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Thursday, October 04, 2007

See? I Told You It Was Small....

Yes sweet Andi! Those are faux gourds and silk Fall leaves under this glass cloche! And I SO loved yours!
Now, THIS is a small house but I prefer to call it *cozy*. I am beginning the annual Fall cleaning (Spring clean? Nah...I always do it in late September) and nesting process...this entails moving every single thing in this house and cleaning it top to bottom. Then I change everything around, add this, take away that and begin to fall in love with my home all over again. I know, I know...a tiny space and way too much *stuff* but I love it all. It is, what I like to call, my *controlled clutter* . It is my version of an American style English cottage. I have decided to just embrace my inner *clutterer* and *cozyupper* and enjoy it. I am what I am. And, as to my space being small, to paraphrase designer Kitty Bartholomew, "It isn't what you have, it's what you DO with what you have." I chose small, I chose cozy, I chose clutter. Now, how about we choose some lovely chocolate chip scones....can I get you a cuppa?


Sue said...

Good luck with your fall cleaning! Small spaces are my favorite. My little cottage was only 800 sq' and packed to the gils with what some might call clutter but I loved it. I could clean it, like you said, from top to bottom and rearrange the whole thing in a day.

One of my favorite decorating books is Mark Hampton On Decorating. He had a chapter in it call "Small Rooms, Big Assets" where he says "Mr. Badger's house was probably a lot more inviting than Toad Hall".

You know I love your sweet home and all your blue & white.


Andi said...

Oh Sue, I'm just taking it all in...I love everything about your home! You have such a wonderful eye for grouping things.

Have a happy day and don't clean too much!!!

smilnsigh said...

I love it! It is precious and it is like out of a magazine and you are an amazing decorator. By simply following your own instincts and what you resonate with.

So there!!!

And since I am *The Queen Of The Universe* and I have spoken, let no local hoity-toity acquaintances of yours, say any different. {I remember that bitch who was trying to make you feel inferiour, for living in your beautiful cottage!!! I remember her! Let me at her!!! Grrrrrr...}


smilnsigh said...

More! I want more! Phulllleeeeeze show more photos of like-everything in your beautiful home. Please. Please. Pretty please with sugar on it. Pretty please with chocolate sauce and whipped cream and sugar on it! :-)

And I especially love {and lust after} that look in the last picture... the dark-ish upper wall and the lighter effects on the bottom and furniture and things on the wall. I love it! And I'm not brave enough to try it. -sigh-

One problem I have is that since my husband is a woodworker, he can not stand painted furniture. And I love the look {whatever the proper term is} of the furniture in that dark-wall photos. I love that! He is kind of horrified of painting old furniture. -sigh-

He is a good and loving man and a good provider and he lets me use all the warm reds/pinks/cranberrys/wine colors, etc. that I want. So I can't just start painting and distressing all the wood furniture in the house. After all, he made a lot of it. -grin-

But anyway, go kiss everything which shows in that photo and tell everything, you are not the only gal who loves it. :-))))

P.S. Do I ask for more photos of more places in your beautiful home? Oh yes. -grin- I did. ,-)

Anonymous said...

And if Kitty could see your place she'd say you've done wonderful things! How cozy and warm and inviting it is! I love it.

Deb said...

Susie, your home is beautiful with pictures that are "magazine worthy"! Rabbit Run cottage looks like a very cozy spot. I'm a big Kitty Bartholomew fan - I remember her on tv in the early 80's and loved her show when she was on HGTV. I also loved your post on Kippers ice cream night out with his buddies :-} ... so cute.

the feathered nest said...

I'm a Fall cleaning not Spring Cleaning person too! I have too much to do in the garden in spring. I'm so in love with that room! The lighting is gorgeous - it looks like a place I could curl up and just be cozy in for hours!

Bring back Kitty! I loved her show.


Greenie Gardens said...

Your blog is like a beautiful magazine. The photographs are so professional and well done. The subjects are always so well chosen... But, with the music it's even better than a magazine. Thanks for the treat! The apples and pumpkins, adorable dogs and beautiful daughter are all a delight. Stephanie

Mary said...

Dear Sue,
Ooohh, I think I just gained five pounds from all the eye candy! I LOVE all your blue and white dishes!!! Your house and your photos are all amazing. Thanks so much for sharing -- can we see more? :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Your house is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And oh so cozy!!!!! I love everything...

Rosemary said...

I think cleaning in the Fall is great. It freshens it up for the Holidays. Your home is quite pretty and cozy. I love it!
Thanks for sharing,

Jen said...

cleaning is for the maid, LOL...don't we wish!!

Did Grace get her envelope from Emily?

Jen said...

How far from Longaberger are you?

Terri and Bob said...

Girl, I should come over there and smack you one.

YOUR.HOUSE.IS.FABULOUS. I can't wait to see the rest, will you show us room by room?

You say it, Mari-Nancy. I am right there with you.

Mary Isabella said...

Oh my gosh thank you for the tour.Everything is so beautiful.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I don't see "clutter" at all! I see a lot of beautiful things artfully displayed. Your home is so cozy and beautiful!

Tammy J said...

Miz Kitty is right ya!
You have a beautiful touch in your "cozy" home!

Yes I'll take a cuppa and a scone too ;)

Alice said...

Every element in your home fits together so perfectly. I wonder if you plan and study just how to place each thing or if it comes together naturally. However you did it, it is beautiful.

BittersweetPunkin said...

You may say its small but its absolutely stunning!

Rose Mary said...

I wouldn't know how to live in anything with any 'size' to it, LOL! Your home is lovely--as you are. Thanks for letting me come inside and visit!

PEA said...

Sue, your home is so inviting and warm and cozy...I don't care how small it is, I would LOVE to come over:-) I always say it isn't clutter if it's things you love!! xox

SusieQ said...

Well, I have fallen in love with your home and your decorating. You are one classy lady.

Everything about it says "this is home." Is it small? For all its charm, I hadn't noticed.

And your blue and white collection. Well, it is stunning.

I just don't seem to have your talent for pulling things together. But maybe if you gave me lessons....

Show us more photos so that I can get ideas. I need ideas.

Where does Kipper sleep, BTW?

Dawn Bibbs said...

Again, a very cute post. So sweet and welcoming. Do you need my address again? I mean, I'm SURE you're gonna send me some chocolate chip scones and a cuppa...somthin!!! :-)

Pamela said...

cozy and warm. perfect.

Deborah said...

Your home is perfectly sweet and comfortably cozy...I LOVE IT! I hope you will post more pictures of it!


Cottage by the River said...

Small but packed with beautiful things! I enjoyed reading your blog.


melissa @ the inspired room said...

Love love love your house..

Strawberry Lane said...

Just love it!

Cosy is such a comfortable word and your house certainly has the beautiful feeling of "home".

Now, about that cleaning frenzy with moving all the furniture etc.
Is that required?

I'm in serious trouble, if so.