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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dear Mother Nature...

Dear, Dear Mother Nature, Let me introduce myself. I am Susie Q, or just plain Sue of you like. I have been remiss in not writing to you before this. We all complain about the weather but seldom do we let you know when things are truly perfect. Yes, there are some times when the weather is so glorious it brings tears to my eyes. I should have thanked you long before this for days like that. So, belatedly, I send you my warmest, and most heartfelt, thanks for all those precious days. Now, the matter at hand. This week's weather. It is warm. Much TOO warm for October. Definitely NOT perfect. You see? I wait all year for this month to roll around again. I spend those dog days of Summer dreaming of the sweet Autumn days of October. Days when the temperature never reaches above 68 degrees. You know the ones. The ones we have yet to see this year. Now, our television meteorologists all delight in outdoing one another with their scientific mumbo jumbo but I think they have missed the true root cause. Let's are an *older woman*. I hope I don't offend you by saying this. I myself am an *older woman*. With this inevitable aging process comes some, well, changes. It is my belief that you, dear Mother Nature, are should I say I will just spell it out for you. You are entering M.E.N.O.P.A.U.S.E. Uh huh. I have seen these symptoms before. I see them in myself on a daily basis. The mood swings, the grumpiness, the hot flashes. It is my contention that you are suffering from hot flashes. Am I right? Please don't be embarrassed. It happens to all of us. I am only pointing this out to you as a friend, a helpmate of sorts. Someone with whom you can share your uncomfortable moments. And, as a friend, I ask you to please try and control your emotions. It is difficult but mankind should not be punished because your inner thermostat has gone all blinky. There are medications that help. There are some wonderful natural remedies that have proven to provide a great deal of relief to those women who mean, glow. Now, aren't you glad I wrote? I am sure we understand one another and will be able to come to some sort of an agreement concerning the weather. If you could see to it that our temperatures begin to fall over the next few weeks, I would be ever so grateful. I suggest a cool bath, a spritz (keep it in the refrigerator for a wonderful pick me up!) of your favorite scent and, perhaps, a fan. A huge, wonkin' fan. That always helps. Thank you again for listening. I am here if you ever need to vent...on that note, I need to go and sit next to my air conditioning vent. I feel a hot flash coming on.


BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh...and we have been enduring winter like weather here in Wet Washington....I'm not complaining! LOVE the rain and I'd rather be chilly than sweating any day!

Kathleen Grace said...

Sue, your blog is gorgeous! I am going to get my ice tea so I can peruse the whole thing! So glad you found me so I could find you! We like a lot of the same things:>)

PAT said...

I love the beans'n corn photos! We had a fairly cool day, we did a day trip! It's back to warm again.

You know what is going to happen, doncha....deep freeze in a few months! Mother Nature will go from hot flashes to chills...just like I do!


Rose Mary said...

The dear old girl is suffering from the same hot flashes in my neck of the woods, too! Lovely pictures you have on today. And, oh, I love it whenever you post pictures of your house. Your living room is so beautiful, Susie Q! I just love looking at it. Stay cool~ R-Mary

PEA said...

LOL I coudln't have said it better myself!! I'm amazed at how warm and sunny it's been here the last couple of weeks...we don't usually have any temps over 60 by now but it's been going up in the 70's and the forecast for the next 5 days is the same!! Yup, I agree with you, Mother Nature is in the clutches of menopause! lol xox

Kari said...

Ah HA! Now THAT makes sense!!!! Menopause, that nasty beast, has Mother Nature in its clutches. No wonder the temps are STILL IN THE FREAKIN' 90'S HERE!!! Life is just one big hot flash, isn't it?

I love this post (and I love your signature thingy, too!). I'm stealing a quick moment to peruse some of my most favorite blogs, but now the family is starting to grumble. I'm suffering from serious withdrawals from not getting to blog everyday. I've tried convincing the company that I'd be more fun if I could just blog for an hour or two every far, they're not buying it. But maybe when I rip Randey's head from his shoulders because all this together time is making me crazy, they'll understand how blogging is actually GOOD for my peace of mind, you know what I'm saying??? I MISS "TALKING" TO YOU! lol

Valerie said...

dang it - i WISH we had fall here. all it is a cooler summer then bam - it's winter!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Awww, what a super cute post. I should've known, that if ANYONE would write to Mother Nature (whoever and wherever she is), it would be Susie Q., lol

Something tells me that she won't write you back. However, she may just take your suggestions and advise to heart. I would if I were her. I mean, you're so sweet and everything :-).

Jen said...

