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Thursday, September 03, 2009

My Sissy

Hey Dudes! It is me. Your friend Kipper!
Usually I bring you pictures of me and my dog dude peeps chowin' down
on 'scream at the Ritters place. Now I will do that again soon but I
been worryin' lots lately. You see dudes, I have a kitty sissy and
I love her an awful lot!
Even tho' I is a dog and she is a cat.
This is my cat sissy, Lucy. Her whole entire name is Lucy Eleanor Moderatz McGillicuddy Ricardo Mcfadden Combs. Yup dudes. It IS a big name but my sissy can handle it! From the first day I sawed her, 7 years ago, I loved her. I almost kissed her to pieces and Mom hadda take her into another room! She was only a little kitten and I was a big one year old guy and all. I am a dog who likes cats dudes. Love 'em. Uh huh. And when Lucy came, I was so happy I danced around. or maybe I just hadda go outside but I still danced. I claimed her all as my own except I don't clean her litterbox. I make my parents do that dudes! Still, she and I are like bestest friends dudes peeps.
Lucy likes to lay around and chill out where ever she finds a good spot. She appreciates a good hamburger and likes to get in 22 or 3 good hours of sleep a day.
She is always ready for a cuddle and never cares when I bark or jump over her or
lick her ears or lay my head on her tummy. She likes to lay on my Mom's arm when she is on her 'puter thing. And she purrs real loud. REAL loud!
We all kinda like her 'round here 'cause she is real sweet and all dudes.
But my sissy started losing lots of weight fast and my folks were worried so they took her to see our doctor.
She is a pretty nice lady for a doctor who like to put things in know... just to see if you has a temperature. Weird huh? Anyways, our doc took lots of Lucy's blood but she still had some left which was good huh dudes? But the bad thing was they found out that Lucy is diabetic. I am not sure what that is except my human sissy says that it is the same thing Nick Jonas has. And my sissy would know 'cause she LOVES the Jonas Brothers. My mom says I can't catch it or nuthin' dudes but we hafta help sissy get better. We changed the treats she gets and she can't have any more stuff like 'scream! Isn't that so sad dudes! No 'scream!
But Lucy can get some turkey and she likes that! Me too! Okay. Sometimes I try to steal her bite but I am always sorry when I do it. The other thing is she now gets 2 shots a day! 2! Wow. I would hate that but Lucy must be real brave 'cause she don't cry or nuthin' dudes. My Mom or my Dad or my brother...Daniel, not my brother Henry cause Henry is a cat and he don't do it too good...give her the shots. They don't let me do it 'cause I am a real wimp about needles. I am still worried but she is doin' good. My Mom and dad were all sad but now they think she will be fine. I sure hope so 'cause I love her. Did I tell you dudes that? She will go see the vet lady next week and I hope Lucy's blood looks better. I just won't look 'cause blood makes me faint.
So, I am sorry I haven't wrtten a bloggy story lately. Worryin' keeps a little dude busy ya know!
I will have a Ritter's post again soon but till then, I will be busy prayin' for my sissy Lucy 'cause I love her. Did I tell you that dudes?
Uh huh.
And I love all of you too!
Your friend,


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Hey Kip Dude! Good to see ya! Sorry to hear your sissy Lucy isn't feeling well. I am diabetic too, but I have to take pills. I know Miss Lucy will feel better when she gets her shots though. My friend, Miss Roxanne, had to give her cat, Puddy, shots when she got all sick and stuff. She had the same thing too. I know little dude, it's hard sometimes. I like that you like kittys. After all their people too, right? Keep your chin up dude, and just love your whole family like you always do. Even though you might be a little guy, you've got a big heart. xxoo

Bonnie said...

Hey Kip. Lucy will be fine. I am diabetic also, but like Carolyn I only have to take pills. But my sissy Holly takes shots. Lucy has plenty of peeps to help her through this. You will all get through this just fine. Hugs!

Sharon Kay said...

Dear Dude.... So sorry to here about your sister Lucy, you keep good track of her and help her through this time I know she will thank you later. Winston's Mom
Sharon K

Sugar Bear said...

Kip - sounds like Lucy will be back to her old self soon! What a good brother you are.

Terri and Bob said...

Didn't know cats could be diabetic. Poor dear. I would be screaming mad if I was getting two shots a day. You are one brave kitty with one really cool brother!

Connie said...

Oooooh, Kipper dude, don't fret. I'm sure your sistah will be just fine soon. Then maybe ya can go for frozen low cal yogurt! Yuuuuck, but it's better 'n nothin', dude!
xoxo.....that's in doggie smooches,

Sue said...

That's the fattest cat I have ever seen....if this picture before or after the weight loss?? Sorry to hear Sissy has Diabetes....I'm sure she'll be fine on medication and continue to live a nice long life to keep you company Mr. Kip...You would have loved my Sissy....she was a beautiful Golden Retriever...You know what they are right??? and she had a bad thyroid....She gained weight and got big and fat and lost her hair.....She's gone now but we still have a big painting of her on our wall....Her real name wasn't as long as your sissy's but it was "Atlanta Miss Cherry Coke"....we just called her Sissy....

Lynilu said...

:) I love it when the four-leggers care for each other like this. Keep up the good love, Kipper!

salmagundi said...

Hope your sissy is getting along o.k. It must hard on a dude to give up some of the attention you usually get; but I bet they will be taking you out for ice cream soon. Remember you are loved, too. Sally

Kat said...

Awwww...Kipper you have a sweet heart just like Susie Q! Sweet photos.


♥Mimi♥ said...

My friend, Karen, has a diabetic cat. It took about 6 months to get the amount of medication regulated to the kitty's needs but now he is fat and sassy again and looking really good. A little fact that is interesting is that sometimes, only sometimes, a cat that has had treatment for a couple of years ceases being diabetic. Weird.

Anyway, this is not a death sentence. Not at all.

sheila from life @ #17 said...

a Ray of Hope for Kipper & Lucy: Magellan, one of our cats (who has, sadly, passed on now) was diagnosed with diabetes and eventually was able to stop his daily shots! Good luck to Miss Lucy :)

Melanie said...

Hey, Kip,
No need to apologize! My dog, Doc-Boy has a kitty too named Thelma. They sleep together in sun patches on the floor and he eats her food. I don't think she's too happy about that though.

Brenda Eason said...

Hey Kip,Mom lets you write some,but she hogs the screen right? Don't tell her I said that she might get mad =0 It is nice to hear from you though. Im sorry about sis i know it is hard. I have a fat cat girl to and she is laying here watching me. I know mom will take care of her she is a cool lady. Be sweet and see you soon.
Brenda,Muffin,Romeo and Toro

Lallee said...

I am so sorry to hear about Miss Lucy. We kept our son's diabetic Milo going for several years. I learned a wealth of info on the Internet, more that the vet knew at the time. I would be glad to share if you like. Just let me know--lalleescottage(at)gmail(dot)com. I'm glad to help anyway I can. Kip, you are a great big brother!

Pamela said...

Lucy Eleanor Moderatz McGillicuddy Ricardo Mcfadden Combs

I had to say it.

Pamela said...

ps. poor Lucy Eleanor Moderatz McGillicuddy Ricardo Mcfadden Combs

I hope the vet gets her diabetes under control

Anonymous said...