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Monday, April 28, 2008

My New Slogan...

Your Slogan Should Be
Sue. Live the Pleasure.
Perhaps someone should tell Brian Dennehy about it. PLEASE. do not ask if I looked to see what Brian's slogan would be. Hey! I said don't ask! Okay, it's like this. We cracked up reading it and suffice to say Bill said Mr. D. would be quite honored with such a slogan but I dare not print it. I would surely lose my *family friendly* rating if you get my drift. Ahem. But it did give us both a laugh! Well, I snorted just a little too but I did so with great elegance.


Sandi McBride said...

Oh please, do tell...I'm dying over here...send me an email or snail mail, or anyold mail...I must know lol

Mary Isabella said...

Love the music...Mary

justabeachkat said...

Too cute!

Mine isn't though:

Kat - Delightfully Tacky, yet Unrefined



Mockingbird Hill said...

Oh has been passing me by! Barbie's? TV clips from "Wings"? Frozen custard...already? And Grace is wearing lip gloss and she got her hair cut? Sorry about your allergies..I'm so trying to catch up... ;)


wendster said...

Hmmm ... I typed in his name several times, and the most frequently occurring result is a rather sizzling mix when put with your slogan! That confirms it ... you two were meant to be.

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh, my!

Janet said...

Janet. Between love and madness. Probably a closer to madness if the truth be told!!


smilnsigh said...

Me too! Like Sandi! I want to know! Come on! We are grownups here.

OK, I'll just have to do it {punch in Brian's name, for his slogan} for myself. Heh,heh,heh... Can't keep me in the dark, when you were laughing so much. ,-)

And thank you for giving a glowing report on the 'Miss Pettigrue..." movie. I'd rent it anyway... 'cause I love the sound of it. But if you liked it, it's even better!!!

And such a prettttttttttttttty Spring look to your blog!!! Yummmy...


smilnsigh said...

You get a different one, each time you do it.

First one I got was "Love every bite." Which is pretty cool, due to my new passion...

Hmmm, I can't leave a click-able link to my new blog! Hmmm... Or maybe I'm doing it the wrong way... -le sigh-

'~When Twilight Embraces~'

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I played around with this thing for 5 minutes...LOL!
I kept going back and getting different slogans!