Are you reading my comments Ms. Sue??

Brenda said...

Susie Q, she must stay in menopause here in Mississippi. It was in the 90's here today.Loved your pictures.
About Kaytlynn she has to have her hands in everything lol. And those BIG brown eyes can love you so deep,but also cut you when she is mad.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

That is SO funny. So that is why it is at or near 90 degrees here! (In OCTOBER?)

Sigh... I, too, was excited to see October arrive and I am not amused by this hot weather.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oh MY~~ That was the best post! It started out with wonderful pictures and a beautiful letter to Mother Nature...then LOL
How funny! Love your writing Sue!

Pamela said...

I remember that commercial

I love October, too. Things are still quite green here this year. I'm sure Jack Frost will come a courtin' soon.

Anonymous said...

You have a way with words don't you LOL!

We are experiencing some gloriously sunny weather here in Leicestershire in the Midlands of The U.K. So, having a break from my shores, thought I would check out a few blogs, so glad I did, your pics are uplifting, your words entertaining too!

Best wishes,

Sandie (Sandie's Patch )

Anonymous said...

In my last comment, meant to have put 'Chores' not 'Shores'but, guess I did have a break from my shores in an ethereal sense!


Wild Rose said...

Great post Sue! We have the same problem here in Southern Ontario, where it is more like July than October!! I'm going away for a few days next week and just don't know what to pack.

Drop by my visit soon for something that may interest you. Enjoy your weekend.

Marie x

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

It's been cool here the last couple days which I really appreciate since I've just recently started getting hot's more like I'm hot all the time though. My hands and feet always used to be cold but not any internal thermostat has been turned up!

Come by my blog today...I mentioned your name...I hope you don't mind!

Sugar Bear said...

So creative to think Mother Nature is having a hot flash! That is a brillant observation! Your letter and your photos are perfect as always. I love the songs you selected as well. Such a delight to visit Rabbit Run Cottage!

Tammy J said...

You are so funny!! Mother Nature having M.E.N.O.P.A.U.S.E!!!

You know what, if I could create an award for blog photography you would be the first one that would receive are awesome with that camera!!

I also have to say, your blog scares the be-jeebers out of me when I click on it...all is quite...then that violin...Yikes...I just about wet my!
Great trick!!

Love YOU!

Sharon Kay said...

Susie Q...........I just love your letter to mother nature. You are also writing that lovely letter for me because it has been in the high 70s and will be in the 80s this weekend. I moved back to Ohio to enjoy the cool breezes of fall so you did speak for me in your letter.I look forward to your next cute and such fun to read. Sharon K

Rosemary said...

I hear you Susie!!
I'm right there with you!

justabeachkat said...

Oh Girl....loved this post! Great idea to talk "girl to girl" with Mother Nature. Sure hope she takes your advice.

It's still hot, hot, hot here. We actually walked on the beach last night was wonderful.

Have a great (and hopefully cool) weekend.


Alice said...

Beautiful photographs, lovely thoughts to Mother Nature and then...oh, my, you really had me laughing! You are such a wonderful writer, Sue.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Sue, you crack me up! How in the world do you come up with these things? you're so entertaining & witty with your writing. Oh, that menopause is right around the corner for me too!


Mary said...

Dear Sue,
What beautiful pictures! It's been really hot here, too. Yesterday I sat through a soccer game in 88 degree weather! I guess I shouldn't complain, though; I only had to watch, not play!

Melissa said...

You are too funny Susie! By the way, I love the photos, just gorgeous, all of them. I'm with you on this one though. October is one of my favorite months and it was 88 degrees today, way too hot for me. It felt like August! YUCK....

Sandy said...

I'm visiting from Tammy's and I'm glad I came over. This letter to Mother Nature is the funniest thing I've ever read and I believe you're right on your diagnosis...Mother Nature is indeed suffering from menopause.

She's having another hot flash right now. I don't believe she's gotten her medication just yet.

JunieRose2005 said...


I must say I enjoyed reading that- and Mother Nature does need a good talking to every now and then!

Oh- and I loved the pictures in your post, too!

I found you through Tammy. I'll explore here when I have more time and hope you can visit me sometimes.


Susie said...

Hi Suzie Q,
Well, I'm pretty sure Mz Mother Nature read your letter, because she turned on her "huge wonkin fan" and it's windy like all get out here..
Last night she had the cool bath, because we had chilly rain. Not sure what she'll do for the spritz, LOL! Aren't you glad to know she's reading your letter and following through?

Meggie said...

Loved your letter to Mother Nature. Things are still pretty warm in western Pa.