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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Note From Brian...

Just a quick note...this is Brian Dennehy. I wanted to drop in here today and say hello and tell you about a fun new project I am beginning. I have been reading Susie's blog for a little while I must admit. My wife stumbled onto it about 6 months ago and we have enjoyed it, even when she gushes about me. Okay, ESPECIALLY when she gushes about me. Yes, yes, I am just kidding or I THINK I am. One thing I have seen very clearly here is how much she loves writing and photography. The girl LOVES it. She doesn't do too badly at either (And she is willing to work very cheaply!) so I have asked her (at my wife's prodding) to work with me on a little project. Oh yes, she is excited and yes. She made quite a spectacle of herself but I like women who aren't afraid to show their emotions. I'm Irish remember? I will let her fill you in on all the details but, until then, Susie has something to say to you all...go ahead Sue...tell them!
APRIL FOOL!!!!! Oh but poor Susie Q wishes it were so. Now, go out and play a little trick on someone you love. Happy April 1st. Happy birthday to one of the dearest people on Earth...George Ann O. in Florida! I hope you all forgive me for being full of silliness today! Love and Hugs, Susie Q


Esther Sunday said...

Very, very good! I was reading along.... thinking, oh, this is cute...reading along...thinking "OMG, I think this is the real deal!"... reading along.... BAM-April Fools! Ya had me going!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Ahhh! Suzie, I knew an April Fool's was coming. That is too cute and you are too precious. I have always liked Brian too....I think it's that smile of his. ~xo Lynn

Pearl said...

When I lived at home my dad never missed an April Fool's joke. He is so silly.
Just keep getting caught today because I can't believe it is finally April.


Kathleen Grace said...

You carack me up Susie! About half-way through I really thought BD had found your blog! Happy April:>)

Jenn and Jacqui said...

Hi Suzie Q! Surprise!

Just home for a short time catching up with our lovely blogging ladies, and wham, you tricked us! We can always reply on you for a bit of fun!!

My goodness you have been busy, Springsteen, lucky you, bet it was just fantastic! Grace looks gorgeous and so happy at Easter dyeing the eggs! Jacqui did the name, nice that some things never change :)

Thanks for the post on Richard Widmark, my hubby really liked him a lot. We always come here for all the info!

Take care dear Sue and we will pop by again whwnever we can. We have been away and now back for a short time, after another trip interstate (Hubby is helping to set up a buinsess in Sydney with his work) we will be starting our renos, a messy job ahead!

Blesings to you and your family always,

Jenn and Jacqui

Tara said...


My husband actually went to school with his daughters--not an A Fool joke!


Anonymous said...

You nut!!! I was reading saying okay where the heck is she going with know sometimes I have to wonder hehe. You got me good. Happy April!

Meggie said...

I HATE April Fool's Day! But, you had me going. I was so happy for you...I even believed that his wife read your blog. Call me gullible!

Mary Isabella said...

A girl can dream can't she.LOL this was a wonderful post. I adore him too.....Mary

justabeachkat said...

Of, if only it were true! You had me for a sec though.


Mama P said...

I knew it was a joke. If it was the truth, he'd have mentioned how much more spectacular you were than his wife, how he'd always wanted to lay you down on a rabbit haired quilt.

Janet said...

Maybe if I had read it last night I would have caught on sooner, but on April 2nd you had me going!! The touch about his wife added veracity I think. You silly, silly girl ;)


Gretchen said...

And here I was, hook.line.and.sinker.


love you anyway. Happy April.


Gretchen said...

Just read mamaP's comment. LOL.

smilnsigh said...

Tee, hee, hee... Great idea for here!

Noir et blanc

BittersweetPunkin said... had me...I was like "WOW"..LOL

Make sure you hop over and visit me on Friday as I am having a 200th post giveaway!

Sugar Bear said...

OH but it would be so much fun if it was true!

regina barnett said...

Great job.. you had me going. That was really good. I didn't pull a April Fool's on anybody. Didn't think any thing of it.

Terri said...

Oh! You're cruel! LOL
I was getting so excited for you too!

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

You silly girl....Stop by please & pick up an award. Hugs, DebraK

Lisa said...

You are crazy, I loved this!!!!!!!

Rosemary said...

Susie, you crack me up!!
Love ya,

*Jilly* said...

This was good! You had me going:)

-Jennifer said...

You're so crazy, LOL but in a good way

Pamela said...

I'm sorry I'm soooo late.
I would have signed my post as Brian Dennehy. Didn't I do that once before?