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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I SO Had One...

Santa brought this little beauty and my Barbies were living the good life. Those spoiled girls never thanked me for all that decorating I did for them. Ungrateful wenches.


wendster said...

And when you decorated those ungrateful wenches kitchen, did you install the carousel kitchen?
Man I loved that thing! I mean LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I just could NOT stop playing with it. It was ALLLLLL that and a bag of chips.

When I married the first time, my girls were fortunate to have a mother in law who sewed the MOST REMARKABLE GOWNS EVER!!! Piles and piles and piles of them! OH they were STUNNING. Vera Wang had NOTHING on this woman. And the girls loved putting them on the barbies and fixing up their hair ALMOST as much as I did.


wendster said...

psssst. Not THEIR mother in law of course. MY mother in law / THEIR grandma.

I know you knew that.


wendster said...

OK. I may have to NOT write today. As I reread what I wrote it makes no sense at ALL.
She made BARBIE gowns ... which the girls put on their BARBIES.
And yes my girls are stunning .. but I was referring to the BARBIES GOWNS being stunning, in this particular reference.
And I'm sure Vera Wang had SOMETHING on ... this woman must have had something on.
OK. That's it. I'm out. Just read it and make guesses as to what I meant. And if something completely ridiculous pops into your head, THAT'S what I meant.
I'm sure of it.


Pamela said...

that Barbie looked like Marilyn Monroe.