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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rubber Bugs?

I can still smell that magical *Goop* heating up.

And yes, I burned my fingers more than once! Such toys would never pass the safety tests now but life was cheaper back then! Or so it would seem!


wendster said...

My brother used to make those. Me and my sister made the plastigoop DOLLS!!! All afternoon long! And my mom was so cool she always got us the refill bottles. So we were in the business!!!
Loved those things.
Wish I had saved that toy.
Are you going to hostess a get together for all bloggers in creation and are you going to bring these toys to the hotel? THAT would be so fun to sit and make these thing and to make the smoke alarm go off! Ha!!!

sheila said...

no, I didn't have one...but my younger brothers did...and I was soooo jealous...

Pamela said...

My folks were poor. I had to make do with live ones.