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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An "eye-dyllic" Situation!

The lovely KJ, at eye-dyllic, is having an Autumn giveaway! Hop on over, leave your favorite quote about this beautiful season and you will be entered! Do let KJ know Susie Q sent you 'K?
I am so excited that Autumn is finally here! I know I have been a bad bloggy friend of late but we are cleaning and freshening up and getting the house all ready to decorate for this most beautiful of seasons! Okay, maybe it's just ME who thinks that but I DO! No other season stirs my soul quite like Fall does. What about you?
See you soon!
Love and Hugs,
Susie Q


Sheila said...

I'm with you Sue, I love Autumn, and would happily have this season year round..!
Your friend's giveaway looks great, I must pop over, Harney's tea is wonderful..

Terri and Bob said...

I am like you that Autumn stirs my heart like no other season. It is a good thing, as Martha would say!

Gretchen said...

Lurve autumn all on its own and b/c it precedes another fave: Christmastime. Enjoy your decorating and spruce up. You always do such a nice job. Think of that. I wrote something about "always". That means I've been friends with you thru my computer for quite a while now. I like the sound of that.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Autumn is my favorite season. Ours might be a little glum though as everything is drying out. I saw leaves falling today that looked brown instead of our usual bright fall colors. Maybe the tree was sick, don't know. But I'm gearing up for it ... jackets, scarves and wandering far to enjoy every minute of the cooler weather. Windows open wide to let the crisp wind in. Ahhh! Autumn! xxoo

PEA said...

Thank you for the heads up about the giveaway, I've just gone over there to enter and mentioned you had sent me:-) Oh yes, I too am an Autumn lover, I simply adore this wonderful time of the year. xoxo

Rosemary said...

Hi Susie,
Thanks so much for stopping by, and for the nice comments.
Not much longer to wait for baby.
Have a great weekend,