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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

That Beloved Blue Cabinet

Several posts back I mentioned a blue cabinet. It was sitting, as part of a window display, in a local shop. I had driven by it many times and dreamed about making it mine. Did I need it? No. Did I want it? Uh huh. A lot. Just last week, while waiting on my mother at the hairdresser's, I popped into the shop. The blue cabinet was no longer in the window and I assumed that someone had snapped it up. I wandered around the shop, enjoying myself as I always do while there, and then...surprise, surprise, surprise! (And no. I am not channeling Gomer Pyle!) There was the blue cabinet. Tucked into a corner, looking forlorn. I was shocked, I was awestruck, I was practically dancing with joy! It seems that many had feigned interest in it, some had promised they were returning to buy it. So, assuming it was about to be sold, the shop owner removed it from it's rightful place of honor. All those would be buyers had yet to return but I was there! The price almost bowled me over. Really. In one of those, "I can not believe she just quoted the price she did" moments! It was a garage sale piece that the owner had cleaned up and wow. It was cheap! Cleaned, cheap and all mine!
Now it is in it's rightful spot, in our dining room.
I am so beloved little blue cabinet is home.
I am always re-arranging our dining room tablescape. I just added these things for and white, in honor of the new cabinet! The throw is a thrift store treasure. The wooden shoes are from our trip to Holland in 2005. The Staffordshire dogs are from England. The tiny tea pot is from China, the small plate is from Germany and the sweet Blue Willow heart shaped plate is from our dear blogger friend, Andi!
Can you guess what my favorite color is? Think hard it coming to you?
Orange you say? Um...okay...try again...


Allie from Minneapolis said...

I love your blue cabinet!! And I'm so happy for you that you found it. It looks great. I also really like your tablescape. It is fun to fuss about with things like that isn't. Glad you have your cabinet :o)

Shirlee said...

SusieQ, it was meant to be. How fortunate that you ventured into the store and found it waiting for you. It looks wonderful all decked out with it's tablescape. You did a fab job! :)

Shirlee said...
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RoseMary said...

Congrats on a great piece, Susie Q. It's always so fun to find something that you really like for an unbelievable price. It was meant to be! Your tablescape is lots of fun!

Digi Scribbles said...

How wonderful! I adore your blue cabinet and the tablescape. Just gorgeous. Could your favorite color be . . . blue?

Jen said...

I remember you telling us about the blue cabinent....aren't you going to tell us how much? Just kiddig that's personal, LOL

I'm glad you got it!!

Tammy said...

very...very pretty!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

How I love to find things like that...things that make your heart sing and then are attainable to. I think you were always meant to have it, the time just needed to be right! The tablescape looks straight out of a magazine!

Sheila said...

It's beautiful, Sue! I'm so happy for you that if was sitting there, waiting just for YOU! I love how you arranged all of your treasures on it.