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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Seussical The Musical

"Opening's opening night" Hmmm...
Lyrics from this "The Producers" song are in my head!
So many things to remember!
(Thanks for the the library card link Cheryl!)
In Mom's bathroom, doing hair and makeup!
The diva poses....
She did the nails herself...and what beauties they were!
Dr. Seuss himself would be proud.
All dressed and waiting for pictures to be taken.
Seuss! Seuss!Seuss! Seuss!Seuss!
Seuss! Seuss! Seuss!Seuss!
Oh, the thinks you can think!
Any thinker who thinks
Can come up with a few!
Oh, the thinks you can think!
Think a trip on a ship
To the Vipper of Vipp
Or to Solla Sollew...
Think of beautiful Schlopp ...
With a cherry on top!
You don't need an excuse!
Oh, the thinks you can think
When you think about Seuss!
Seuss, Seuss, Seuss,- Seuss....
Think of an elephant up in a tree
Think of a person too tiny to see!
Think of a bird with a one-feather tail
Going on adventure down a dangerous trail!
Think a bird who flies off on a spree!
Think of a kangaroo, sour as can be!
Think of a general crazy for war!
Think of something horrible and hairy!
Something sinister and scary
That you never dared to think of before!
Think of nobody here And the feeling of fear
And the darkness of night
Oooh Oooh...alone in your room
As you're facing your doom
Think a glimmer of light!! Aah Aah!
But I hope you're prepared
To be scareder than scared!
'Cause this ain't mother goose!
Think right over the brink!
When you think about Seuss!
Seu-u-u-u-uSeu... Seu... Seu-u-u-uss Seuss!
Seu-u-u-u-u Seuss! Seuss! Seuss! Seuss!
An unusual story will soon be unfurled
Of an elephant trying to save a small world
And a boy from that world who has Thinks just like you!
Just think! From the Planet of Who
And the smallest of small.
To the jungle of Nool,
And the largest of all...
You think You think And think and think and
think and think and think And think and think and think
and think and think And think and
think and think and think and think And think
and think and think and think!
Just think!
Oh, the thinks you can think
Think and wonder and dream-Far and wide as you dare!
Oh, the thinks you can think!
When your thinks have run dry, In the blink of an eye
There's another think there! If you open your mind,
Oh, the thinks you will find Lining up to get loose!
Oh, the thinks you can think
Oh, the thinks you can think
Oh, the thinks you can think!
Oh, the thinks you can think!
Oh, the thinks you can think When you think
about Seuss! When you think about Seuss!
When you think about Seuss!
Seu-u-u-u Seu ... Seu.. Seuss! Seuss! Seu ... Seu.. Seuss! Seuss!
Seuss!Seu-u-u-u Seuss! Seuss! Seuss!Seu-u-u-uss Seuss!Seuss!
Seuss!Seu-u-u-u-u Seu ... Seu ... Seuss! Seuss! Seuss!
Just after the performance...
the final cast photos were being taken.
The board outside the auditorium featured pictures taken at the rehearsals. One was of Grace and those Seussical fingernails!
At the cast party with her teacher.
Roses for *OUR* star, Grace!
What a fun evening and what cute, talented children.
Grace's first stage experience and, I think, it will not be her last.
She had a bit of stardust in those eyes...uh oh. We are in trouble...
Take care dear friends!
Suzie Q


Cassandra said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog...I can't wait to get to know you! I see we both have Graces! What a cutie she is!

Shirlee said...

Well, Miss Grace certainly isn't camera shy! She has a wonderful smile and I love her striped stockings! :)

Susie Q said...

Oh gosh NO, this girl is not camera shy! *laugh* Would you believe that this little girl was, just 2 years ago, so shy, introverted and frightened when we adopted her in China that she cowered in corners? It is amazing...

Andi said...

Grace is so totally beautiful and adorable! So "pretty in pink" and I love the striped stocking/socks. Her nails looks pretty Seussical too!!!

What wonderful memories she'll have of these events. I think it's great that you took flowers for her stage debut. You're a perfect Mom!

TK Angels said...

Hope you gave Gracie a kiss from me!! I take it-Bill made it to the play on time :).

Gracie looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow- I keep remembering the little girl that first came to all of us not too long ago-shy, could not speak English. You, Bill, Danny, your mom, your brother and sister-in-law, etc. You brought out such a beautiful young lady.

There was no doubt in my mind that mom and dad would have roses for the "Star"

Take care,
Love to all
PS Call me next week when I am alone by myself soaking up the FLA sun


Jen said...

Oh how cute!!

Sheila said...

Those pictures are wonderful! Looks like you have a star in the making there! Seems like she really enjoyed herself. It must've been a great show to see!

Brown English Muffin said...

I just love the picture of her where you can see her stripped tights!!! She's such a cutie...even though she probably thinks she's too old to be called cute right!!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

TOO CUTE!!! She looks adorable. Thanks for sharing. Good jog, Grace!

Allie from Minneapolis said...

Grace is so pretty with her fun hair and nails. And I love the tights! Looks like a fun evening.

LisaOceandreamer said...

A STAR is born! She's such a girly girl...I love it!
I love her stage outfit!!

wendy said...

Congrats to Grace -- what a star. I LOVE the series 'as time goes by' I went to the same school as Alister would you believe?!