, right??? Please stop by for a visit sometime. ~Kim

Marie Reed said...

This is truly a must read blog! Fun!

Melanie said...

How true. Any photos you see of my home have had careful preparation before the photo session! Alas, I have formica and vinyl too. Have a lovely day.

PEA said...

Come and see my home...all 1000 square feet of it! lol Bathroom with a painted bottom because it was rusting, knicks in the sink, original 40 year old toilet, 40 year old tiles in one of the bedrooms, unfinished basement (still has only cement floor), small kitchen with barely enough room for the table, etc. So you see, not perfect at all but it's HOME:-) When I go into a home that's "perfect", I'm afraid to move...I'd rather it look lived in and had some dust and pet hair! lol xoxo

Rue said...

Oh Sue... honey, you know we talked about this....

Let's see, right now....
I have yet to sweep the 10 billion pounds of dog hair from three dogs and one cat that have decided that it's time to shed their winter coats.

A cat box that needs to be cleaned and the litter is everywhere.

My bed and Annie's are unmade.

The breakfast room is full of tools, paint and brushes and everything else we've been using to work on the house.

We have torn out the floor in the family room and realized how stupid it looks to leave the other new wood flooring in, so we need to take that up and don't have the money for it right now (two mortgages), maybe next month.

The vacuum is at the old house along with all my cleaning supplies so I can't deep clean anything.

Oh and Annie's room is still getting worked on and we haven't even touched the boys room yet (full of boxes) or the attic for guests.

The moving boxes are in the backyard filling up with rain, because we need to get a trailer to haul them away.

Oh and don't get me started on the basement. I can't even imagine trying to find Christmas decor in 7 months.

So sweet friend.... it's all an illusion and it is for a whole lot more bloggers than you think. I know this for a fact because they told me so. Your home is beautifully decorated and only a talented woman could make it look like it does, but most of all it's filled with love :)

love you,

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh pish posh! :) xo Lynn

Meggie said...

Dear dear Susie: Who in the world likes "perfect" anyway? Not me! Don't have lots of company!

Peg said...

Oh Sue you are a treasure, I haven't been around for a while and popped in tonight to see how you are. Sweetie, your home is full of love, I see the beautiful homes on the blogs I visit and like you am envious of such places. I have no kids at home now but I adopted 8 furry kids, I'm now Mum to 4 Lhasa Apsos and 4 Shih Tzu. I love the bones of them, my suite which only needed a wipe with a damp cloth weekly now needs hoovering everyday. My floors which shone (laminated too) now are wiped several times a day because the little perishers run around playing. It's a long time since the ground floor had toys strewn across it but yes there's toys all over and I'm forever picking them up. BUT I have my babies and they make me laugh, they love cuddles they entertain us when they're play fighting and chasing each other around but I wouldn't be without them. I get frustrated because of mobility problems I can't do the things I used to, like repainting whenever I wanted but then I think hey you're better off physically than many people you know.
You are a special lady and I'm positive you & your home are very welcoming and your visitors feel so very much at home.

Hugs Peg xx

Terri Morse said...

Oh Susie, you must be describing my house! We've been here ten years, and the walls in most rooms are still builder white with a faux finish of lived-in grime. But when I walk through that door, it's the most beautiful place in the world-it's my refuge. It's where the people who matter most in the world to me are waiting. P.S., when I said I'd rather be making art than anything else, I meant it. The bed is in a permanent state of disarray, and the pet hair balls are having babies. As someone I once knew said, "Welcome to life!" Hugs, Terri