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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Little Wicked This Way Comes...

The trees are finally changin'... The baubles are here to play... The tabletops are a fillin'... ...a wicked Susie Q says good day!


Mom2fur said...

By the twitching of my thumbs...

Look at all your cute stuff! Isn't it fun to decorate for holidays?

Thanks for visiting my blog. My thought on the whole boom of McMansions is to wonder, who is going to buy them? Who can afford to live in them? At least here on Long Island, I truly believe that one day there will be no one here but the very, very rich and the very, very poor. But in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the beautiful changing leaves and the (finally!) cool weather! Don't hafta pay for those, LOL!

Anonymous said...


I came across your blog last week and I'm hooked :)

I love the picture of the trees changing colors. We don't get a whole bunch of that where I live I have to enjoy every one else's trees!

Great blog,

The OTHER Susie Q :)

Andi said...

Oh Sue! That tree is so beautiful it's breathtaking! The colors in the leaves are wonderful.

Love all your adorable decorations too!

PAT said...

It's beautiful Sue! Not much color here, but I remain hopeful!


Anonymous said...

All your things are so pretty!Love the trees.We still have none turned. Love your blog.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Such fun holloween/fall decor! That tree is gorgeous! Out colors are SLOWLY changing. I think this weekend should be the real beginning.

PEA said...

That picture of the tree is just breathtaking!! Our Autumn colours have reached their peak and in fact, a lot of the trees are now bare. I soooo love all your Halloween decorations, they are just gorgeous!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi again Susie Q.

I'm glad you liked my furry babies - they are so much fun. I grew up military and lived at at Homestead and Tyndall. I would go over to Eglin every now and then to visit friends. What a small world!

However, I would love to further north to experience the fall colors and seasons. **wishful thinking**

Have a great night :)


Rosemary said...

Hi Susie,
I love your decorations!! We have the same, The Witch is in pumpkin.
How cool!!
Your comments are always so sweet and funny. Thanks!

justabeachkat said...

Oh, I'm so jealous. I keep hoping to see some pretty leaves. Nothing. It's just soooo HOT here.

But loved seeing your tree and all the other goodies.


Valerie said...

something wicked this way comes!
'cept you really aren't THAT wicked.

angelsamoungus said...

You always decorate so lovely for the holidays. Sometime this month we need to get together. I would like to bring the grandkids over to see your decorations


Melissa said...

Susie I love all your decorations, they are gorgeous!

Tammy J said...

Once again your creativity outshines us all!
Great post!

Lisa said...

Great holiday decorations. I love the pale pumpkin with the words carved into it.

Oh, and Brian D. is pretty cool.

smilnsigh said...

Oh I LUV your new Header picture!!!!

I've had a key chain for ages ~ which you'd appreciate! It's from promotions for the stage version of "Wicked." With the good witch whispering in the ear of her sister, the evil {green} witch. I love it!

When my first one broke, I found the Broadway show web site again and ordered another! :-)


min said...

I came to check out your Fun Monday, but I had a really hard time getting past Brian Dennehy. Grrrrrowl!
Oh...the trees are nice to look at too!

Strawberry Lane said...

Just fantastic ... I'm a groupie, for sure!

Love the colorful photo of the tree. Makes me homesick for the midwest!

Thanks for making my ... days!

Priscilla said...

Oooooh, I love your halloween decorations, especially the little witch hat pin! I have really enjoyed reading your blog and just been sucked into the beautiful images of autumn.....The Pumpkin farm looks amazing, I wish I lived near you! Thank you for sharing

Priscilla x