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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Double Your Sue's, Double Your Trouble!

Be afraid, be very afraid! The two Sue's were out and about and on the prowl. Noooo you sillies you. Not prowling for men. Pshaw. Prowling for deals! Bargains! Goodies!
Things we don't need but MUST have!
Yes, my dear friend and fellow blogger, Sue Sullivan, and I went to an Estate Sale in a near by town. It is a town filled to the very brim with wonderful old homes of every shape, size and from every era you can imagine. The home we visited was quite different from most there, a Spanish Colonial with amazing stucco and tile work. It was built in 1924 and can be yours for a mere
$399,900. Here is the link to the realty page if you would like to take a peek...Prudential One.
We met all sorts of fun and interesting new friends like Maggie May here...
And this sweet little guy...can you believe how tiny?
The tile work on the outside and inside was gorgeous.
Oooh. We dare. We DARE!
This was the breakfast room's wall mural. I loved it...
There were fantastic old windows everywhere, many with stained glass inserts.
They just do not build houses like this anymore!
The foyer ceiling...another example of the lovely paint treatments in this old beauty.
We parked in front of this old gem. More my style, I could have oohed and awed at it all day but we were starving! So off to lunch!
Then we made a little trip to Waynesville, another favorite town near by. No pictures but I do plan on getting back there soon to shoot a few for you! It is a delightful place filled with antique sand gift shops and great homes.
On the subject of GREAT abodes, let me share a few with of our Sue's beautiful home! Oh, and if you have yet to meet Sue, hop on over and tell her hello! (Just click on her name and poof!) She is fun, a real pistol, a great writer and one heck of a decorator!
Isn't this the most perfect Autumn welcome?
And how about this? I know! Pretty isn't it?
Sue's house is amazing and she has a real gift for decorating and creating the most wonderful vignettes. This is her kitchen table...all dressed up for Fall. That cornucopia was one of her yard sale finds! Sue is the Queen of thrifty but amazing finds!
Isn't this little black crow precious?
First off, doesn't she look purty? I thought those colors were perfect for her!
Not only did Sue and I spend a happy day together but she sent me home with some of her homemade goodies! A gifted cook, she made up a traveler of her native New Mexican delights for little ol' me! I will let you in on a was DELICIOUS! Oh yeah...and old Bill tried to share it with me. Silly man. he paid for that...okay, so I let him share but I didn't want to! It was THAT good. I also got to taste her guacamole and whoa. She DOES make the best you ever tried. Thank you Suey for the food, the great day and your friendship!
I hope your week is going well and that you are finding plenty to smile about!
Hey! Autumn is here! Autumn is here! Yippee!
Love and Many Hugs,
Susie Q


Kathleen Grace said...

What fun!The houses are awesome. The spanish style isn't my style to live in, but I love the details and looking around houses would be so much fun! I need to run over and meet the "other Sue". Thanks for sharing your fun day Susie!

Cass @ That Old House said...

I love that old Spanish Colonial! What detail -- it's fabulous. LOVE the old sink in the kitchen... oh my, I hope the new owners don't rip it out.

That price looks like a bargain to me!

What a fun day. Thanks for taking us along.


Mumzie said...

What a hoot! You two Sue's know how to have some fun. I like the old Spanish house, and everything about it except that tile floor. Well, I didn't even know you two knew each other...I do now. Great fun, see ya. Yvonne (Mumzie)

imjacobsmom said...

Two Sues's, how fun! What a cool house. It looks like my style and so does that cute little pup and the mexican food! ~ Robyn

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I think the two Sue's ought to make a trip out to the East coast to hang out with one Lynn. :) xo

salmagundi said...

It looked like you guys had a perfect day - food, sales, and houses. Thanks for stopping by my place; I'm about to get back into blogging mode. This housecleaning binge is about to do this old body in. Have a great weekend. Ours is filled with family, food, soccer, and Caitlin's 13th birthday. Oh no, a new teenaged girl!!! Take care. Sally

Brenda said...

She is one talented and amazing woman. I love her red door, and all her outdoor decorations are as beautiful as indoors. And she says she doesn't have a green thumb. Who cares when the out of doors looks as good as hers does!

PEA said...

What? You didn't buy either house???? Why not??? hehe Oh wow, both houses are gorgeous but like you, that second one would be more my style:-) We need to win the lottery real soon! lol I'm so glad you got to spend such a wonderful day with Sue and oh yes, she definitely knows how to decorate, I just love her Autumn vignettes!!! Beautiful!! xoxo

Sue said...

Hi Suz....what fun, how nice you get to do fun stuff with fellow bloggers...I wish I was there!! Someday we will have to meet in person don't you think?
That house was fabulous...I would pay $399,000. for it in a minute....what character...Okay, I am on my way over to Sue's blog...Hey, we should have a Sue Convention....there's enough of us!!

Bonnie said...

Once again your photos are fab. I've said it before I'll say it again. You should publish a book. I can see a coffee table book of your photos. One book for each season.

Melissa said...

Wow - I bet that Spanish house could fit about five of my house inside! (Of course, then I'd also have to heat, cool, and clean that place…)

Nice pictures!

Brown English Muffin (aka Melanie) said...

That house is a steal for $399 where do u live!!!!