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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Tuesday This And That

"Stay, stay at home, my heart, and rest; home-keeping hearts are happiest."

I have had a difficult time leaving comments on your blogs! Silly blogger is giving me all sorts of grief today...hmmm...please know I have made my usual rounds and so enjoyed all of your posts this week. All of you continue to inspire me & encourage me. You give me many smiles, fits of giggles & wonderful home decor ideas. You teach, share and just make my life so much more rich and full. Thank you to all my dear blogger friends!

It was incredibly warm today so my mind turned to yard work, cleaning the messy garage and what to plant in the garden. Still a bit early is to turn cool again and rain. Ah, such is Spring in Ohio!

Bill has been in St. Louis at a trade show and Dan has been fighting the flu. Grace and I ate dinner with my mother last night and always enjoy that. Tonight she and I broiled some fish and ate by candle light! Not out of necessity but desire! We enjoyed it!

Dan does seem to be a bit better tonight but still has little appetite. Bill will return late tomorrow and should not have to go away again for several weeks. In the short time he has been back from VA, he has had to be away most of it. Not exactly what we bargained for but this too shall pass!

I will be taking my mother to a surgical out patient clinic tomorrow afternoon. She was

diagnosed with colon cancer last year and underwent surgery in February 2006. This is her first check since that time and I know she is nervous. In truth, I am as well...but I am choosing to believe that all will be fine. I have prayed for that outcome and feel at peace with it. Grace is going along with us. She has developed quite a bond to her Grandmother, the only Grandparent my children have left. She wishes to be there to "Make Grandma happy and give her a smile." Her teacher sent some school work home with her this afternoon so we will have enough to keep us busy while we wait.

On Sunday afternoon Bill, Grace, Mom, my buddy T and I went to dinner at one of our favorite places, The Chop House. We had one of our favorite servers who never fails to tickle our collective funny bones and just make us happy. Isn't that just one of life's little happiness moments? After lunch, we all went to see "The Ultimate Gift".

I have talked about this film here in an earlier post and yes, it does have my favorite actor, Brian Dennehy, in it. But this is a sweet movie, a special one, an uplifting one, a real gift. Yes, yes, even if Brian Dennehy was NOT in it I would say the same thing...really! We all greatly enjoyed it and loved it's message. It is a wonderful film to take the whole family to see. Grace loved it and talked about it at length...

There are many critics who have been wonderful to this little movie but more who have not. They say it is sappy and all too saccharine and predictable. Gee, they just described some of my favorite films! Wouldn't it be sad if people stayed away because of what some of these critics are saying? Of course, these are the same people who were harsh about "The Holiday" , which, by the way, came out on DVD today! I hurried right over to my favorite store and picked up my copy! How did you like that segue?

I hope your week is going well and that you are finding much to smile about.


Suzie Q


Jen said...

Best of luck with the doctor's appt with Mom

Missy's Blog said...

I agree with Jen ... wishing your Mom the best of luck with her doctor's appointment.

And hoping Dan feels better soon!

You may be able to comment on blogger using the "anonymous" choice. I sometimes have to do this on Jolene's blog for some reason.

TK Angels said...

Your mom will be fine. She is a wonderful woman and a great mom and grandmother.

Dan must of had what I had. UGH!!

Take care and look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.


Tammy said...

I loved the rose and the quote...I shared it with my daughter, I hope you don't mind (she keeps a private blog or I would tell ya to go see her)
Best wishes to your Mama...I hope you hear good news!!

Sheila said...

Hope all goes well with your mom! And also hope Dan feels better soon, to.
Tony saw "The Ultimate Gift" last Sunday! He went with his teen youth group from the church. They all met at the theater, then went back to the church to discuss and eat! He said it was good.