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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Am You? Or Was She Me?

I never quite became *her* but then that may well be a good thing! Ken was never my type. I do have an original Barbie though and a few others thrown in for good measure. How about you?


Rosemary said...

Hi Susie,
Sadly my original Barbies got stolen. I wish I still had them.

Lisa said...

Barbies were my absolute favorite. My aunt had an original and I wanted it sooooo bad. I remember my great granny making these cute and even sexy little dresses for them. I was in Barbie heaven, I really was...Oh, and Ken wasn't my type either. I kinda digged that hard to get GI Joe!!!

wendster said...

OK. I HAVE some ... but they are hidden in my DAUGHTER'S toy boxes ... disguised as THEIR barbies. Cuz when I go to the store and say "Becca just HAS to have that mermaid barbie, and that fairy barbie ... in EVERY COLOR OF HAIR!!!" I really mean "I need that barbie but I'm not letting my husband see me with it.
No doubt, with patience, the girls will come up to my room and ask me to fix their hair ... at which point I will make a fuss: "Let me do it!" and inwardly revel at the opportunity to play with my new toys .... finally!
These addictions ... . they take lots of sneakiness and stealth to hide ... that's what I have learned!
Can't let anyone see me playing with Barbies! I'm 45 for Pete's sake.
And no... Ken is not my type.
. . .
. . .
. . . . .
should I say it?
. . . .
.. .. . .
it was that ... politically correct deformity ... even back then I just didn't think it was right!
Felt kind of bad for him actually.
I was always quite certain that after I went to bed the Barbies stayed up a while longer. I always left them in bed together so they wouldn't have to sneak across the carpet to go and cuddle.
I believed man! I believed.
That's probably why my friends looked at me like I was crazy.
You have kind of a funny look in your eyes.
Are you clicking away from this page (me)? HEY. That was a long time ago.
Long time ago.
(but if you watch Toy Story, you can be sure that someone out there believes it too or they wouldn't have made a movie about it!!!) ha!

Melissa said...

I guess I have some that are original to me - I didn't know my mom saved them, but there they were in a box of stuff she sent over for Anna Marie! Boy, did they bring back memories!

Pamela said...

Again -- I missed out on Barbies.

On Thursday one of our friends told us he saw a squirrel dragging a naked Barbie by the hair down the sidewalk.

Said he had to do a double take --
We didn't know Squirrels played with them, too.