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Monday, October 08, 2007

Little Pumpkins

Can you keep a secret? It ought to come in handy. Inside this little pumpkin lies a treasure trove of candy. Just a fun little project for kids. A sweet little give away on Halloween or grin inducing party favor that even the adults in the group will enjoy!


2/3 cup of assorted candies, such as candy corn and chocolate kisses Plastic sandwich bag 10-inch square of orange tissue paper (double layer) Two 10-inch pieces of raffia Green pipe cleaner Pencil


1. Put the candy in the plastic sandwich bag.

2. Place the bag in the center of the doubled tissue paper square. Pull the corners of the tissue together at the top and twist them into a stem.

3. To hold the tissue in place, wrap both pieces of raffia around the base of the stem and knot them.

4. To make the stem tendrils, wrap the ends of the pipe cleaner around a pencil. Twist the center of the curled pipe cleaner around the base of the stem as shown.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

What an adorable ideal! We live out in the country and do not get trick or treaters anymore. I can remember when we used to live in town and have about 200 a night! Maybe I can just make those for myself!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Great idea!
My little bunnie rabbits (kids) would love this!

justabeachkat said...

Very very cute! And easy. Thanks for a great idea.


The Decorated House said...

Hi Sue!
What a cute idea, the more chocolate in them the better!:)

I enjoyed my catch up reading, lots of beautiful pictures. The ones of your wonderful cozy home especially!

wendy said...

You make life so delicious SQ, and I love your cosy home. It looks like a little magazine home.

Kari said...

Well, look at you! All these cute ideas for the season. I think I'll do the tissue paper pumpkins. That's really adorable. I want to be known as that "old lady on the corner who gives out the bestest halloween candy". lol

Mary said...

Hi Sue -- those are so cute! We don't really get any trick or treaters, but I might make a few just for us! :)