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Monday, March 05, 2007

A Little Celebration Was In Order...

Grace with our former neighbor and special friend Gracie with our family friend, David
Big brother Dan got his sis the Bratz laptop learning
computer she had wanted for a long time!
Uncle Jim and Aunt Lisa got Grace 2 very cute outfits!
Grandma gave Grace some adorable clothes and
something for her savings account.
Brady got some sweet clothes, savings account money
and just a few toys. He is a huge fan of Thomas
the Tank Engine and "Cars".
Boo's cake had a Thomas train that actually rode
around the track...he could not wait until the candles were
out to grab that train and have a look!
Blowing out the nine candles....
Grace chose a Barbie Dress Up cake.
I will bet that you can't guess that it was
purple AND PINK! DID?
It was NOT the easiest cake to cut and Grace
insisted that SHE do the honors! Oh well...we all
had some and it was delicious.
Grace and our Henry as they make their
way up to get ready for bed....
Wow, did it get cold yesterday. The wind
just cut through you like a knife! Not that
I have ever been cut through, so how
would I really know but gee...
that just SOUNDS cold doesn't it?
After church, our former neighbors stopped to visit. I took care of their little one during her first year and she and Grace have a special bond. They recently moved to TN and we surely do miss them!
We had lunch at Olive Garden with my mother and oh how our Grace loves her salad and pasta! I think she had 5 helpings of their salad along with her seafood pasta!
Ran some errands and did a little shopping at Target....oh how I love Target....they have the sweetest pink, blue and green Peter Rabbit tin pails, note pads and other trinkets, in the $1 section! That makes me a very happy shopper!
We all went to see a late afternoon showing of "Music and Lyrics". Very cute and Grace has already committed the songs to memory! I think we will getting the soundtrack soon...who
knew that Hugh Grant could sing like that? It
really was a lot of fun.
Grace brought home a note from school today. It seems she has had another piece of art selected for display at the city's education resource building. There is to be a small ceremony and reception on Sunday afternoon that we will all attend. Daniel often had his art work displayed while in school. He once had a watercolor piece
shown at the Florida State Capital building
while we were residents of the Sunshine State.
Grace had her sewing class this afternoon and Bill picked up 2 cakes while waiting on her. One for Grace, one for our nephew. They share the same birth date! Our little family came over this evening along with our family friend, David. Our Grace has had quite the crush on David since the first day they met. He is always so sweet to her and kind. He knows about it and never teases her. She just grinned from ear to ear when he arrived!
We all had dinner from Grace's very favorite place, Chipotle. She favors the burrito in a bowl, with everything in it
and a heaping amount of guacamole on top.
After dinner there were presents to be opened by both kids and 2 cakes to be cut! Everyone went home well fed and happy. Grace had such a sweet day. As we tucked her in she whispered to me, "I had a really BEST day today!" Me too....
I hope you all have a "Really Best" week!
Suzie Q


smilnsigh said...

"she whispered to me, "I had a really BEST day today!" Me too...."

Doesn't get much better than this!!! :-)

And WooT, that Barbie Dress Up Cake is something else!!!!!! ,-)


jafabrit said...

wow, what a cake!

I agree walking the dogs it felt like your face was being sandpapered (I suppose that is cheaper than skin peels huh!)

Twinkle Pink said...

I would have loved a Barbie cake when I was little!! I had some great cakes but not like that one!!!

Love your post.
best wishes Ginny

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, the pictures are WONDERFUL!!! I especially love the one of Grace blowing out the candles. And what a great cake!!!
You can just feel the joy at the celebration!!!
McKenna got to see that movie and she loved it. i was a bit jealous. i love pretty much any movie Hugh Grant's ever been in.
Great post! Have a lovely day!!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

Wow what a wonderful and fun celebration!! I love how she whispered to you when it was all over. You know you can't help but see her face, read about the day and realize that if not for you and Bill she would probably not have this wonderful life. That whole day is a celebration of a RE-birth as well. It makes me so happy to see it - thank you for sharing her pink sparkly party!

Missy's Blog said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Grace and Brady!!! What a lovely day had by everyone!

Tammy said...

Fun, Fun, times!!
Good eatin' at the Olive Garden!! I've not tried the Chipoltle yet...and it was colder than I don't know what yesterday, today...when is it gonna get warm???

Andi said...

The Barbie Cake is wonderful!!! Great pictures and I love Grace's goodnight comment..."a really BEST day!" She's a lucky and loved little girl.

I may come celebrate my birthday with you!

Sheila said...

Hearing all about the family birthday party made me feel like I was right there! The pictures are wonderful; sure looks like everyone had a great time! I never saw a cake like that in my life! Cool!
How nice that Brady and Grace share the same birthdate! Makes it extra special.
I have a gift card to Olive Garden; we'll probably use it soon. I LOVE their sald and bread sticks! I never tried Chipotle yet, althought we have one near us. I'll have to try it one day!
I want to see "Music and Lyrics" so bad - it looks like a great movie!